Bulk wholesale natural Persian turquoise stone

natural Persian turquoise stone

Natural Persian turquoise stone is a group of igneous rocks and is found in volcanic zones. The best type of turquoise is located near the ground. This stone must be completely dry to provide strength.

natural Persian turquoise stone

Types of turquoise and the way of recognizing its authenticity

Turquoise is one of the most popular rocks among the Iranians, which tell you the types of turquoise and its authenticity.

Interesting facts about natural Persian turquoise stone

Turquoise rock is a group of igneous rocks and is found in volcanic areas. The best type of turquoise is located near the ground. This stone must be completely dry to provide strength. The turquoise mines, which are in greater depth, are softened because of the acid produced by groundwater particles and so turquoise rocks are in deeper quality and less valuable.

Turquoise is an expensive rock with a hardness of 5.5 to 6. Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise is a turquoise with a bright blue, dark blue, light green and dark green, the more colorful the turquoise blue, the greater the value of rock.

natural Persian turquoise stone

How many turquoise types are there?

This stone is famous for Firoozeh due to its color in Iran (maybe the name is too old!). Firoozeh has been called in English by Turquoise (Turquoise – Turquoise Stone), which can have two reasons:

  1. In the past, all commercial communications in the field of gemstones between Iran and Europe were made through Turkey. As Turkish merchants bought precious stones from Iranians and exported to Europe. At that time, turquoise mines were still not discovered in Europe and the United States, and the stone was completely new to them, and since it came from Turkey, it was called a Turkish rock, and it still remains on the rock.
  2. Some others refer to the root of this name as a French name for the description of stone. This name in France is Pierre Turquin, meaning “full of blue”, which has changed over time in English accent to Torquay.

natural Persian turquoise stone

What is a turquoise variety?

Natural Persian turquoise stone also can be categorized based on three features.
Based on color: Turquoise color range is very wide. Light blue to green. There are also examples of dark blue. According to this categorization, the darker turquoise blue is dominated by the green color, turquoise is more valuable.

Based on the mines: turquoise is mined in different parts of the world, but the most important mines are turquoise, turquoise, tibetan, turquoise, turquoise, Egyptian. Turquoise of different minerals can each have one of the highest colors, but most commercially the most valuable Turquoise the world is turquoise Neyshabur.

Based on the appearance: some of them have a blue hand and some others have veins. In the third category, which is most common in Arabic countries, turquoise is divided into two types of austerities. Turquoise Ajami is said to be a smooth, turquoise hand-made, with no streaks or fractures on its surface.

natural Persian turquoise stone

Turquoise Ajami

Firoozeh(Turqoise) Ajami is very popular among the Arabs, and the interesting thing is that it is found only in Iran. spiderweb or clean blue is not very different for us, the Iranians and the rest of the world (the price is auspicious. But it is still welcomed from the matrix turquoise), and more for us the color of turquoise is important. The turquoise turquoise market also says Turquoise Spiderweb (Spiderweb!). In special cases, turquoise streaks contain golden pyrite, which makes it more beautiful and more expensive.

natural Persian turquoise stone

Iranian and non-Iranian turquoise

It is easy to detect turquoise from Iran and non-Iranians. American turquoise is low in Iran, and turquoise Tibetan has a brighter color and a smoother surface than Natural Persian turquoise stone. Veins on Iranian turquoise are often thick and dark cracks, but the Tibetan turquoise veins are thin and hairy. In general, Iranian turquoise is tougher. Tibetan turquoise is also extracted as tiny pieces, which makes it possible to use several stones rolled up on a rig. Iranian finest turquoise is used in the art of enamel.

The most important danger that turquoise stone is threatening is scratching it, hot water, chemicals and household detergents, which is due to the hydration of the rock. Keep your turquoise stone in mind for the following:

  •  Avoid contact with turquoise oil, cream, and oil, as it may cause discoloration.
  •  When working with a washcloth, remove the turquoise jewelry ring from your hand and avoid contact with carbonated water.
  • Avoid rubbing turquoise with fat.

Persian Turquoise Stone Price in Jaipur

Ancient and yet always at the height of fashion and this is a reason of the Persian Turquoise Stone Price. Its bright blue sky belongs to the favorite colors of every time in the world of fashion and jewelry.

Turquoise has been considered a sacred stone for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese also said that wearing a turquoise enhances wisdom, trust, kindness and understanding.

Persian Turquoise Stone Price

 Difference between a true turquoise and an imitation

Natural turquoise, an aggregate of aluminum and copper hydro phosphates, formed at high temperatures and pressures, is often soft or porous when extracted from the mine.

The different colors present in the turquoise derive from the presence of copper or iron – the bright blue also comes from copper and the softer tones of green from iron. The turquoise stones may also have marron-colored patterns, veins of ocher yellow and black of the mother rock (matrix), derived from the copper compounds.

