Buy raw turquoise stone jewelry

Turquoise stone jewelry

The oldest active mine of turquoise in world that possesses the most desirable turquoise of the world lies down in 53 kilometer of North West of Neyshaboor. The turquoise carvers buy raw turquoise stone from there to make jewels and provide these beautiful gems to jewelries.

History of use of turquoise stone as jewel

Iran and Egypt have the oldest mines of turquoise. In Iran the chief mine is Ali Mirzayi at Neyshaboor, and the chief mine of Egypt is in Magara oasis at the Sina peninsula. This pretty mineral was used as complement beads in almost 8000 years ago. Iranians loved precious stones as jewel or to prank the clothes, cupules, chalices, vessel and platters.
In Egypt this stone was a holy stone and they sanctified that. Almost 6000 years ago Egyptian people used turquoise as toilet material and jewel and talisman. They bought turquoise stone jewel in high amounts. Tibetan people also respected this stone and through all their life kept that. It was as money and was more expensive than gold.

History of use of turquoise stone as jewel

The structure of turquoise

Turquoise stone is a plutonian rock that is transformed to blue grains and streaks among black aggregates or soil after chemical reactions. The streaks of turquoise in this black rock are almost some millimeters thick and rarely are more than 1 centimeter. Turquoise is an ideochromatic mineral, this means its color is because of chemical composition of itself.

It is made of copper ammonium phosphate that iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, silicone and zinc are added and its crystal gets bigger. These extra combinations result in different hardness and colors. So the color of the turquoise differs from blue to dark green. The more copper in the structure of turquoise, the more blue color is visible. The pure blue color in turquoise is scarce and this turquoise stone jewel is more valuable.

The structure of turquoise

Graduation of raw turquoise

If you want to buy raw turquoise stone from jewelry you must know different kinds of this stone to choose the best one. After extract, the raw turquoise is graduated based on its kind and desirability to these categories:

  1. Ajam turquoise: that is chromatic blue, it is outstanding and is found in small segments.
  2. Choghaleh: that is larger and paler than the Ajam.
  3. Tofal: its rock is extinct and only a layer of turquoise is reminding, and it has three kinds: colorful, semi colored and white.
  4. Shajar: that there are streaks of rock in it.
  5. Large: they are rather big rocks that there are streaks of turquoise in them.
  6. Dust: they contain very teeny granules.

Subsequent stage after extract is making ready the raw turquoise to be used in workshop to cave the stone and put it on the jewel in the workshops.

Graduation of raw turquoise

The reasons of volubility of turquoise stone

To know the reasons of volubility of turquoise we can indicate that:

  1. It is a scarce stone. Its sources are limited and are only in some countries that the biggest and best mines lie down in Iran.
  2. Extract of turquoise is hard. Whereas the turquoise is like streaks in the rock, we cannot extract that by machinery and it needs human work.
  3. Extract of turquoise has high expenditure.
  4. Production of this stone has different stages. To prove the four said reasons we only indicate that in Neyshaboor mine we can obtain only 3 Kg turquoise from per 1500 kilogram raw rock.
  5. Turquoise has very beautiful stamps and figures similar to shapes, plants, trees and so on.
  6. This stone has remedial characteristics. Some uses of this stone are for eye and blood and lung patients.
  7. It is stone of wishes. Going back, we can see that past people believed that when you keep and tach these stones you will be fulfilled.
  8. The high economic value of turquoise: because of the all above reasons this stone moreover than artistic and virtual value, has materialistic value. Turquoise stone jewelry provides the most beautiful jewels having this gem for you to buy.

Turquoise stones seller in iran | provider turquoise gemstones

Turquoise stone seller in Iran is for a long time. It was one of the first gemstones to be extracted from the ground. And that is probably why so many myths and legends surround it.

The extraction of turquoises dates back to Antiquity – in 6000 BC in Egypt and 5000 BC in Persia! The indigenous peoples of the two Americas the Aztecs, Mayans, Anasazis, Zuñi, Navajos and Apaches were so fascinated by the beauty of turquoise. That they used this stone as currency from the 16th century.

Turquoise stones seller

Turquoise stone

Structure of turquoise stone

As a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, turquoise is generally present in sky-blue, often kidney-shaped nodules, where other, brown or black veins of limonite or Jasper are expressed. Climatic factors play an important role in the formation of this mineral deep in the earth. It should be noted that turquoise forms at a maximum depth of 20 meters. Thus we understand that there are copper ores on the surface of the deposits. The exceptional colour of this gem is generated under the influence of copper or chromium existing in its chemical formula. If the blue colour of the turquoise is very famous, it is actually very variable. It goes from white through baby blue to blue sky, and from blue-green to a green tinged with yellow. The maximum hardness of this stone on the Mohs scale is just under 6, which means that this stone is very fragile.

