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These days, the use of selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise such as opal and Turquoise has been retaken in making jewellery. And has been abundant in making women’s rings, women’s necklaces, bracelets and men’s watches. Firoozeh (Turquoise) is one of the precious gems known in ancient times in Iran. Turquoise is the dream of all the kings of the kingdom of nations since the time of Cyrus and Darius the Great.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise stone and properties

In Italy, Blue and selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise. Which is known as the Blue Gem, is used as the most expensive jewellery. The use of turquoise stone in the making of gold and jewellery has prevalent since 5,500 BC. Turquoise jewellery is of special interest. And this charm may be due to their different blue shades or patterns and patterns in turquoise jewellery. Or because of an undisclosed attraction in them.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise stone and properties

The use of turquoise stone in the making of gold and jewellery has prevalent since 5,500 BC. Turquoise jewellery is of special interest, and this charm may be due to their different blue shades or patterns. And also patterns in turquoise jewellery. Or because of an undisclosed attraction in them.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

The cause of the blue and green in turquoise

Turquoise is an aluminium phosphate with a hardness of about 6. It is, however, considerably softer than quartz. It is naturally found in a wide range of colours, from heavenly blue to greyish blue. The turquoise blue has the best quality and is very rare. Some of the turquoise stones have certain veins. Turquoise well-formed, with fewer pores, are usually more durable and have a higher sparkle.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

High-quality Semi-Precious persian Turquoise profile

High-quality turquoise has blue, garlic, and high hardness. Increasing the colour of the green, the redness of colour. And the presence of impurities are factors that reduce the quality of turquoise.

Turquoise health benefits

In addition to relaxing, the magnetic forces in the turquoise also cause the internal forces of the individuals to awaken. These forces, with their awake powers, reinforce some of the inner forces of the individual. Turquoise is a rock capable and supportive. He also supports the person while travelling. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have turquoise jewellery on a trip.
Turquoise stone helps complications of liver and gland malformations. It strengthens the eyes and acts against eye diseases and improves blood circulation. Throat pain, lung inflammation and respiratory disease. It is useful in depression and strengthens the heart.

How to make turquoise

Turquoise is found most often in copper deposits in relatively poorly watered environments. Turquoise occurs in places where the amount of copper in the area is high. And sometimes due to the effect of surface solutions of bony fossils of animals.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise worth in different cultures

Various forms of turquoise include fine fins, turquoise, cramp, porous, Claire, cluster, dendrites and sometimes shells. And scattered grains inside the mother rock, often crystalline. The amount of turquoise crystals in nature is very low, due to the plenty of colours and interesting colours. However, in many cultures, turquoise jewellery is mostly used for their beauty. But in some cultures, there are also beliefs about turquoise jewellery that they believe turquoise jewellery. They have a variety of magic properties. That Jewelers can uses it to prevent diseases or treat some diseases.


spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads for sell

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads is one of the most popular turquoise types in the world, especially for the Arabs. As billions are paid for it.
Offers protection to those who use it; called ‘sponge of negativity as it absorbs both physical and psychological negativity. As tradition protects the “evil eye” and curses. For this reason a thorough and frequent purification of the “stone” is recommended. When wearing a Turquoise, it is good to be positive. Because it can cause stagnation of negative thoughts within the aura.

It protects the aura, aligns all the chakras creating a free channel to provide nourishment and creative energy. Excellent in moments of exhaustion, depression and exhaustion, from strength.

It is very sensitive to changes in temperature. And also humidity damaging itself in contact with sweat, detergents, petrolatum and in sunlight. Gentle stone, fresh and soothing to other copper content. It harmonizes the 5th chakra, can wear at chest, throat, solar plexus or little finger.

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

Daily care and maintenance

Very fragile, sensitive to household products, greases, detergents, cosmetics, heat, dehydration. The porous turquoises of low hardness are the most fragile. It is also one of the reasons why the Iranian turquoise is among the most sought after. The gemologist must refrain from measuring the refractive index due to the optical liquid.

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

Historical and cultural lithotherapy

Since prehistoric times, it would have to protect warriors and hunters, making them invincible, being the emblem of courage, hope, self-confidence, elevating the spirit to heaven and regulating bodily fluids. Its sweet and intense color, which combines the blue of the sky and the green of the earth, would link our inspiration and our ideals to the primordial force of the planet, offering wisdom.

