Turquoise stone neyshabur sales center in the world

Turquoise stone neyshabur

The best turquoise jeweled in the world of minerals is 53km northwest of Neyshabur city, many stores are interested in buying various types of jeweled items.

Turquoise stone neyshabur

Turquoise stone neyshabur sales center in the world.

  • Name gemstone: turquoise stone Neyshabur
  • Weight: 537 grams
  • Cut types: rectangle – oval – Square – circle – Cabochon
  • Very beautiful and attractive
  • Reasonable prices

Neyshabur Turquoise Specialist Trading Center

Neyshabur Turquoise Center

Shopping Neyshabur Turquoise is one of the things you need to visit Neyshabur Turquoise Specialty Shopping Centers to succeed and get these Turquoise Centers.
You may imagine that Neyshabur’s turquoise color is only blue or turquoise and has no other color scheme but there are jewels of other colors, which after asking the question of the type you are asking, will answer your question to say that is Neyshabur Turquoise’s jewel.
In this paper we intend to mention the topic of the popular Neyshabour Turquoise’s jewel color spectrum.

Neyshabur Turquoise’s jewel color range
Turquoise rock is a kind of mineral that forms in the form of the combination of some elements in a particular condition after several thousand years.
Among the main elements that should be present in the process of forming turquoise stone in the desired conditions, is the copper and iron element.
It’s interesting to know that any amount of copper in this mineral is more than the turquoise color is tilted towards the blue and the turquoise that you see in green is due to the presence of a high iron element.
So the turquoise Neyshabur color spectrum is between two colors: blue and green.
Of course turquoise is also white in color, and these types of turquoise need more than a few thousand years to form it to become color.
This type of turquoise is called “cheghale” and it is colored by these kinds of turquoise through some techniques and chemicals and according to marketers it is revived that these jewelry types are also of great beauty and they are usually cut and made. Tasbih beans are used and have their own customers.
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