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These days, the use of selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise such as opal and Turquoise has been retaken in making jewellery. And has been abundant in making women’s rings, women’s necklaces, bracelets and men’s watches. Firoozeh (Turquoise) is one of the precious gems known in ancient times in Iran. Turquoise is the dream of all the kings of the kingdom of nations since the time of Cyrus and Darius the Great.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise stone and properties

In Italy, Blue and selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise. Which is known as the Blue Gem, is used as the most expensive jewellery. The use of turquoise stone in the making of gold and jewellery has prevalent since 5,500 BC. Turquoise jewellery is of special interest. And this charm may be due to their different blue shades or patterns and patterns in turquoise jewellery. Or because of an undisclosed attraction in them.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise stone and properties

The use of turquoise stone in the making of gold and jewellery has prevalent since 5,500 BC. Turquoise jewellery is of special interest, and this charm may be due to their different blue shades or patterns. And also patterns in turquoise jewellery. Or because of an undisclosed attraction in them.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

The cause of the blue and green in turquoise

Turquoise is an aluminium phosphate with a hardness of about 6. It is, however, considerably softer than quartz. It is naturally found in a wide range of colours, from heavenly blue to greyish blue. The turquoise blue has the best quality and is very rare. Some of the turquoise stones have certain veins. Turquoise well-formed, with fewer pores, are usually more durable and have a higher sparkle.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

High-quality Semi-Precious persian Turquoise profile

High-quality turquoise has blue, garlic, and high hardness. Increasing the colour of the green, the redness of colour. And the presence of impurities are factors that reduce the quality of turquoise.

Turquoise health benefits

In addition to relaxing, the magnetic forces in the turquoise also cause the internal forces of the individuals to awaken. These forces, with their awake powers, reinforce some of the inner forces of the individual. Turquoise is a rock capable and supportive. He also supports the person while travelling. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have turquoise jewellery on a trip.
Turquoise stone helps complications of liver and gland malformations. It strengthens the eyes and acts against eye diseases and improves blood circulation. Throat pain, lung inflammation and respiratory disease. It is useful in depression and strengthens the heart.

How to make turquoise

Turquoise is found most often in copper deposits in relatively poorly watered environments. Turquoise occurs in places where the amount of copper in the area is high. And sometimes due to the effect of surface solutions of bony fossils of animals.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise worth in different cultures

Various forms of turquoise include fine fins, turquoise, cramp, porous, Claire, cluster, dendrites and sometimes shells. And scattered grains inside the mother rock, often crystalline. The amount of turquoise crystals in nature is very low, due to the plenty of colours and interesting colours. However, in many cultures, turquoise jewellery is mostly used for their beauty. But in some cultures, there are also beliefs about turquoise jewellery that they believe turquoise jewellery. They have a variety of magic properties. That Jewelers can uses it to prevent diseases or treat some diseases.


Persian Loose Turquoise for sale

Persian Loose Turquoise

From the point of view of the sellers and connoisseurs of this field who are dealing with the sale. And sale of turquoise beads, it is the best-known red roses made of grainy blue beans.
One of the products that is made with turquoise and is considered by the Muslims as a special item is a pearl made with turquoise Iranian beads. According to the spiritual properties of this turquoise. Many customers who believe in these properties are highly encouraged to use the glittering turquoise Neyshabur during their chants.

Persian Loose Turquoise

High-quality turquoise profile

High quality Persian Loose Turquoise, garlic, high hardness. Increasing green color, color rendering and the presence of impurities are factors that reduce the quality of turquoise.

Persian Loose Turquoise

Recognition and Value of Turquoise

Various forms of turquoise include fine fins, turquoise, cramp, porous, clairae, cluster, dendrites and sometimes shells. Turquoise, apparently, is found in the form of crystalline form and is found in the form of streaks and scattered grains inside the mother rock, often crystalline. The amount of turquoise crystals in nature is very low, due to the plenty of colors and interesting colors.
Turquoise also has blue sky, greenish-blue, greenish-yellow, greenish-gray, blue indigo and blue-white to white. The color of the blue sky is the best-quality one, and the greenish-yellow is an unpopular type.

If the amount of copper in the mineral is high, in blue, if it has a high iron content, it is green and in the presence of high levels of aluminum, it will diminish in value, that is, the blue is the most valuable type of turquoise.

Persian Loose Turquoise

Spiderweb turquoise stone

What is common in most turquoise is the presence of streaks or black or brown veins of prominent color that is related to the rock that forms turquoise. These veins sometimes form in regular and irregular designs, in which case they refer to that spider web. And also in the term of the Iranian market, it is called Turquoise Shajari. If this is a neat and beautiful plan, it will increase the value of the turquoise, and if it is irregular. It will diminish the value of turquoise in the form of a spot and spot.

