Buy raw turquoise stone jewelry

Turquoise stone jewelry

The oldest active mine of turquoise in world that possesses the most desirable turquoise of the world lies down in 53 kilometer of North West of Neyshaboor. The turquoise carvers buy raw turquoise stone from there to make jewels and provide these beautiful gems to jewelries.

History of use of turquoise stone as jewel

Iran and Egypt have the oldest mines of turquoise. In Iran the chief mine is Ali Mirzayi at Neyshaboor, and the chief mine of Egypt is in Magara oasis at the Sina peninsula. This pretty mineral was used as complement beads in almost 8000 years ago. Iranians loved precious stones as jewel or to prank the clothes, cupules, chalices, vessel and platters.
In Egypt this stone was a holy stone and they sanctified that. Almost 6000 years ago Egyptian people used turquoise as toilet material and jewel and talisman. They bought turquoise stone jewel in high amounts. Tibetan people also respected this stone and through all their life kept that. It was as money and was more expensive than gold.

History of use of turquoise stone as jewel

The structure of turquoise

Turquoise stone is a plutonian rock that is transformed to blue grains and streaks among black aggregates or soil after chemical reactions. The streaks of turquoise in this black rock are almost some millimeters thick and rarely are more than 1 centimeter. Turquoise is an ideochromatic mineral, this means its color is because of chemical composition of itself.

It is made of copper ammonium phosphate that iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, silicone and zinc are added and its crystal gets bigger. These extra combinations result in different hardness and colors. So the color of the turquoise differs from blue to dark green. The more copper in the structure of turquoise, the more blue color is visible. The pure blue color in turquoise is scarce and this turquoise stone jewel is more valuable.

The structure of turquoise

Graduation of raw turquoise

If you want to buy raw turquoise stone from jewelry you must know different kinds of this stone to choose the best one. After extract, the raw turquoise is graduated based on its kind and desirability to these categories:

  1. Ajam turquoise: that is chromatic blue, it is outstanding and is found in small segments.
  2. Choghaleh: that is larger and paler than the Ajam.
  3. Tofal: its rock is extinct and only a layer of turquoise is reminding, and it has three kinds: colorful, semi colored and white.
  4. Shajar: that there are streaks of rock in it.
  5. Large: they are rather big rocks that there are streaks of turquoise in them.
  6. Dust: they contain very teeny granules.

Subsequent stage after extract is making ready the raw turquoise to be used in workshop to cave the stone and put it on the jewel in the workshops.

Graduation of raw turquoise

The reasons of volubility of turquoise stone

To know the reasons of volubility of turquoise we can indicate that:

  1. It is a scarce stone. Its sources are limited and are only in some countries that the biggest and best mines lie down in Iran.
  2. Extract of turquoise is hard. Whereas the turquoise is like streaks in the rock, we cannot extract that by machinery and it needs human work.
  3. Extract of turquoise has high expenditure.
  4. Production of this stone has different stages. To prove the four said reasons we only indicate that in Neyshaboor mine we can obtain only 3 Kg turquoise from per 1500 kilogram raw rock.
  5. Turquoise has very beautiful stamps and figures similar to shapes, plants, trees and so on.
  6. This stone has remedial characteristics. Some uses of this stone are for eye and blood and lung patients.
  7. It is stone of wishes. Going back, we can see that past people believed that when you keep and tach these stones you will be fulfilled.
  8. The high economic value of turquoise: because of the all above reasons this stone moreover than artistic and virtual value, has materialistic value. Turquoise stone jewelry provides the most beautiful jewels having this gem for you to buy.

Bulk wholesale natural Persian turquoise stone

natural Persian turquoise stone

Natural Persian turquoise stone is a group of igneous rocks and is found in volcanic zones. The best type of turquoise is located near the ground. This stone must be completely dry to provide strength.

natural Persian turquoise stone

Types of turquoise and the way of recognizing its authenticity

Turquoise is one of the most popular rocks among the Iranians, which tell you the types of turquoise and its authenticity.

Interesting facts about natural Persian turquoise stone

Turquoise rock is a group of igneous rocks and is found in volcanic areas. The best type of turquoise is located near the ground. This stone must be completely dry to provide strength. The turquoise mines, which are in greater depth, are softened because of the acid produced by groundwater particles and so turquoise rocks are in deeper quality and less valuable.

Turquoise is an expensive rock with a hardness of 5.5 to 6. Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise is a turquoise with a bright blue, dark blue, light green and dark green, the more colorful the turquoise blue, the greater the value of rock.

natural Persian turquoise stone

How many turquoise types are there?

