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buy turquoise blue stone | Specially for jewelry making

Buy Turquoise Blue stone is the most popular type of turquoise. With the beautiful days approaching, our desires for color stand out. Exit the gray and the black, the dressings are more colorful and the jewels follow the trend.

The Turquoise stone, with its shades of blue lagoon, is one of the favorite turquoise blue stone of the beautiful season.In rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants.The turquoise still has the same effect.
In addition to a stone with an undeniable aesthetic, Turquoise also has a history and therapeutic virtues.

Buy turquoise blue stone

Blue Turquoise

Turquoise has its history

The first knowledge about Turquoise goes back to Egypt, 6000 years before Christ.
he Turquoise, originally called “Firuze” or “Ferozah”, which means “Victorious” was very used by the Persians in the manufacture of their jewelry.
She was brought back from Iran by the Turks and then in Europe during the campaigns of the Crusades. It was called then “Turkish Stone” hence the final name of “Turquoise”.
Because of its rarity, the blue stone has always been considered as the symbol of wealth and prestige. Later, from the 16th century, turquoise was used as currency by Indians, Aztecs and Spaniards.

Buy turquoise blue stone

Blue Turquoise

Buy turquoise blue stone in different types

Turquoise is a unique and always different stone.
Varied from blue (the most exceptional stones) to green, this stone never looks like its neighbor. This difference in color is explained by the amount of copper it contains (the more the stone contains copper, the more it will be blue and vice versa).
Its grooves are also variable from one stone to another. They reflect the presence of other metals embedded in the stone.
The turquoises of Tibet will be greener, those from the United States more blue.
A Turquoise can change color if it is brought to too much heat. It can also fade in the sun.

Buy turquoise blue stone

Blue Turquoise

The virtues of Turquoise

Like many semi-precious stones, Turquoise has energetic and therapeutic virtues if you wear it on you.

On the physical plane

It is above all a stone of purification and detoxification. And it helps regulate the nervous system and purifies body fluids. It is even said that applied to a wound, it fights against viruses and infections. It helps to cure poisoning.
Turquoise protects against negative and electromagnetic waves.
Also, this stone protects the respiratory system, for example it is useful to wear it against hay fever.
Finally Turquoise is known to be the stone of travelers: it protects you on the move. It is good to have a turquoise stone in his car for example.

Be aware that Turquoise can tarnish after a long time if you wear it. It will mean that she has given you all her virtues. It will be good not to wear it and change it with a new one.

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Original Persian turquoise gemstones for sale with best price + picture

Original Persian turquoise gemstones. Iran, and especially the city of Neyshabur, is the largest source of Iranian turquoise gemstone. Unique stones have always been extracted in unique designs and colors.The original Persian turquoise gemstones, after passing through many stages, turns into Ornamental Beam. If we want to name the main sources and sources of turquoise stone in Iran, we can first refer to the city of Neyshabur. And of course, there are many years to come.
Turquoise gemstone is a precious jewel that has long been an ornament for jewelry of kings and nobles. It goes without saying that this precious stone needs much care.

Original Persian turquoise gemstones

Original Turquoise

Original Persian Turquoise gemstones Principles

  • Cleaning with cotton thread regularly. And do not expose it to water and pollution.
  •  Jewelry and especially turquoise are very sensitive, and it’s important to regularly learn how to clean and wax them.
  •  Never expose the turquoise to oil, cosmetic creams, fragrances and cosmetics, as well as cosmetics.
Original Persian turquoise gemstones

Persian Turquoise

Persian Gem original Properties

If you are interested in turquoise and use its jewelery for a ring, you need to know that turquoise stone has its own healing properties with its unique features and always gives the owner a certain calm and at the same time can be fearful Avoid horror from humans and help the person to stand firm in the face of anything that has frightened her and keep pace with her pace.

On the mental level in lithotherapy, the turquoise stone allows to calm down and calm any form of anger. It also helps to increase empathy. Turquoise will develop personal fulfillment and can be used at the level of the throat chakra to get letting go, and thus promote the expression with others through communication and listening. Lithotherapists use turquoise at the level of the 3rd eye chakra to develop insights or reinforce each meditation. On the heart chakra, turquoise strengthens friendship, soothes anger and generally stimulates love and friendship.

Original Persian turquoise gemstones

Neyshabur Turquoise

Buy Iranian jewelry turquoise gem

In order to be able to have a beautiful ring with a turquoise gem, and each time looking at it immerses pleasure and relaxation, you can contact our colleagues at the turquoise sales department and choose your favorite stones and jewelery for your order.

It should be noted that the turquoise gem has a very beautiful color spectrum. Most of the Iranian turquoise color spectrum is between blue and green. Of course, there are also turquoise with a bright or dark spectrum. But in general, the turquoise’s quality is dependent on a lot of factors. Factors such as extraction minerals, turquoise paints, which are in fact the main feature of turquoise, as well as the shape of trimming and streaks on turquoise. Also, Iranian turquoise sale is not only in Iran alone, but also in other countries.