Persian Loose Turquoise

Dimensions and size of beads

The dimensions and sizes of turquoise beads are one of the most influential factors on the side. Which together make up the beauty of beauties. And also as these beads are larger, the weight of the bead is higher and provided that a certain feature Like the turquoise color. The larger the size and the size of the seeds, the roasting price is as high as the bullish trend.

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buy natural Persian turquoise cabochons | provider turquoise stone

Natural Persian turquoise cabochons is an ornamental stone known since farther than Antiquity. The Persians used turquoise in the craft of beautiful ethnic jewellery. As did the Amerindians and Aztecs who made amulets, necklaces or pendants.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Types of existing natural Persian turquoise cabochons

The turquoise “imitation”. They are fake turquoises so without turquoise like. The Howlite or agate tinted turquoise that has nothing to do with turquoise. Also include plastics, porcelain or other tinted lenses.

Turquoise reconstituted. These are normally fragments and turquoise powder re-agglomerated in a neutral synthetic resin to form a stable and resistant stone.

Turquoise oiled. It’s a real natural turquoise that has been impregnated with a paraffin bath to increase its hardness. And also reduce the natural porosity of the turquoise.

Stabilized turquoise. It is a real natural turquoise with impregnation of a colourless resin to increase the hardness of the gem without modifying neither the structure nor the colour.

Finally natural turquoise: very rare because porous and fragile. Turquoise is a porous stone so difficult to work in jewellery.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise: stone of protection and prosperity

Although known and yet so discreet about its origins and its virtues. The natural turquoise stone has bewitched us for thousands of years. It does not have the brilliance of precious stones. But its opaque aspect of a deep blue is sublime. We often wear it on us in jewels. Because we love its beauty but also its fascinating legendary history and its many healing properties.


If you are thirsty for discovery, read this article, take you to the discovery of turquoise. Its origins, its history and its beneficial effects on our body and our health.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Natural Persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise is a gem of a characteristic blue shade and often traversed by matrix (black veins). Turquoise was rammed from Persia by the Turks who sold them to the Europeans. Westerners loved this gem of a unique and pure blue, and mistakenly called “turquoise” that is to say “turkey stone”. Persia (present-day Iran) still produces the most beautiful turquoises, thanks to its deposits in the Nishapur region. The Iranian turquoises are absolutely immaculate, without any matrix.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise, the blue queen of jewels

If the natural Persian turquoise cabochons stone is now very popular with artisans and goldsmiths, note that this was already the case there are thousands of years. Very pretty inlays of turquoises were used to decorate mortuary masks, ornaments or objects of worship. Turquoise was the symbol of power, prestige and protection.


In the 21st century, we remain very fond of this virtuous and beautiful stone. We wear it in round form beads or cabochons, necklace, pendant, bracelet or ring. It goes particularly well with silver frames. Let’s take advantage of this beauty of nature to adorn itself with this stone with a deep and unique blue colour!

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Natural Neyshabur turquoise stone seller in Iran

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, knowing for sure that the stones you acquire are Natural Neyshabur turquoise stone can seem very complicated. In the case of turquoises, there is an infallible trick that will get you out of any doubt: Alcohol.
The greenish blue of turquoise stone has always accompanied the great pieces of jewelry in history.
Its name comes from the French pierre turquoise, which means Turkish stone.
The reason is that it was in this country where this mineral was most traded, although Turkey lacks turquoise deposits, Iran does, which on its route to Europe traded them in the Turkish country.

Natural Neyshabur turquoise stone


How to know if turquoise is natural

The imitators or forgers of stones, gems and minerals choose to dye them to make them look real. If you pass alcohol over the turquoise and you notice how it fades, it is because it is a fake. The authentic turquoises do not change color if you submit them to alcohol or acetone.
Difference between turquoise and howlite
One of the most common imitations when selling a fake turquoise is to give a howlite.

And what is a howlite?

Well, it is the resulting stone when dyeing a mineral called howlite, which is white and has the same black traces as turquoise, so it is easy to confuse it. The process consists in dyeing it blue and exposing these black lines, so similar to those of the African or Canadian turquoise.

Natural Neyshabur turquoise stone

Types of natural Neyshabur turquoise stone

There are different types of turquoise stone, differentiating whether it is natural, stabilized or treated. In fact, it may also be that in addition to being treated, turquoises have been made from dust or small pieces of compacted turquoise. At yektagem we work with the best turquoises in the world and you can find them both in our physical store and on our website, in the Orisha collection.