This stone is famous for Firoozeh due to its color in Iran (maybe the name is too old!). Firoozeh has been called in English by Turquoise (Turquoise – Turquoise Stone), which can have two reasons:

  1. In the past, all commercial communications in the field of gemstones between Iran and Europe were made through Turkey. As Turkish merchants bought precious stones from Iranians and exported to Europe. At that time, turquoise mines were still not discovered in Europe and the United States, and the stone was completely new to them, and since it came from Turkey, it was called a Turkish rock, and it still remains on the rock.
  2. Some others refer to the root of this name as a French name for the description of stone. This name in France is Pierre Turquin, meaning “full of blue”, which has changed over time in English accent to Torquay.

natural Persian turquoise stone

What is a turquoise variety?

Natural Persian turquoise stone also can be categorized based on three features.
Based on color: Turquoise color range is very wide. Light blue to green. There are also examples of dark blue. According to this categorization, the darker turquoise blue is dominated by the green color, turquoise is more valuable.

Based on the mines: turquoise is mined in different parts of the world, but the most important mines are turquoise, turquoise, tibetan, turquoise, turquoise, Egyptian. Turquoise of different minerals can each have one of the highest colors, but most commercially the most valuable Turquoise the world is turquoise Neyshabur.

Based on the appearance: some of them have a blue hand and some others have veins. In the third category, which is most common in Arabic countries, turquoise is divided into two types of austerities. Turquoise Ajami is said to be a smooth, turquoise hand-made, with no streaks or fractures on its surface.

natural Persian turquoise stone

Turquoise Ajami

Firoozeh(Turqoise) Ajami is very popular among the Arabs, and the interesting thing is that it is found only in Iran. spiderweb or clean blue is not very different for us, the Iranians and the rest of the world (the price is auspicious. But it is still welcomed from the matrix turquoise), and more for us the color of turquoise is important. The turquoise turquoise market also says Turquoise Spiderweb (Spiderweb!). In special cases, turquoise streaks contain golden pyrite, which makes it more beautiful and more expensive.

natural Persian turquoise stone

Iranian and non-Iranian turquoise

It is easy to detect turquoise from Iran and non-Iranians. American turquoise is low in Iran, and turquoise Tibetan has a brighter color and a smoother surface than Natural Persian turquoise stone. Veins on Iranian turquoise are often thick and dark cracks, but the Tibetan turquoise veins are thin and hairy. In general, Iranian turquoise is tougher. Tibetan turquoise is also extracted as tiny pieces, which makes it possible to use several stones rolled up on a rig. Iranian finest turquoise is used in the art of enamel.

The most important danger that turquoise stone is threatening is scratching it, hot water, chemicals and household detergents, which is due to the hydration of the rock. Keep your turquoise stone in mind for the following:

  •  Avoid contact with turquoise oil, cream, and oil, as it may cause discoloration.
  •  When working with a washcloth, remove the turquoise jewelry ring from your hand and avoid contact with carbonated water.
  • Avoid rubbing turquoise with fat.

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Buy Turquoise Jewellery

Buy turquoise jewellery has a special appeal, and this charm may be due to their different blue shades. Or different patterns and designs in turquoise jewelry or because of an unobtrusive attraction in them. In fact, turquoise jewelry is a symbol of the spell of power, success, and support.

Buy Turquoise Jewellery

Buy turquoise jewellery stone

The use of turquoise stone in the making of gold and jewelry has prevalent since 5500 BC.
Turquoise jewelry has a special appeal, and this charm may be due to their different blue shades. Or different patterns and designs in turquoise jewelry or because of an unobtrusive attraction in them.

However, in many cultures, turquoise jewelry is mostly used for their beauty. But in some cultures, there are also beliefs about turquoise jewelry that they believe turquoise jewelry. They have a variety of magic properties that can be used to prevent diseases or treat some diseases.

In terms of chemical compounds, turquoise consists of copper and aluminum phosphate. The blue minerals are very rare and unique, so turquoise gemstone is very valuable and has a high price. Blue turquoise jewelry may be subject to certain conditions, such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat, cosmetics, and sweating.

Buy Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise shajari feature

Some of the turquoise stones have certain veins that are affected by the formation of these rocks. Turquoise well-formed, with less pores, are usually more durable and have a higher sparkle.
The best shapes of turquoise are generally found in areas with hot and dry climates. This type of turquoise is produced in the southwest of the United States, China, Chile, Egypt, Iran, and Mexico.

From the first turquoise found throughout history, we can mention the turquoise used in jewelry discovered in Egypt. These turquoise are obtained in a royal tomb that dates back to 6,000 BC.