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Major Sales Center of Turquoise stone in emarat

Sales Center of Turquoise in the emarat and the Arab countries can be called the most prolific shopping mall in these countries. Because the Arabs pay special attention to the turquoise stone of Neyshabur, and especially its strata.
The exports of Turquoise Ajami to the Arab countries have the highest percentage of exports of these minerals, and these Arab countries are among the most important customers of turquoise stone.

Sales Center of Turquoise

Turquoise Stone

Specs of Turquoise Stone

  •  Turquoise rock is one of the many types of igneous rocks found in volcanic areas.
  •  This rock is known as one of the most precious minerals.
  •  Among turquoise stone types, the export of Turquoise Ajami to the Arab countries has the highest percentage of its exports.
    Turquoise jewellery
  •  Underground water particles during the activities they take usually produce the acid that makes the turquoise rock soften.
    Turquoise rocks in turquoise mines, the higher they are and the closer to the surface of the earth, are more solid.
  •  Because of the reasons given above, turquoise rocks that extract from the depth of the earth have a lower quality and value of jewellery.
Sales Center of Turquoise

Persian Turquoise

The best turquoise should also have the following features

  •  The more turquoise stone is the better
  •  The smaller the veins are, the higher the quality
  •  Turquoise original stone, usually smooth
  •  The original turquoise also has a high strength
  •  The turquoise Ajami is one of the finest turquoise rocks because of its high qualities.
Sales Center of Turquoise

Persian turquoise

The best turquoise should also have the following features

  •  The more turquoise stone is the better
  •  The smaller the veins are, the higher the quality
  •  Turquoise original stone, usually smooth
  •  The original turquoise also has a high strength
  •   Ajami turquoise is one of the finest turquoise rocks because of its high qualities.
Sales Center of Turquoise

Persian turquoise

Sales Center of Turquoise in UAE

Turquoise Ajami among the Arabs is worth a very special place and it is interesting to know that turquoise Ajami find only in Iran.
For us, Iranians have a smooth turquoise or turquoise, but it is very important for the Arabs that the turquoise is smooth. So the Neyshabour Turquoise Nuclear Market in Emirate and other Arab countries can be considered the center of a lucrative business.
For the reasons stated above, Turquoise Ajami Neyshabur exports to Arab countries more than Turquoise Shajari exports.

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Original Persian turquoise beads price

Original Persian turquoise beads are commonly used to make various types of women’s jewellery and jewellery. It is said that these seeds are often from small pieces of turquoise rock.
precious and beautiful blue rock is one of the most beautiful rocks which make the rosary with it. Of course, praise is not only in the Islamic culture that exists in other religions.
In addition to the rosary, Persian Gemstone beads use to make all kinds of accessories. Buying Neyshabour Turquoise stone is often confusing because of its great variety in quality and price.


Original Persian turquoise beads

Types of original Persian turquoise beads

shaved turquoise sapphire stone divide into two most important categories, which have many uses in the fashion industry and jewellery:

  •  Turquoise Shajari Neyshaburi: Turquoise on which there are impurities.
  •  Turquoise Ajami Neyshaburi: Turquoise with no impurities on it.

These two categories are the most famous Persian turquoise jewelled turquoise market.

Turquoise should be closely monitored for review so that it can be priced. Also, the factors affecting the price of turquoise should be checked and then put on that price

Original Persian turquoise beads

Persian turquoise Classification Factors

  •  Based on mine. The mining and turquoise stone site influence by its type and quality.
  •  Based on the colour. Turquoise has a different colour spectrum
  •  Based on appearance

Therefore, the major selling time of the Iranian turquoise, this affects pricing. So you can find a variety of turquoise at reasonable prices in the wholesale.
The value of Turquoise Persian is spiritual Although turquoise also uses in other countries such as America and Mexico, the colour spectrum is not the same as turquoise Persian.
The Persian turquoise colour spectrum is a light blue without matrix to greenish-blue. And through it passes through colourless blue and enters the greenish Range.

Original Persian turquoise beads

All turquoise has a unique feature, which is why they differ from each other. Among these distinctions are:

  •  Iranian turquoise is darker than other types.
  •  The streaks of Iranian turquoise are more than another turquoise.
  •  Persian turquoise is harder than another turquoise

Undoubtedly, it’s not easy to detect the original Persian turquoise, so it’s best to get advice from a professional specialist before you buy. Or you can buy from a reputable and trusted company.
Persian turquoise has a variety of colours. When you participate in major Iranian turquoise sales, you can see all of its colour schemes closely.
Among them, green light is known as the best quality turquoise and greenish yellow as the low quality of turquoise.



Iranian turquoise gemstone shop | Natural and original turquoise stone

Iranian turquoise gemstone shop is the oldest business in Iran. Precious stones and minerals, especially turquoise, have long been common among Iranians and other ancient cultures.
Turquoise was so valuable that the old people believed in its supernatural power. And they called it the stone of heaven. According to the old people believe, Iranian turquoise gemstone shop was a part of Paradise.
Turquoise, whose name in French means “Turkish rock”. The more smooth it is, the more it is worth it. The colour of this stone also changes from blue-green to pale yellow.

