Original turquoise stone ring

Turquoise stone ring

Turquoise is a valuable and worthwhile stone that usually they put it on the rings as solitaire. Many of Iranian people like this stone and it is found in dark green, pale green, blue, dark blue and pale blue colors. Neyshaoorian original turquoise is the most valuable turquoise at world.

Turquoise is an igneous stone that is found in plutonian areas near the surface of the ground. This stone is very hard and shatterproof. The harder turquoise stone the more valuable stone you have. Turquoise stone ring is a jeweler that has various kinds and in fashion world you can choose a beautiful one and wear.

How to identify original turquoise stone

At first you must know the classification of the turquoise stone that is based on three characteristics: 1. Based on color, when the dark blue is more dominant than green the turquoise stone is more valuable 2. Based on the mine or quarry, the turquoise stone of Iran and Tibetan and America and Egypt are the best turquoise stones. from Iran the Neyshaboor turquoise stone is the best one at world. 3. Based on external shape, this category is correspond to Arabic countries and based on that, we have to kinds. One kind is streaky and the other kind is flat that are uniformly blue. Turquoise stone ring with the second kind are noteworthy.
What is the benefit of Feroza stone?

What is the benefit of Feroza stone?

Feroza stone or turquoise stone has many many remedial features.

  1. You can put a small part of this stone on your eyes to therapy of eye illnesses.
  2. It can improve your sore throat and many of lung problems.
  3. In the old times they powdered turquoise stone and used to remission the belly ache.
  4. Turquoise stone is good for pacify sprit problems. It stops stress and is good for neurotic patients.
  5. This stone makes happiness. At last the turquoise stone ring is a very splendid jewel that makes you happy when you have it and wear it. It shows you pretty and stylish.

Where to buy original turquoise stone ring

Where to buy original turquoise stone ring

Original turquoise stone often is found in copper sediments in arid and low watered areas. Turquoise stone is made in places that measure of the copper in district is very high. If you want to buy this stone from a place the best place is Neyshaboor. Because it is the source of that. But if you want to buy it from a market it is better to relay on us. Our original turquoise stone ring will make you pleased. We use original turquoise stone to make ring, earring, and royal dishes and containers. You can buy your ideal original turquoise stone from us and make sure that it is okay.

Original turquoise stone price

Original turquoise stone price

The price of every gram of original urquoise stone of Neyshaboor is very various. If I want to divide Neyshaboor Turquoise stone, I can describe three degrees: the price of degree 3 stone is between 2000 to 5000 toman per gram. The price of degree 2 stone is between 6000 to 12000 toman per gram. And the price of degree 1 stone is between 13000 to 300000 toman per gram. If you want to buy a splendid big Turquoise stone ring that has professional erasure maybe you must pay some millions toman, and don’t worry because you obtain a very precious thing.

New nice turquois stone ring

New nice turquois stone ring

When you decide to buy a new nice turquois stone ring we suggest to trust us. Our new turquoise stone rings have the best shape and color; they are original and have the best prices. True, the mines of the turquois are emptying the fans of this stone and its price are increasing. Majority of ladies love the jewels and specially ring that is a likably and lovably jewel. Our rings have simple design, single gem and solitaire. You can find a lovely turquois stone ring between our articles and give it as a gift to a friend or as a birthday present. Even you can chose this blue gift when a party theme is blue colored and make the guests and specially the hostess, actually surprised.

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Major Turquoise Neyshabur sales in India| supplier of turquoise stone

Major Turquoise Neyshabur sale to India, including the lucrative turquoise stone market. If you are keen on trading Turquoise, India can be a lucrative business destination for you.
Major Turquoise Neyshabur sale at the equilibrium rate with medium turquoise from other countries in the trading market. Although Turquoise Neyshabur is an expert on the quality of turquoise types, it has not yet been able to locate its material market in the world. But maybe that’s also worth considering the turquoise Neyshabur. Because despite having high quality, it has a high price, which makes buying and selling it easier and easier on world markets. Turquoise Neyshabur has unique features that separate this stone from other turquoise samples.

Major Turquoise Neyshabur sales



Variety of Major Turquoise Neyshabur sale for trading

  •  Turquoise Ajami. Celestial blue without a matrix. This type of turquoise always use to make the most valuable jewelry in the world. This rock is as smooth as the depths of the waters off the shores of the isle Bali.
  •  Turquoise Shajari. This type of turquoise consists of turquoise stone and its added ingredients. This impurity results in the presence of matrices on this rock, which often adds to its beauty.

Major Turquoise Neyshabur sale

Major Turquoise Neyshabur sales unit mainly

Types of sale and sale of turquoise are basically different units for sale:

  • Shagry turquoise: This type of turquoise is based on kilograms.
  • Ajami Turquoise: This type of turquoise sale as a trading volume because of its higher value.
  • Raw turquoise (Rough, Thistle): This type is also traded in kilograms.
  • Turquoise dust: The sales unit of this type is also kilograms.

Major Turquoise Neyshabur sale

Features of a Turquoise Embossed Exports

A turquoise neyshabur stone first class and quality has the following characteristics:

  •  At first, you have to make a beautiful look in your eyes and know that every turquoise that you feel is beautiful and you like it, this turquoise is good for you.
  •  High-quality turquoises are typically tint-blue or green-colored. It’s no wonder that the most expensive turquoise are in the blue color spectrum.
  •  Whatever the turquoise is a beautiful and eye-catching role and writing, so that the eye stare at every visitor, it is considered as a good turquoise turquoise.
  • The perfect fit makes the turquoise look great and makes a beautiful turquoise beautiful in looks.