In fact, turquoise jewelry is a symbol of the spell of power, success, and support. Also, turquoise gemstone has been used for thousands of years to protect against evil and repel evil and to attract luck and fortune.
In the ancient Persian Empire, turquoise gemstone was wrapped around the wrist or around the globe. And used it to protect themselves from abnormal death. The use of turquoise stone in Iran is in fact a national heritage that used it to decorate objects, mosques and other important buildings inside and outside the country.

Turquoise is a matte mineral that is found in beautiful colors of blue, green, and yellow. This precious stone is also very old. Since ancient times, turquoise stone has been used for making jewelry as well as for making jewelry.

Buy Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise jewelry needs more care than other jewelry

Because turquoise jewelry is softer than other jewels and precious stones such as ruby diamonds. Of course, because of the softness of turquoise jewelry, the use of these jewelry may cause skin itching. And are also more susceptible to breaking and vulnerability.
To care for turquoise jewelry, we should not forget to never use soap to clean these jewelry. And also avoid touching greyish turquoise jewelry.
To clean your turquoise jewelry, it’s best to use warm water and immediately wash it up with a very soft cloth. And be sure to note that to clean turquoise jewelry, never use commercial cleaners and Do not use chemical.

Buy Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise stone properties:

  •  High and joyful energy
  •  Suitable for people with depression and mental illness.
  •  The stress reliever
  •  Profitable on lack of oxygen and blood poisoning
  •  Enhanced vision and eye function
  •  Correction of circulation
  •  For throat pain and respiratory diseases
  •  Effective in self-confidence and eliminates negative vibrations and positive energy absorption

If your turquoise is lost or crushed, it’s because it has lost its power to the owner of the stone. And at this time put it in dry soil to recharge.

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buy turquoise stone (Feroza) | supplier Iranian turquoise gemstones

For buy turquoise stone from supplier Iranian turquoise gemstone, you can follow us to end up this articale. The blue color sometimes turns greenish Turquoise makes this unique gemstone. It gives it all its beauty in addition to its incredible virtues and its shine. Since always, the Turquoise is venerated by the Amerindians.

According to beliefs, this gem converts negative waves into positive energy. According to other beliefs, turquoise would rather express the purity of the heart and the spirit of the person who wears it. Be that as it may, Turquoise jewels are beautiful ornaments for everyone.

supplier Iranian turquoise

Turquoise jewelry: supplier Iranian turquoise gemstones

Turquoise a fine stone very popular with the public and frequently uses in jewellery to set on rings or as a pendant.
You can well imagine that the jewelry with turquoises of the trade make with synthetic stones or imitations.

Firstly for reasons of cost, but also because it would be impossible to reproduce two identical models of a same jewel with natural turquoises whose hue and veins change from one stone to another.
Real turquoise stones therefore use especially for the manufacture of personalized jewelery for which the customer can choose his stone according to his tastes (We offer such a service, to discover here).
It should be noted that this procedure involves “wasting” material since from a turquoise whose hue and matrix veins correspond to the customer’s tastes. Also it will then cut and polished to be able to mount on the jewel. It is common to lose 30 to 50% of the stone during this stage of stoning.

supplier Iranian turquoise

Real turquoises treated

Because of its fragility and porosity, turquoise frequently impregnate with resin that will allow strengthening mechanically making it easier to stone and help stabilize its color by making it less sensitive to chemicals.
These stones are known as turquoises “stabilized” or “impregnated”.
A simple technique for recognizing such turquoise is to prick them with a red-hot needle to see if it sinks into the stone, thus attesting to a resin treatment of the stone.
The incrustation of pyrite in the turquoise is frequent. This impurity makes it possible to make sure that the stone is neither reconstitute, nor of synthesis.
The photo below shows such an inlay of pyrite in stone set on a silver pendant.

supplier Iranian turquoise

Imitations and treatments

The porous stones impregnate with plastic material to consolidate them and strengthen their color. The Egyptians already imitated this stone with faience covered with vitreous enamel. It improves its color with oil or paraffin, Prussian blue, aniline blue …
The most common imitations are magnesite, howlite, chalcedony and powders of limestone, turquoise, various phosphates, dyed. Glasses, porcelain … can imitate it.
It synthesize in an unconvincing way in the 1970s. The neolite (trade name) is sold for a turquoise synthetic matrix.

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buy turquoise blue stone | Specially for jewelry making

Buy Turquoise Blue stone is the most popular type of turquoise. With the beautiful days approaching, our desires for color stand out. Exit the gray and the black, the dressings are more colorful and the jewels follow the trend.