Iranian turquoise gemstone shop

What you can find in Iranian Turquoise gemstone Shop

  • turquoise Ajami and Shajari Iran are famous not only at the national level but also globally because of their excellent quality. And it’s interesting to know that Turquoise Ajami is as the most expensive type of turquoise found in the Iranian Turquoise gemstone Shop.

Throughout history, and to a large extent today, the most admired turquoise gems are those without streaks and blue sky (which indicates that there are no iron and vanadium compounds in this stone. ( Historically, the original and natural type of these rocks is extracted only in Iran).
It is common to refer to pure turquoise blue gems with high grade has called Persian gride in the jewellery market.

Iranian turquoise gemstone shop

The conditions for keeping this stone in a turquoise stone shop

  •  It has a lot of fragilities and is also sensitive to heat and chemical damage.
  •  Keep turquoise away from cosmetic and oily products
  •  Clean it up and keep dust out of this rock. Because it causes it to Cloudy.
  •  Keep turquoise rock away from heat and sunlight. Because it will make the stone colourless.Iranian turquoise gemstone shop

Factors affecting the valuation of turquoise stone

  • The valuation of turquoise stone in the Iranian Turquoise gemstone shop is based on several factors. These include the following examples:
  • The location and mineral extraction of turquoise stone
  • Uniformity and turquoise colour. Which has a more homogeneous turquoise
  • The density of this beautiful stone
  • Its versatility and brightness
  • Hardness and size of the turquoise stone
  • Type, layout, and colour of the matrix on streaky turquoise
    Of course, the turquoise stone is amongst the precious stone gemstones with a very high quality and elegance, at a very reasonable price, and at the level of other middle gemstones.
    This gem links the culture together. From ancient Egypt, ancient Iran and the Shang Dynasty in China, as well as among the deep-seated culture of native Americans. This gem has always been respected in all cultures as the luck and happiness stone. Although these beliefs are no longer obsolete, Turquoise still has its place among precious stones.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone price

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone is very consumer and economic, unlike the previous value of this spiritual stone. But be sure to find and purchase the original Neyshabur Turquoise in The market with thousand colors turquoise variety.
original Neyshabur turquoise stone is one of the best and most expensive types of the gemstone. Turquoise stone has been used as an ornamental stone for thousands of years. Perhaps it is trusty to say that the turquoise Neishabur is the world’s first known turquoise, which for many years has featured a ring of golden sultans and many kings.
The value of Turquoise Neishabur is spiritual rather than material.

Although turquoise is also extracted in other countries such as America and Mexico, the color spectrum is not the same as turquoise Neyshabur.
The Neyshabur turquoise color spectrum begins with a light blue without matrix. And through a linear process, it passes through colorless blue borders and enters the greenish Range, too often turns white or light gray.
As you know, Turquoise has some water inside its structure, which If stored in a dry place. It will diminish. The Persians believed that turquoise has died in such circumstances.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Turquoise maintenance methods

  •  Reconstitution phase includes waxing
  •  No rinse with detergent and alcohol
  •  No contact with oily skin and cosmetics
  •  Do not expose to light and dust.
  •  Cleaning the turquoise as often as possible

What that is the characteristic of the original Neyshabur turquoise stone are stacks or matrices that greatly enhance the beauty of this stone.

Indeed, the existence of this kind of matrix on the stone not only does not diminish its value, but it also manifests itself as a double beauty.
In Iran, there are other mines that are also used to make turquoise extraction process. But what is the turquoise Neishabur index? The brilliance and clarity of this type of turquoise are more than other types.
It should be noted that original Neishabur turquoise retains less water than other types.  So this will result in no change in color or death of turquoise.
From the east to the west this earth has always spoken about the benefits and profits of turquoise gemstone for their carrier.
Of course, it should be noted that the originality and mineral content of turquoise is very important in this regard.

And it would not be a blessing if we count a number of world-wide shared beliefs about turquoise.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Advantages of original Neyshabur turquoise stone for human

  •  Involvement of forces
  • Strengthening human chakras
  • Make calm
  • Balance in internal emotions
  • Helping to treat a variety of diseases
  • Treating types of a headache
  • Turquoise strengthens the heart and heats up.
  • Creating the power of love and friendship
  • The manifestation of reason and wisdom

Undoubtedly, it also is difficult for professionals to detect the turquoise principle of Neishabur. So try to ask it from the reputable sellers and suppliers of this type of gem.

Our production collection has the honor to offer the turquoise gemstone inside and outside the country.

And our goal is just to introduce Turquoise Neyshabur again to the world to restore the status and worth of the Persian turquoise.

Of course, we have also responded to your trust. Using the most modern science and technology in the world, we extract the stone of Neishabur and cut it in a variety of shapes. And we have polished them in a special Iranian way that no longer available turquoise can compete in its shine.

Turquoise Neishabur can be put in different shapes and sizes with a variety of different jewelry, due to its various sizes and shapes.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

What you can do with turquoise Neyshabur

  •  Variety of men’s and women’s rings
  •  A complete set of turquoise badges.
  •  Brooch and turquoise brushes.