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If you want to buy Iranian turquoise bulk, it’s enough to bring the end of this article with us.Turquoise is a precious stone that is generally blue to green in color. But can also be found in varieties of yellow-green with translucent touches.
Turquoise stones have a cryptocrystalline structure and almost never form individual crystals. Chemically it is composed of aluminum and copper phosphate.
This beautiful jewel has been known by many names, Pliny the Elder referred to it as callais, the Aztecs knew it as chalchihutil. But its name means Turkish stone. Since it was first transported to Europe from Turkey, from one of the mines in the historic province of Khorasan in Persia. It is this gem that gives the turquoise color its name.

buy Iranian turquoise bulk

Buy Iranian turquoise bulk for industries

Buy Iranian turquoise stone for use in various industries. The turquoise stone is a stone rich in myths. As it is one of the first Precious Stones to be extracted and used as such.
Its first extractions go back to 6000 a.C. in Egypt and the 5000 a.C. On the part of the Persians, therefore, it is a stone that has accompanied us since antiquity and has always been very loved.
There are many cultures where turquoise stone is present. For example, the Indo-American cultures, which for almost a thousand years have been extracted and molded. And used as an indispensable element to manufacture their ritual jewelry and utensils. The Zuñi bracelets and the belts of the Navajo populations. Such as the masks of the Aztecs or the ritual knife “Tumi” of the Incas were decorated with Turquoises.

buy Iranian turquoise bulk

Value of Iranian turquoise for people

This precious stone was known as the talisman of kings, shamans and warriors. Travellers such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco de gama always carried a turquoise stone. Others as the Arabs said it was a lucky stone. On the other hand, in Asia they considered it an amulet that added value and hope. As for the Persians the intense blue-sky color could predict the weather. A bright blue color was a harbinger of a radiant and peaceful day.

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Yellow turquoise

The yellow turquoise is formed by the inclusion of iron.This gem helps connect with the spirit and brings the energy of heaven to earth.

The most interesting thing about this gem is that it is not really one but a jasper shape, which is marketed as turquoise to increase its value (although it is much cheaper than real turquoise).
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Buy Iranian turquoise basically by sending to all over the world

Buy Iranian turquoise basically by sending it to the world is one of the ways to trade this stone. And it should be noted that through this way the Iranian turquoise has been able to cross all the borders of the world.

The trade of turquoise Iranian and sending it to other countries of the world has been able to introduce this type of turquoise as the first grade turquoise to all the people of the world.

Buy Iranian turquoise

Iranian turquoise

Buy Iranian turquoise on the basis of its characteristics

  •  Persian turquoise has a very wide colour spectrum. As the most expensive type is blue sky. And of course, it’s very smooth without streaks.
  •  The Iranian turquoise hardness is very high so it can be varied in various shapes.
  •  Veins on Iranian turquoise also have a variety of colours and designs, each based on specific reactions.

As it was said, but a turquoise stone of Persia has a very wide colour spectrum. And each has its own beauty. Which also has its own fans.

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Iranian turquoise

Persian colour turquoise

  •  sky blue
  •  Blue-green
  •  Green Gray
  •  light green
  •  Blue to white

Turquoise rock in Iran is usually produced by the explosion. So pieces of turquoise stone are cut in different sizes. As a turquoise stone supplier, we cut and polish these extracted pieces in different sizes and in various shapes. Because it is not possible to export crude oil according to Iranian trade rules. Therefore, we will sell the stone and polish it for sale. This, of course, will also reduce your costs.
What can be said about turquoise rock is that turquoise gemstone is universal and does not belong to any particular culture or land. For centuries, this stone is prevalent among cultures that have never had any connection with each other in the past.

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Persian turquoise

Application of Turquoise Turquoise in Art

Turquoise rock is also used in the art, which can be mentioned in several of the following:

  •  Turquoise Art
  •  Sculpture Art
  •  Applied Arts

The presence of fake turquoise or stones in other countries has not been able to affect the Iranian turquoise market in different parts of the country, especially Anony.
In other words, it is only the Iranian turquoise that has the ability to determine the Iranian turquoise market. As the Iranian turquoise as the blue rock in the world determines the value and price of turquoise.

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Persian turquoise

Factors Affecting the Iranian Turquoise stone market

Many factors affect the market and determine the value of Iranian turquoise. If you want to explain a few things briefly, we will:

  •  Turquoise stone history
  •  Works and applications of turquoise stone in places and mosques, especially Iranian architecture
  •  Specifications and Turquoise Stone Ingredients
  •  mines extracted
  •  The type, sex and layout of the turquoise matrix
  •  Patchiness and degree of hardness