Neyshabur turquoise shop in Malaysia | Beautiful turquoise stone

Neyshabur turquoise shop in Malaysia, with the combination of turquoise with Malaysian silver jewellery, produces a beautiful gem jewellery of turquoise stone that can reflect the culture and tradition of this Islamic country.
As you know, Malaysia is an Islamic country. And the turquoise stone is of special significance to Muslims. Also, the people of Malaysia have very different traditions with Iranian culture. This is even evident in their jewellery.
As it is said, turquoise is a living stone, and in fact, it is believed by some to breathe. So you have to be careful about keeping it.
For this reason, turquoise stone shop space, especially Neyshabur turquoise shop should have special Features for turquoise stone. That’s why the turquoise shop in Malaysia, which is actually providing us with turquoise rocks, has a great deal of sensitivity in supplying and supplying turquoise Neyshabur products.

Neyshabur turquoise shop

Neyshabur turquoise shop Services for Malaysian Customers

  •  Presents jewellery made with turquoise stone
  •  Supply of decorative artefacts with turquoise stone
  •  Offering uncovered a turquoise stone
  •  Polishing and restoration of has been pale turquoise and so-called Turquoise Dead.

The turquoise and properties of the years have passed since generation to generation. Despite the semi-preciousness of this rock, it is always an ornament of the royal jewellery and is considered an aristocratic stone.
People in the world, as well as Malaysia, believe that turquoise is a relaxing and stress reliever. If we disregard the scientific and medical aspects, the psychoanalysis of the turquoise Neyshabur’s colour spectrum alone can carry it calmly.

Neyshabur turquoise shop

Turquoise Neyshabur Turquoise Silver Spectrum Based on Value

  •  sky blue
  •  Green
  •  Blue-green
  •  Blue-white
  •  Green-gray
  •  light green

In the world, turquoise Neyshabur is famous for the blue stone, because the turquoise without the matrix of Neishabur is completely homogeneous and without any matrix.

And so the Neyshabur blue turquoise determines the price of turquoise.
At the same time, the kind of Turquoise Neyshabur Matrix, which can be found in a variety of shop in Malaysia, is also amazing. Types of Spider Matrix on the Turquoise Neyshabur create beautiful shapes that attract attention to this semi-precious stone.
At the stage of cutting turquoise stone cut it in different sizes and shapes. So you can watch our diverse products in different shapes and sizes in a Neyshabur turquoise shop in Malaysia.
What we do in the turquoise industry is the extraction and production of fine coloured stone from the mines of Neyshabur. And after the cutting and polishing, and actually preparing it as wholesale and sometimes cut into special jewellery, we will deliver it to the customer.

Neyshabur turquoise shop

Different shapes of turquoise Neyshabur

  • Cabochon
  • Angular
  • Heart Shaped
  • Regular turquoise