Natural Neyshabur turquoise stone

Natural turquoise

Natural Neyshabur turquoise stone is the most valuable and is used to create pieces of jewelry. Although turquoise can come from different places like Germany, Poland, Iran or Egypt, the best ones come from China, Canada and Africa.
At yektagem we opted for the quality of the product so we only work with turquoise stones from these last three destinations.

If you want to differentiate them, we tell you a little trick: the Neyshabur turquoise is the most bluish, the Canadian has some black lines and the African turquoise is the greenest, plus it also has these black traces.


100% natural Persian turquoise beads for sale

100% natural Persian turquoise beads commonly use to make different beaded ornaments. Turquoise beads sale by the gram. One of the products also make with turquoise Neyshabur, which Muslims have a special place for it, is a turquoise rosary that make with turquoise beans from Neyshabur.

The turquoise embellishment can find in stores that sell jewellery and Turquoise Neyshabur rocks, too. According to the spiritual properties of this turquoise Neyshabur, many customers who believe in these properties. and many people like to use the glittering turquoise Neyshabur during their bells.

natural Persian turquoise beads

Send natural Persian turquoise beads to other locations

Also the turquoise beads often applicant by Muslims to build the Rosary. So obviously Muslim countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and so on, which is a large part of their Muslim population, including markets Suitable for supplying various types of Neyshabur turquoise embellishments.

natural Persian turquoise beads

Natural Persian turquoise seeds price

Also turquoise stone in jewelry ring, turtleneck and earrings are very much. If you want to get accurate information of the major selling price of Turquoise Neyshabur, you must:

  • Check out the turquoise pricing.
  •  After checking, according to the parameters affecting the price of turquoise, the exact price of the same bar is determined.

The most commonly used Neyshabur turquoise

  •  Making all sorts of jewels. The most common use of turquoise brand Neyshabur is the jewellery design. The most expensive turquoise gems also cut in different shapes. And so after making the cutting stages, they are made with beautiful jewels. These jewelled turquoise divide into two categories. Turquoise Neyshabur Shajari and Turquoise Ajami. And so the price of some of this jewelry in the Turquoise Neyshabur market is sometimes up to 50 million tomans.
  • Constructed panels and turquoise dishes. Turquoise Neyshabur stone has a variety of types, some of which is very small and used to make panels and decoration of dishes (turquoise), called turquoise dirt. With this kind of turquoise, copper plates and dishes are often made very beautiful and sometimes used in jewellery making. Sometimes they cost millions for the beauty of the effect and the quality of turquoise.
  • Turquoise embellishments: One also of the most commonly used uses of this stone is the construction of turquoise beads. Usually, turquoise gems also use in making a rosary, but in first restored and their colour is strengthened.

The largest turquoise shop in Iran | Natural Persian turquoise

If you are looking to get information about the largest turquoise shop in Iran, just follow this text up. Natural Persian turquoise is one of the most expensive and precious stones in the market for mineral stones.
If you are looking to get information about the largest turquoise shop in Iran, just follow this text up. Natural Persian turquoise also is one of the most expensive and precious stones in the market for mineral stones.

If you are looking for natural turquoise rock or have heard it or have turquoise jewelry and jewelry, then you are undoubtedly aware that this particular jewel of fashion and beauty and jewelry is very popular. Turquoise is a stone that can easily be claimed to attract the eye of any viewer and to prompt his admirers. The turquoise gem is most commonly found in the world of jewelery, but it is still well known in the world of fashion and art. In this article, we are going to examine some of the features and tips for this particular stone.

turquoise shop

Ascending trend of Turquoise Request from Turquoise Shop

The use of natural turquoise is in the fashionable world, and it attracts many fans day after day, and this is not just in the world of jewelry, and we can say turquoise stone is also very popular in the world of art and architecture, but in no way The beauty and brilliance of this jewel in the world of jewelry can not be ignored.

turquoise shop

The turquoise stone is compatible with any color

One of the properties of turquoise jewelery and rhinestones is set in harmony with other colors like golden and silver. You also can easily decorate turquoise jewelry with jewelry and gold and silver rhinestones, and do not worry about the beauty and beauty of your jewelry. Turquoise stone jewelry can create a beautiful, eye-catching mix with most of the clothes and colors.

 turquoise shop

Ways to increase turquoise life

Turquoise is a stone that we pay a lot to buy, so we have to be diligent in keeping it. It is good to keep the turquoise in accordance with its specific rules and to gain full awareness of this. Turquoise remains good under certain conditions and should be away from a series of factors that we will discuss in the following:

  •  Do not rinse with detergent
  •  No contact with greasy skin and cosmetics
  •  Avoiding heat and heat
  •  Cleaning turquoise as often as possible

You can contact us through the following links to purchase natural turquoise gemstone. The company is always ready to serve and work with you with an experienced and expert team.


