Turquoise embellishment

Composites include aluminum, copper, manganese, iron oxide and water. In terms of value, in Asia, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan-India, it is known as the Stone of Affection. And in the Arab countries (around the Persian Gulf), the dearest thing is not the scale of the Shah’s money. From the earliest times, turquoise stone has also been considered as an eye scar.

Corrugated American Embellishment – 33 grunge beads – Honey Turquoise Beads – Handy Rosary – Embellished American Turquoise Beans, Sparkling with a Beautiful, Unique Chicken

The turquoise stone’s largest properties are more than 100,000 blue and green.
There are never two turquoise rock stones, like the fingerprints, in terms of type and color. Turquoise rock is alive. And like humans, it uses oxygen from the air.