Neyshabur Turquoise Center

Neyshabur Turquoise Specialist Trading Center

Shopping Neyshabur Turquoise is one of the things you need to visit Neyshabur Turquoise Specialty Shopping Centers to succeed and get these Turquoise Centers. You may imagine that Neyshabur’s turquoise color is only blue or turquoise and has no other color scheme but there are jewels of other colors, which after asking the question of […]

Turquoise stone jewelry

Buy raw turquoise stone jewelry

The oldest active mine of turquoise in world that possesses the most desirable turquoise of the world lies down in 53 kilometer of North West of Neyshaboor. The turquoise carvers buy raw turquoise stone from there to make jewels and provide these beautiful gems to jewelries. History of use of turquoise stone as jewel Iran […]

Turquoise stone ring

Original turquoise stone ring

Turquoise is a valuable and worthwhile stone that usually they put it on the rings as solitaire. Many of Iranian people like this stone and it is found in dark green, pale green, blue, dark blue and pale blue colors. Neyshaoorian original turquoise is the most valuable turquoise at world. Turquoise is an igneous stone […]

turquoise stone price

turquoise stone price per gram

Turquoise is a precious and exists in turquoise stone price colors with different tones of light blue, dark blue, light green and dark green. The surface of the earth is found. The of turquoise stone price per gram varies according to its rating. The deep turquoise rocks soften due to the production of groundwater acid, […]


Selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise Stones exporter

These days, the use of selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise such as opal and Turquoise has been retaken in making jewellery. And has been abundant in making women’s rings, women’s necklaces, bracelets and men’s watches. Firoozeh (Turquoise) is one of the precious gems known in ancient times in Iran. Turquoise is the dream of all the […]

natural Persian turquoise stone

Bulk wholesale natural Persian turquoise stone

Natural Persian turquoise stone is a group of igneous rocks and is found in volcanic zones. The best type of turquoise is located near the ground. This stone must be completely dry to provide strength. Types of turquoise and the way of recognizing its authenticity Turquoise is one of the most popular rocks among the […]

Persian Loose Turquoise

Persian Loose Turquoise for sale

From the point of view of the sellers and connoisseurs of this field who are dealing with the sale. And sale of turquoise beads, it is the best-known red roses made of grainy blue beans. One of the products that is made with turquoise and is considered by the Muslims as a special item is […]

Buy Turquoise Jewellery

Buy Turquoise Jewellery best prices

Buy turquoise jewellery has a special appeal, and this charm may be due to their different blue shades. Or different patterns and designs in turquoise jewelry or because of an unobtrusive attraction in them. In fact, turquoise jewelry is a symbol of the spell of power, success, and support. Buy turquoise jewellery stone The use […]


provider Persian turquoise natural stone

Persian turquoise natural stone consecrated by a rich and colorful history, it adapts admirably to almost any type of complexion. This ‘stone’ is a true cultural chameleon being present in some of the most significant cultures in the world. Egyptians, Mesopotamians (today’s Iraq), Persians (today’s Iran), Mongols, Tibetans, Chinese and American Indians have always appreciated […]


spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads for sell

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads is one of the most popular turquoise types in the world, especially for the Arabs. As billions are paid for it. Offers protection to those who use it; called ‘sponge of negativity as it absorbs both physical and psychological negativity. As tradition protects the “evil eye” and curses. For this reason […]


where to sell turquoise stone in china with best prices

The turquoise, stone of the month of December. Find out why to sell turquoise stone is very common in China and also find out why turquoise can be easily altered and how it should be cleaned and stored. It is the stone that, according to tradition, accompanies the month of December. But turquoise has an […]