Natural Persian turquoise for sale | wholesale turquoise

One of the most beautiful and brightest rocks that has been found today among promising jewelery is the natural Persian turquoise. If you are looking for wholesale turquoise price, just finish the text with us.
Precious stones and jewels have a varied and beautiful world. And this variety makes it difficult to distinguish between these rocks and how to use them. Even the kings and aristocrats sometimes struggled with these problems to the point that some people were struggling to prove their accuracy and honesty in identifying a stone. Turquoise is one of the most expensive stones that jewelry researchers. And even sometimes collectors have always faced with many problems to recognize.

natural persian turquoise

Natural Persian turquoise Properties

This stone alone also is a manifestation of purity and is effective in relieving pain in the head, bone and muscles. And acts as a booster engine for better circulation and absorption of food and respiratory tract. Also this handmade jewelry with modern and contemporary designs that are in keeping with the taste of young women and combining silver, gold.

Although the degree of toughness of turquoise is 6. And it has a three-slope crystalline structure. One of the earliest gems is extracted and always priced, due to its specific color. Which includes a range of celestial blue to green depending on the amount of iron and copper in the background. Mainly in the form of a hidden crystalline mass, massive and most of the crust in the form of veins or nodes and in a matte or semi-transparent state. A light and crispy stone with a shed. Some of its types are porous, discoloured and cracked.

Natural Persian turquoise

Turquoise stone meta Properties

Turquoise is a power stone, as a meditation tool, to help clear your mind and embrace everything in the universe. Native Americans believed that this rock protects the rider and generally protects from the evil eyes. They called it “the rock of heaven,” or “the rock of paradise”. And they believed that this spiritual stone was made between material and immaterial worlds and gave it a powerful psychic power to its holder. The day is a symbol of generosity, purity and affection. It keeps friendship and over time transforms the enemy into a friend.

natural persian turquoise

how is Persian turquoise cabochons stone?

  • The turquoise stone that cut with a highly polished.
  • Turquoise carbons are cut with a highly polished, rounded or convex top and also there is no shape and a flat or slightly domed base on it.
  • generally oval is as yet the most common.



Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise stone

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise stone, although it has been underway for many years. But it cannot be denied that it has also fallen victim to black market fraud. Persian natural turquoise has been a jeweller for many years in jewels for many years.
To Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise, you need to know the Iranian turquoise and understand its spirit, but if you do not have the information and familiarity with Iranian turquoise, it is better to cooperate with professional consultants and suppliers.
In fact, each stone has an anecdote that tells its path with it, and to understand the real stone of fakes, you should be able to read the story of this beautiful stone from within it.
Our group, consisting of a professional team in lithology and turquoise detection, has been active in to buy and sell natural Persian stone for many years.

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

Pricing Considerations to Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

  •  Uniformity and colour saturation (the most important consideration in terms of valuation)
  •  Stones density
  •  Plexusability without the need to use consolidation methods
  • Beauty and mattress on the stone

Persian turquoise, which has a wide colour spectrum, each of which has its own origin.

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

Persian colour turquoise

  • The origin of colours can range from brown to black or even golden to yellow.
  • The appearance of black colour can be derived from iron sulfide. While the brown colour comes from iron oxide.
  •  In addition, the attractive and blue colour of this beautiful gem is due to the presence of copper. And the greater the
    amount of copper inside the mine, the turquoise colour is close
    to the sky blue.
  • If you replace iron in the aluminium mine, the turquoise will
    be green, which, if there is some zinc, will result in a bright
    turquoise from the combination of green and yellow. Which
    is very rare.
  •  It’s interesting to know that if the lime is high in turquoise,
    the turquoise colour will tend to be white and it will actually
    become pale.

As a gemstone, turquoise has its own limitations.
What is important in the market to Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise stone is the ethics of professionalism and honesty. Because turquoise is easily cheated for the reason of having different types of grades and qualities. And for this reason, in order to trade in turquoise, you have to work with a professional and reputable team that can provide you with the necessary information.

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

Persia turquoise storage conditions

  •  This stone is relatively fragile and sensitive to heat and chemical damage. And when the stone’s colour goes green, it means that the moisture of the rock is lost because of the warmth of the sun. And its colour turns green into the matte.
  • This jewel is very sensitive to contamination. And heavily reacting to fats and cosmetics.
  • The turquoise stone is vulnerable to scratch and impact.