True turquoise also has a matte, waxy sheen that may or may not include a matrix, depending on the type of turquoise.

Persian Turquoise Stone Price

The natural gemstones used in almost all the turquoise jewelry have to be stabilized. Because they are usually too soft to be worn as jewelry. The stabilization process of a turquoise stone involves immersion in a stabilizing compound. This results in the absorption by the veins of the stone of the stabilizing compound so that the color of the gem does not change over time.

The mine from which the turquoise was mined. Turquoise mines are found everywhere, and each mine produces stones that have distinctive colors and signs.

Persian Turquoise Stone Price

History of Persian Turquoise Stone price

The turquoise Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty is the name of the mine from which it is extracted) comes from Arizona. It is a solid stone (without matrix) and varies in color from dark blue to sky blue.
Chalky turquoise (Chalk) is mined in China. It is white and porous, so it must be stabilized and colored. The chalky turquoise is colored in various shades of blue and green. Because the mines contain no copper, which is the element that naturally gives the turquoise its distinctive hue. The chalky turquoise has almost always a matrix of veins similar to light cracks, which are the residue of the mineral in which it was formed.

Persian turquoise is mined in Iran. This stone is known for its very bright blue color, similar to the American robin’s egg. Persian turquoise does not have a matrix, and some people call it any turquoise stone without the black or brownish veins commonly found in turquoises mined in the United States. The main thing to look for, except for the absence of a matrix, is a bright and distinct blue color.
The turquoise Bisbee is mined in Bisbee, Arizona. The Bisbee mine produces turquoise stones in many different shades of blue, and the stones have a reddish-brown matrix. This feature is found only on the stones extracted from the Bisbee mine.

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Best Persian turquoise stone for sale + picture

You can see the sale of best Persian turquoise stone in the markets through the stores. Customers can view the images of these rocks through online stores and then they will trade.
Turquoise Stone Neyshabur is a rock bestseller in the markets that should be carefully considere at the time of purchase. The turquoise original customize by their colour. Best Persian turquoise stone has a large market share in the market for gemstones.
Understanding the Best Persian Turquoise Stone
In the Iranian market, when we come to buy turquoise Neishabur, we need to have full information about it. Persian turquoise distinguish by colour and degree of hardness.

 Best Persian turquoise stone

Ways to increase turquoise life

Turquoise is a stone that we pay a lot to buy, so we have to be diligent in keeping it. It is good to hold the turquoise in accordance with its specific rules and to gain full awareness of this. Turquoise remains good under certain conditions and should be away from a series of factors. And we will discuss in the following:

  •  Do not rinse with detergent
  •  No contact with greasy skin and cosmetics
  •  Avoiding heat and heat
  •  Cleaning turquoise as often as possible

best persian turquoise stone

Turquoise Persian sale in the market

Sale of the Best Persian turquoise stone in the field of jewellery making. It is therefore intended to be used in various fields. In addition, to use in jewellery, these rocks are also effective in traditional medicine. So it prescribes for the treatment of certain diseases.

best persian turquoise stone

Effective factors on the price of Best Persian turquoise stone

The price of  the best Persian turquoise stone in the market determined by a series of parameters, the most important of which are:

  •  Turquoise colour: between blue and green, and rising blue-turquoise blue is directly related to the price increase, which means blue turquoise is more expensive than the green type of ringtone.
  •  Turquoise type: Persian turquoise is divided into two types of Ajemi and Shajari, which is usually the type of austerity, the ratio of the type of the shrub has a higher price.
  •  Your purchase volume: Any amount of your purchase is larger, you can buy Turquoise Bargain at a much more affordable price, so the volume of your purchase will affect the price.
  •  Turning type: Turquoise cut in different shapes, the best of which is dumble (dome), and usually turquoise Neyshabur with this type of turning price is higher than other jewelled ones.
  • Inductors and Brokers: Buying from brokers and brokers will make you do not get your turquoise at the right price and, of course, buying from a first-class supplier can help you buy the Turquoise Neyshabur at the right price.

Persian turquoise stone market in Indonesia

Persian turquoise stone market has a small share in the world, it is always accompanied by turquoise. And the criterion for determining the value of turquoise stone in the market is Persian turquoise stone.
Indonesia may be called the largest importer of Iranian turquoise stone. Undoubtedly, on trips to the Balinese islands in Malaysia (which is known as turquoise islands), you can see handmade many handicrafts that have turquoise jewellery in gemstone markets.

Persian turquoise stone market

Factors Affecting the Persian turquoise stone market

Many factors affect the market and determine the value of Iranian turquoise. If you want to explain a few things briefly, we will:

  •  Turquoise stone history
  •  Works and applications of turquoise stone in places and mosques, especially Iranian architecture
  •  Specifications and Turquoise Stone Ingredients
  •  mines extracted
  •  The type and design of the turquoise matrix
  •  Patchiness and degree of hardness
  •  Astronomical or Turquoise Stone Type

The presence of fake turquoise or stones in other countries has not been able to affect the Persian turquoise market in various regions, especially Indonesia.
In other words, it is only the Iranian turquoise that has the ability to determine the Persian turquoise stone market.