The Turquoise stone, with its shades of blue lagoon, is one of the favorite turquoise blue stone of the beautiful season.In rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants.The turquoise still has the same effect.
In addition to a stone with an undeniable aesthetic, Turquoise also has a history and therapeutic virtues.

Buy turquoise blue stone

Blue Turquoise

Turquoise has its history

The first knowledge about Turquoise goes back to Egypt, 6000 years before Christ.
he Turquoise, originally called “Firuze” or “Ferozah”, which means “Victorious” was very used by the Persians in the manufacture of their jewelry.
She was brought back from Iran by the Turks and then in Europe during the campaigns of the Crusades. It was called then “Turkish Stone” hence the final name of “Turquoise”.
Because of its rarity, the blue stone has always been considered as the symbol of wealth and prestige. Later, from the 16th century, turquoise was used as currency by Indians, Aztecs and Spaniards.

Buy turquoise blue stone

Blue Turquoise

Buy turquoise blue stone in different types

Turquoise is a unique and always different stone.
Varied from blue (the most exceptional stones) to green, this stone never looks like its neighbor. This difference in color is explained by the amount of copper it contains (the more the stone contains copper, the more it will be blue and vice versa).
Its grooves are also variable from one stone to another. They reflect the presence of other metals embedded in the stone.
The turquoises of Tibet will be greener, those from the United States more blue.
A Turquoise can change color if it is brought to too much heat. It can also fade in the sun.

Buy turquoise blue stone

Blue Turquoise

The virtues of Turquoise

Like many semi-precious stones, Turquoise has energetic and therapeutic virtues if you wear it on you.

On the physical plane

It is above all a stone of purification and detoxification. And it helps regulate the nervous system and purifies body fluids. It is even said that applied to a wound, it fights against viruses and infections. It helps to cure poisoning.
Turquoise protects against negative and electromagnetic waves.
Also, this stone protects the respiratory system, for example it is useful to wear it against hay fever.
Finally Turquoise is known to be the stone of travelers: it protects you on the move. It is good to have a turquoise stone in his car for example.

Be aware that Turquoise can tarnish after a long time if you wear it. It will mean that she has given you all her virtues. It will be good not to wear it and change it with a new one.


buy persian turquoise cabochons | best quality

There is no need to impose a long journey on the buy persian turquoise cabochons. Suffice it to accompany us with this article to learn the secret of the persian turquoise cabochons.

The use of therapeutic properties has a long history. The stones were used to treat headaches, eye problems, fever and insect bites. For example, the turquoise was put in powder form and was fed to a patient suffering from abdominal pain. Turquoise also has supernatural properties, which is said to be effective because it is a harmonic rock, so it can be used to calm down the nervous patients. And distracting the patient from the patients and expanding friendships.

buy persian turquoise cabochons

Familiarity with the buy persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise Cabochon is a Persian stone with no angle and dome shape. Jewelers use this rock to make jewelry more. persian turquoise cabochons has the ability to be in any shape and shape. The sale of Turquoise Cabochon in the best quality enables us to represent the world’s leading Persian turquoise.

This stone is a stone of peace and tranquility. Enhances immunity against evil and enhances the power of love and friendship and honesty and wisdom. Therefore, pilots and crew of the aircraft use turquoise.

buy persian turquoise cabochons


Stages of turning Persian raw turquoise into cabochons

  •  Rough stone cutting. In fact, the value and quality of Persian turquoise is due to the use of tanneries and fan-cutters, the choice of the right place on the raw rock for cutting, the thickness of cutting and the use of rock matrices for its greater beauty.
  •  Turquoise stone. As you know, Iran has a long history in the grinding industry, especially in bulk. Therefore, the sensitivity and skill of the Persian stone is very famous, which is itself a brand for turquoise stone.
  • Polished turquoise. This step may be called the most important phrases because it completes the work. Our experts, with the utmost sensitivity and patience, bring out the luster of the turquoise embroidered with so much skill that this semi-precious stone has been able to compete with gems such as diamonds.
  • Polished turquoise. This step may be called the most important phrases. Because it completes the work. Our experts, with the utmost sensitivity and patience, bring out the luster of the turquoise embroidered with so much skill. That this semi-precious stone has been able to compete with gems such as diamonds.

buy Persian Turquoise Cabochon

Persian Turquoise Cabochon shapes

  • Chopping cabochons or chopsticks. In addition, the cabochon itself includes shaving, linear cutting, highlighting, and so on.
  •  Angle milling

Along with all of this, it should be noted that what you are looking for can be found on our website with the Persian Turquoise cabochon, or by contacting our company with the ability to find the best quality and high quality but at a great price. Convenient and economical.