It also would help us to express our ideas and strengthen the scope of our words. He also would be able to improve stuttering.

In Persia, it was carried to protect oneself from misery and to obtain the friendship of others. It would have a regenerating action for the whole body, it would remove the nightmares, protect the sailors from the shipwrecks from poisoners and murderers.

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

Imitations and treatment of spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

The porous stones impregnate with plastic material to consolidate and strengthen their color. The Egyptians already imitated this stone with terracotta covered with porcelain enamel. It revives its color with oil or paraffin, Prussian blue, aniline blue …

The most common imitations are magnesite, howlite, chalcedony and limestone powders, turquoise, various phosphates, colored. Of glassware, porcelain … they can imitate it. The neolite (trade name) sale as a synthetic turquoise matrix.


neyshabur turquoise for sale in Surabaya + pictures

Neyshabur turquoise handmade 100% silver and 100% high-quality turquoise jewelry from Iran. totally artisan, with turquoise stone from the turquoise mine of Neyshabur, in northeastern Iran.

High quality and best price and directly from your craftsman’s workshop. There are different measures and prices for men and women. Man’s ring with turquoise from Iran – Woman’s ring with turquoise from Iran 100% Handcrafted silver. There are also handmade silver hoops for you to raise a turquoise ball or a natural pearl for you to assemble it Now there’s an offer, ask for the offer price.

This loose beads is handmade in Jaipur (Pink City of India), please contact us for Bulk order inquiry.
Micro Faceted Rondells are created in Gem Mart EU Inc.’s facilities. Loose mined natural natural gems in the wholesale photo quantity of many are supplied with all photo documentation. Please contact us for order Bulk inquiries.

neyshabur turquoise

Neyshabur Turquoise Black Stone

You’ve probably heard this term from the people who know the turquoise Neyshabur and you are asked what kind of turquoise Neyshabur is called black stone.Black turquoise is a Turquoise Neyshabur whose has black colour, and usually these turquoise jeweled have a higher price than their other types (provided that the rest of the turquoise properties are fixed). Because the experience It has proven that amongst turquoise, black stone turquoise is more durable and more durable if it is placed in an unfavorable condition that causes it to disappear.

neyshabur turquoise

Neyshabur turquoise for sale

Also the sales unit of Neyshabur’s turquoise as bulk is gram. Which means that when buying and selling turquoise, they will be priced per g of this jeweler. And after pricing on the wareroom. You dear customer, for example, will say that this The wareroom is 5 kg and the main price is 3 thousand tomans. Which also means that the price per kilo of the storehouse is 3 million USD.

Some suppliers of Turquoise Neyshabur stone have a lot of big stores. And they are mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of turquoise Neyshabur. And you are the customer of the kind wishing to purchase turquoise Neyshabur. Please give us the exact information about your desired turquoise wareroom. Such as: weight, type, quality and price and Please inform the supplier about what you are considering. So as not to waste time and the seller will bring the turquoise that you want. And in the end, you dear customer for your purpose, You are welcome.


where to buy Persian green turquoise? | neyshabur turquoise with pyrite

The healing powers of Persian green turquoise are still a controversial subject. But they are mentioned for centuries by healers, shamans and medical men. If it is a fact or a placebo effect, it does not matter, if it helps. The safest way is to avoid turquoise skin contact.

It is said that turquoise is helpful for heart disease, sciatica, toenail problems and blisters.
The modern name of “Turquoise” is somewhat misleading. When it was brought to France by a Venetian merchant. This stone was called “pierre turquoise”, that is to say “Turkish stone”. Although its origin was Persian. This name was not the only one. In Persia it was called “ferozah”, which means “victorious”. Until the thirteenth century, it was known as “callais”, which means “beautiful gem”. A name that probably derives from the ancient Greek “kallainos”, as well as “callaina” (Latin). Some experts in mineralogy believe that this name refers to the Turquoise of our days, which is not proven efficiently.

Persian green turquoise

Persian green turquoise

The bright blue sky color has made turquoise a classic gemstone, especially when set in silver. Turquoise stones cut in cabochon are used for all kinds of jewelery: brooches, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Due to its relative softness, 5-6 (Mohs scale), it can be carved in ornamental objects but requires some care. Light, perspiration, oil, cosmetics and household chemicals can affect the color of turquoise.