As the Persian turquoise as the blue rock in the world determines the value and price of turquoise.
The gemstone market in Indonesia on Saturdays and Thursdays is like a festival that is able to bring Iran’s impressive turquoise.
Bali Islands in Malaysia are always the centre of attention of many tourists who often travel there for rest and relaxation.

The turquoise colour of the coastal waters of the island provides a peaceful, relaxing, deep breath in the soul and soul of the human being. This has also led to the belief in the calming and therapeutic properties of the turquoise rock.

Persian turquoise stone market

Turquoise colour properties in colour therapy

  • The turquoise shows the colour of the world at the beginning of the spring, when the blue and cold winter give way to the Greenery and summer heat, an indescribable calm arises in our existence. Real relaxation and new salinity to start again.

Meanwhile, the turquoise blue gems are gently rolling after the storm. It actually reduces stress and negative emotions within the human body. And the colour of the stone becomes brighter, it brings peace and tranquillity, and in its vegetation brings a spiritual and mystical relaxation.

Persian turquoise stone market

The Impact of Beliefs on Persian turquoise stone market

  •  Turquoise is the symbol of love and stone of truth and truth. And many people believe that this stone is about to rid them of the burden of sins and useless regrets.
  • Turquoise is the passion and excitement of life. Which creates a sense of courage and flexibility for a new beginning in its carrier.
  • This precious gem is also known as an aggressive controller.

These ideas are not only common in traditional countries, but also in modern countries. As in Russia, the Turquoise Ring constitutes a symbol of love and happiness in the celebration, or in England, it is a symbol of loyalty and commitment.
Therefore, Persian turquoise stone market in Malaysia or Iran is based on beliefs and beliefs.


Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise stone

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise stone, although it has been underway for many years. But it cannot be denied that it has also fallen victim to black market fraud. Persian natural turquoise has been a jeweller for many years in jewels for many years.
To Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise, you need to know the Iranian turquoise and understand its spirit, but if you do not have the information and familiarity with Iranian turquoise, it is better to cooperate with professional consultants and suppliers.
In fact, each stone has an anecdote that tells its path with it, and to understand the real stone of fakes, you should be able to read the story of this beautiful stone from within it.
Our group, consisting of a professional team in lithology and turquoise detection, has been active in to buy and sell natural Persian stone for many years.

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

Pricing Considerations to Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

  •  Uniformity and colour saturation (the most important consideration in terms of valuation)
  •  Stones density
  •  Plexusability without the need to use consolidation methods
  • Beauty and mattress on the stone

Persian turquoise, which has a wide colour spectrum, each of which has its own origin.

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

Persian colour turquoise

  • The origin of colours can range from brown to black or even golden to yellow.
  • The appearance of black colour can be derived from iron sulfide. While the brown colour comes from iron oxide.
  •  In addition, the attractive and blue colour of this beautiful gem is due to the presence of copper. And the greater the
    amount of copper inside the mine, the turquoise colour is close
    to the sky blue.
  • If you replace iron in the aluminium mine, the turquoise will
    be green, which, if there is some zinc, will result in a bright
    turquoise from the combination of green and yellow. Which
    is very rare.
  •  It’s interesting to know that if the lime is high in turquoise,
    the turquoise colour will tend to be white and it will actually
    become pale.

As a gemstone, turquoise has its own limitations.
What is important in the market to Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise stone is the ethics of professionalism and honesty. Because turquoise is easily cheated for the reason of having different types of grades and qualities. And for this reason, in order to trade in turquoise, you have to work with a professional and reputable team that can provide you with the necessary information.

Buy and sell natural Persian turquoise

Persia turquoise storage conditions

  •  This stone is relatively fragile and sensitive to heat and chemical damage. And when the stone’s colour goes green, it means that the moisture of the rock is lost because of the warmth of the sun. And its colour turns green into the matte.
  • This jewel is very sensitive to contamination. And heavily reacting to fats and cosmetics.
  • The turquoise stone is vulnerable to scratch and impact.

Natural persian turquoise stone for sale

Did you know that the best turquoise stone in the world is extracted from minerals in Neyshabur? If you plan to buy Turquoise Fiber Neyshabur, you can contact us and we can provide you wherever you are.

persian turquoise stone

Natural persian turquoise stone for sale

Name gemstone: turquoise stone Neyshabur
Weight: 148 grams
Cut types: rectangle – oval – Square – circle – Dome shape – Tear-shaped
Suitable for making jewelry (ring – Necklaces – Earrings – a bracelet – …)