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provider Persian turquoise natural stone

Persian turquoise natural stone consecrated by a rich and colorful history, it adapts admirably to almost any type of complexion. This ‘stone’ is a true cultural chameleon being present in some of the most significant cultures in the world. Egyptians, Mesopotamians (today’s Iraq), Persians (today’s Iran), Mongols, Tibetans, Chinese and American Indians have always appreciated […]


spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads for sell

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads is one of the most popular turquoise types in the world, especially for the Arabs. As billions are paid for it. Offers protection to those who use it; called ‘sponge of negativity as it absorbs both physical and psychological negativity. As tradition protects the “evil eye” and curses. For this reason […]


Persian Turquoise Stone Price in Jaipur

Ancient and yet always at the height of fashion and this is a reason of the Persian Turquoise Stone Price. Its bright blue sky belongs to the favorite colors of every time in the world of fashion and jewelry. Turquoise has been considered a sacred stone for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese also said […]


Turquoise Beads For Sale At Wholesale Prices

The properties of Turquoise beads are not recognized by official medicine. And also I do not recommend absolutely to replace medical care. The texts on this blog also are purely informative (and entertainment) and do not constitute the opinion of a doctor or a specialist. The Turquoise beads also do not heal pathologies but help […]


wholesale flat Iranian turquoise stone beads

If you are looking for the wholesale flat Iranian turquoise, just follow this article. This company is the largest supplier of Iranian Turquoise Flat. If the stone changed color, there was an imminent danger for the wearer. In the meantime, however, it discovere that turquoise can really change color. But this reaction is not necessarily […]

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buy natural Persian turquoise cabochons | provider turquoise stone

Natural Persian turquoise cabochons is an ornamental stone known since farther than Antiquity. The Persians used turquoise in the craft of beautiful ethnic jewellery. As did the Amerindians and Aztecs who made amulets, necklaces or pendants. Types of existing natural Persian turquoise cabochons The turquoise “imitation”. They are fake turquoises so without turquoise like. The […]