Persian green turquoise

Turquoise Persian green Properties

Turquoise is a very effective healing stone. That offers well-being to the body and spirit. It is a protective stone that has been used as an amulet since ancient times. It fosters spiritual harmony and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds.
Put on the third eye power intuition and, on the throat farm, releases inhibitions and prohibitions.
Psychologically it is a stone that strengthens and mentally infuses inner calm while keeping you alert. On an emotional level, it stabilizes the alterations of the mood contributing internal calmness.

Persian green turquoise

Purchase Persian green turquoise

Turquoise is an affordable stone for its carat weight. It is quite mild, 5-6 on the Mohs scale. And requires some care. A turquoise ring should always be removed before washing your hands.


An impeccable blue sky is the most desired color of turquoise, but rarely found. Turquoise green apple is rare.


Turquoise goes from transparent to opaque with a waxy shine. These specimens are rare and expensive.


Original Neyshabur turquoise stone price

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone is very consumer and economic, unlike the previous value of this spiritual stone. But be sure to find and purchase the original Neyshabur Turquoise in The market with thousand colors turquoise variety.
original Neyshabur turquoise stone is one of the best and most expensive types of the gemstone. Turquoise stone has been used as an ornamental stone for thousands of years. Perhaps it is trusty to say that the turquoise Neishabur is the world’s first known turquoise, which for many years has featured a ring of golden sultans and many kings.
The value of Turquoise Neishabur is spiritual rather than material.

Although turquoise is also extracted in other countries such as America and Mexico, the color spectrum is not the same as turquoise Neyshabur.
The Neyshabur turquoise color spectrum begins with a light blue without matrix. And through a linear process, it passes through colorless blue borders and enters the greenish Range, too often turns white or light gray.
As you know, Turquoise has some water inside its structure, which If stored in a dry place. It will diminish. The Persians believed that turquoise has died in such circumstances.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Turquoise maintenance methods

  •  Reconstitution phase includes waxing
  •  No rinse with detergent and alcohol
  •  No contact with oily skin and cosmetics
  •  Do not expose to light and dust.
  •  Cleaning the turquoise as often as possible

What that is the characteristic of the original Neyshabur turquoise stone are stacks or matrices that greatly enhance the beauty of this stone.

Indeed, the existence of this kind of matrix on the stone not only does not diminish its value, but it also manifests itself as a double beauty.
In Iran, there are other mines that are also used to make turquoise extraction process. But what is the turquoise Neishabur index? The brilliance and clarity of this type of turquoise are more than other types.
It should be noted that original Neishabur turquoise retains less water than other types.  So this will result in no change in color or death of turquoise.
From the east to the west this earth has always spoken about the benefits and profits of turquoise gemstone for their carrier.
Of course, it should be noted that the originality and mineral content of turquoise is very important in this regard.

And it would not be a blessing if we count a number of world-wide shared beliefs about turquoise.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Advantages of original Neyshabur turquoise stone for human

  •  Involvement of forces
  • Strengthening human chakras
  • Make calm
  • Balance in internal emotions
  • Helping to treat a variety of diseases
  • Treating types of a headache
  • Turquoise strengthens the heart and heats up.
  • Creating the power of love and friendship
  • The manifestation of reason and wisdom

Undoubtedly, it also is difficult for professionals to detect the turquoise principle of Neishabur. So try to ask it from the reputable sellers and suppliers of this type of gem.

Our production collection has the honor to offer the turquoise gemstone inside and outside the country.

And our goal is just to introduce Turquoise Neyshabur again to the world to restore the status and worth of the Persian turquoise.

Of course, we have also responded to your trust. Using the most modern science and technology in the world, we extract the stone of Neishabur and cut it in a variety of shapes. And we have polished them in a special Iranian way that no longer available turquoise can compete in its shine.

Turquoise Neishabur can be put in different shapes and sizes with a variety of different jewelry, due to its various sizes and shapes.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

What you can do with turquoise Neyshabur

  •  Variety of men’s and women’s rings
  •  A complete set of turquoise badges.
  •  Brooch and turquoise brushes.