Buy real Neyshabur turquoise stone + send to world wide

Buy real Neyshabur turquoise stone and send them around the world can be a lucrative and valuable business. The market for gems and semi-precious stones is flourishing in different countries. Countries that have jewellery or other handicrafts with precious stones will always be permanent and stable customers of this type of jewellery.
In other words, the gem market will not suffer from any economic fluctuations. So, buying a genuine Turquoise Neyshabur stone and sending it around the world, you will have a very attractive and lucrative business.
Undoubtedly, perhaps you’re wondering why Turquoise Neyshabur ?!
In the beginning, let’s briefly state some of the important features that make the turquoise Neyshabur special and worthwhile.

buy real Neyshabur turquoise

Why trade with the Buy real Neyshabur turquoise

  •  Turquoise Neishabur has a better shape than other types of turquoise due to its high hardness. Therefore, various turquoise jewellery can be made to be of interest to jewellers and turquoises.
  •  Turquoise Neyshabur has a very beautiful colour. From the heavenly blue, which is the best of its kind, it starts to slowly enter the green spectrum.
  •  The matrix on the Neyshabur Frost has a beautiful spider web design that does not reduce its value and is very popular in Europe.
  •  Neyshabour rock has a lot of plasticizers. Which brings great beauty to jewellery and craftsmanship.

Buy real Neyshabur turquoise

Neyshabur Turquoise stone trading

  • Trading or buying and selling in the real Neishabur Firozve stone, although it seems to be a great deal its success is certain. The hard part of this business is the realization of finding the suppliers of real stone. Because there is a lot of cheating in the turquoise market.

To this end, we can help you to buy real Neyshabur turquoise rock. Just contact us through the links provided on the site.
Turquoise rock is a rock that has an effect on the human soul. So you should deal with it with all the sensitivity. There are many factors that will destroy the energy in the rock. And if the turquoise evaporates, it will not only lose its colour, it will lose its value as well.

Buy real Neyshabur turquoise

Terms of care for Turquoise Stone

  •  Storage in a suitable environment, away from heat and heat
  •  Non-exposure to sunlight
  •  Non-exposure to air and oxygen
  •  Attention in the absence of dust on it
  •  No contact with ingredients or cosmetics

It is worth mentioning that to buy real Neyshabur turquoise gemstones, be sure to refer to the right people.


Where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur?

Where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur?This is the first question that can come first to you. But really, where should turquoise Neyshabur rock buy?
In fact, finding the turquoise original of Neishabur, while there is a variety of fake on the market, is not so easy. And in fact, when buying it, you have to specialize in purchasing or buying a trusted the place.

Of course, to know about turquoise, you need to know a lot about the types of stones, types of mines, types of degrees of quality, and even types of matrices and their sources. Undoubtedly, getting this information is very time-consuming.
But by working with a reputable company, you will be able to download all of this information. And you will easily find what is good for you.

Where to buy turquoise stone

Brief information about the turquoise Mine of Neyshabur

  •  The history of turquoise mines in Iran is about a thousand years ago. Which dates back to the Neyshabur Turquoise Stone.
  •  They know the turquoise in the world in the name of Iran, and in the jewellery exhibitions, this stone is considered as the symbol of our country.
  •  Persian turquoise Neyshabur is the best and most expensive type

Turquoise has been used in Iran for centuries to decorate many places like mosques. This Iranian architectural style was also considered by the Taj Mahal makers. So you can see Iranian turquoise in Taj Mahal Architecture.
In fact, according to the Persians and Orientals, this stone is a symbol of God’s paradise on earth.

where to buy turquoise stone

How and where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur?

If you do not have a lot of information about turquoise rock, it’s best to go Where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur that is safe and conscious people to buy this stone. Companies that are active in turquoise, especially turquoise Neyshabur, are the best choice to buy Neyshabur rock.


Turquoise is a rock that forms on the rocky cliffs of rich in mineral content. The presence of some minerals in the structure of this stone gives it a special value. From where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur, the following factors affect the value of turquoise and ultimately the cost of any kind that includes this gem.

where to buy turquoise stone

What factors affect the value of turquoise stone?

Turquoise is a rock that forms on the rocky cliffs of rich in mineral content. The presence of some minerals in the structure of this stone gives it a certain value. From wherever you buy turquoise, the following factors affect the value of turquoise and ultimately the cost of any kind that includes this gem.

  •  Color
  •  Degree
  •  Preparation Treatments
  •  degree of hardness
  •  Pricing