Turquoise stones seller

Iranian Tuequise

Iranian beliefs around the turquoise

For the Iranians, turquoise is a near-holy stone and pre-Islamic beliefs have mingled with Islamic beliefs about it. For example, the Iranians believe that wearing a ring set with turquoise at the time of prayer is beneficial. They also believe that this stone allows wishes to be fulfilled. The majority of Iranians believe that watching a turquoise stone in the morning is a source of happiness. Others think that it strengthens the view, these last beliefs are to be put in relation with the soothing colour of this stone which recalls the sky. Among other beliefs. keeping turquoise at home has a positive influence on the nervous system and the flow of blood. Also the turquoise brings the victory, removes the evil eye, increases the good fortune and fortune of its owner, and finally facilitates the birth.

Turquoise stones seller

Persian Turquoise

The different types of Turquoise stone seller

Depending on its colour and quality, this gemstone is divided into two broad categories. simple and shadjari. But there are other types of turquoise, which we draw here a quick inventory:

  • Adjami. It is a round and quite large turquoise of a unique and harmonic blue colour which one finds particularly in Neyshâbour in Iran. This variety is the most sought after in the world, because of its particular turquoise colour and quality. This variety is also more resistant compared to others. This kind of turquoise which is said to be “simple” has no vein, so it is more expensive.
  • Semi-color Adjami. Lighter in colour than Adjami. It is made artificially in laboratories in some countries.
  • The Arab turquoise. It is a turquoise board, of a dark blue colour, which rather appeals to the Arab nations.
  • Shajari. Shadjar is an Arabic word meaning “tree”. This variety of turquoise is known for its veinlets similar to tree stems or a spider’s web

Sell turquoise stones for jewelry + picture

The use of turquoise stones for jewelry that has been used for many years. The historical background and cultural background of this unique jewel are one of the integral aspects of the turquoise industry.

Turquoise Mine, with its proven history of about 7,000 years, has had a tremendous impact on the genuine Iranian-Islamic culture, and the fact that it will not be blamed will not be appreciated. The mine has been active and exploited in all 7,000 years, and according to this citation, it can be called the oldest active mine in the world.
Sell turquoise stones for jewellery for centuries. Just look at the great museums in the world to see which kings and queens have embroidered turquoise crowns.
In the turquoise gemstone industry, they cut the stone for various uses. In fact, there are different shapes for different purposes.

Sell turquoise stones for jewelry

Persian turquoise

Sell turquoise stones for jewelry

The shape of the cut depends on the size and shape of the grain and the turquoise piece. Of the two forms, it is common and high-quality. One is the shape of an arrow that is conical. Another flat that is flat and flat. The piece of the arrow is more prominent, its peak is faster, more decent, and more desirable. But turquoise that is thin, it does not turn into a button and flattens them.

If it’s thick, it’s almost oval, which is convex on it. The greater the convexity, the better. The handpiece is a special turquoise trim. Because if the turquoise is pale and shaved, it will accept the outer radius by a thin surface and reduce it to white.
Arabic turquoise is often flattened, and larger Arabic parts are often defective and not corrosive. But they fill the disadvantages of turquoise, such as brush and rice, with the rocks that are on the turquoise, and fill in gold, acrylics, and the like.

sell turquoise stone for jewelry

Cleaning turquoise stone

The turquoise stone is one of the most ornamental and valuable rocks that should not be washed with water due to the many pores inside it. It’s best to polish it with soft cotton cloth or leather.
Turquoise Ken is easily dirty and dusty. How long it stays in water will reduce its gloss. If the fat or oil is rubbed over the surface of the turquoise, it will fill the pores and gradually absorb dust from the air by absorbing fat particles and eliminating turquoise brilliance. If the intrusive effect of oil particles is deep, the mineral may also lose its polish and polishing properties.

sell turquoise stone for jewelry

Ways to increase turquoise life

  •  Reconstitution phase includes waxing
  •  No rinse with detergent and alcohol
  •  No contact with oily skin and cosmetics
  •  Do not expose to light and dust
  • Cleaning turquoise once in a while

sell turquoise stone for jewelry

Features Turquoise High quality

The most suitable turquoise stone for jewellery should have the following characteristics

  •  The best turquoise and best-quality turquoise is blue sky.
  •  And also has a lot of gloss.
  •  This rock has a high degree of difficulty, so it can be varied in various shapes.