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Do you know that Turquoise Nishapuri Turquoise Turquoise, which are bought and sold in the grocery stores of the country, are extracted and sold from the turquoise Mine of Neyshabur?
As you know and have heard much, the finest turquoise Neyshabur belongs to the turquoise Mine of our beloved Iran, located in the city of Neyshabur.
The mine, which has a history of several thousand years, has been discovered for princes and queens of the time that has been used by Turquoise Neyshabur to decorate these jewels.

Stages of Turquoise Stone Neyshabour

Firoozeh Neyshabour stone is extracted by well-known and experienced workers from the two villages of Upper and Lower, adjacent to the ancient mine and also known as the Firoozeh Neyshabour Village.
It’s interesting to know that among some of the turquoise neyshabour rock enthusiasts there is a rumor that the turquoise Mine of Neyshabur is empty, which we deny this rumor in this article, and invite you enthusiasts to invite to read an article in It is believed that the Turquoise Neyshabur Mine is rumored to be inviting.

Let’s take a look at the stages of extracting this rare gem from the mine:
The extraction process was carried out quite a few years ago, but today we see the use of explosives in the process of extraction of turquoise Neyshabur from the mine, which is why the use of dynamites and explosives can be a serious demand for the market to buy negin Firoozeh Neyshabur stated that this method, the method of using explosives, replaced the turquoise manual extraction method, but it could also be extracted annually from a large amount of this beautiful and valuable stone from the mine, and it was marketed after the turquoise processing stages. .
Maybe you’re wondering what kind of turquoise turquoise from the mine will enter into the market, which we will continue to discuss:

Auctions Turquoise Turquoise Neyshabur

The crude stones that come out of the mine and are known to the rocky rocks in the marketplace are offered annually during the holding of several auctioning stages in front of the main tunnel of the mine to Turquoise Trachan and other marketers, which provides a base price on turquoise loads. Buyers compete with each other and each buyer who says a higher price will own the turquoise Neishabur.
You can see a movie from one of the latest Neyshabur turquoise auctions:
If you have opened a store and need turquoise Neyshabour stone or you want to export Turquoise Neyshabur to other countries of the world, contact us now. We will provide you in the main.