original Persian turquoise gemstones price | Blue and green turquoise

The original Persian turquoise gemstones are one of the first mined gemstones. Actually, he is a semi-precious stone. He was in ancient Egypt in the year 6,000 BC.
In Persia, in the year 5,000 BC Mined and since then appreciated and used in many different cultures. It proven by the excavated grave supplements. That it use as a gemstone in Egypt during the pre-dynastic period. Especially the death mask of the pharaoh generously decorates with turquoise. He was the stone of the sky goddess Hathor and was so sought after that he was imitated as one of the first gems.
Turquoise was used by Egyptian goldsmiths for the production of necklaces, rings and pectorals (protection for the upper body). But also for amulet carvings (scarab).

The pectorals were primarily for magical purposes, and in the context, they have established themselves as jewels of kings, high priests and other members of the wealthy classes. They symbolized divine protection or royal rule, both for the living bearer and for the deceased.

original Persian turquoise gemstones

Name and locality original Persian turquoise gemstones

In Persian, it is called “ferozah”, which means “victorious”. Until the 13th century in Europe, the name “Callais” (“beautiful stone”) was in use. Today turquoise is the national gem of Iran
One of the best turquoise sites is the Iranian Nishapur. The other mining areas are located in the US states of Arizona and Nevada as well as in China, Egypt, Russia and Tibet.

original Persian turquoise gemstones

Effect of turquoise gemstone

The turquoise has a strong healing effect, soothes the soul and gives the body well-being. It stimulates the communication with the physical and the inner world and ensures the harmony of the two.
On a spiritual level, the stone helps us to understand the causes of our actions and the associated effects. In doing so, he makes us aware of our share of our destiny (our life).
On the emotional level, he enhances the intuition, helps to deeper meditation and eliminates old oaths, inhibitions and prohibitions and thus he helps the soul to new self-expression. It makes us realize how the design of our lives progresses and depends on what we do every single moment.

original Persian turquoise gemstones

This stone has a cleansing effect, eliminates electro smog, distributes the negative energies and protects against the pollutants from the environment. He unites heaven and earth and brings together the female and the male energy. It calms the nerves and promotes self-development, helping to solve problems creatively.
On the psychic level, the turquoise is a true power donor. It provides inner peace, promotes creative expression, helps against auto-destruction and balances the mood swings. Restores lack of drive and in the case of fatigue and exhaustion, the turquoise acts encouraging.


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The use of therapeutic properties has a long history. The stones were used to treat headaches, eye problems, fever and insect bites. For example, the turquoise was put in powder form and was fed to a patient suffering from abdominal pain. Turquoise also has supernatural properties, which is said to be effective because it is a harmonic rock, so it can be used to calm down the nervous patients. And distracting the patient from the patients and expanding friendships.

buy persian turquoise cabochons

Familiarity with the buy persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise Cabochon is a Persian stone with no angle and dome shape. Jewelers use this rock to make jewelry more. persian turquoise cabochons has the ability to be in any shape and shape. The sale of Turquoise Cabochon in the best quality enables us to represent the world’s leading Persian turquoise.

This stone is a stone of peace and tranquility. Enhances immunity against evil and enhances the power of love and friendship and honesty and wisdom. Therefore, pilots and crew of the aircraft use turquoise.

buy persian turquoise cabochons


Stages of turning Persian raw turquoise into cabochons

  •  Rough stone cutting. In fact, the value and quality of Persian turquoise is due to the use of tanneries and fan-cutters, the choice of the right place on the raw rock for cutting, the thickness of cutting and the use of rock matrices for its greater beauty.
  •  Turquoise stone. As you know, Iran has a long history in the grinding industry, especially in bulk. Therefore, the sensitivity and skill of the Persian stone is very famous, which is itself a brand for turquoise stone.
  • Polished turquoise. This step may be called the most important phrases because it completes the work. Our experts, with the utmost sensitivity and patience, bring out the luster of the turquoise embroidered with so much skill that this semi-precious stone has been able to compete with gems such as diamonds.
  • Polished turquoise. This step may be called the most important phrases. Because it completes the work. Our experts, with the utmost sensitivity and patience, bring out the luster of the turquoise embroidered with so much skill. That this semi-precious stone has been able to compete with gems such as diamonds.

buy Persian Turquoise Cabochon

Persian Turquoise Cabochon shapes

  • Chopping cabochons or chopsticks. In addition, the cabochon itself includes shaving, linear cutting, highlighting, and so on.
  •  Angle milling

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Best quality Persian turquoise stone market in Indonesia

The best quality Persian turquoise stone you can find in the Indonesian market is undoubtedly the Persian turquoise, especially turquoise Neyshabur.
For many years, the turquoise Neishabur is known as the finest turquoise stone in the international market for turquoise.
Turquoise Neyshabur has unique advantages that make this rock amongst turquoise stone types. In fact, in order to determine which type of turquoise is best, it should have the same standards as Neyshabur Turquoise stone.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

The unique benefits of the best quality Persian turquoise stone

  •  Stones with a degree of hardness of 5 to 6
  •  Very beautiful colour variation
  •  Smooth surface
  •  In the presence of a matrix, there are matrices with beautiful and regular designs

You need to have a lot of knowledge about this stunning rock to buy the best types of Persian turquoise rock. Because it’s not easy to find out whet But you can buy different types of rock from trusted agencies. And even the variety of the type and design and colour will be so wide that you can order in any volume and amount you want her it’s original or not.
As mentioned above, turquoise Neyshabur can be named as best quality Persian turquoise stone. And what is noteworthy is the variety of this kind of rock which itself consists of 3 different categories.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

The variety of the finest turquoise stone

  •  Ajami
  •  Shajari
  •  ring

what is certain is the grading of this rock from the best to the bottom.
For example, Ajami Stone is the most quality Persian turquoise. The stone is a blue sky, with no matrix on it. And also quite shiny and polished. It also has a very high polishability.
Secondly, the gems of the best quality are shajari turquoise, with its greenish-blue colour. In addition, there are thin and well-matched matrices based on the location of the stone extraction.
The other thing about the best quality Persian turquoise stone can be said is the way to store this type of rock. In fact, this stone needs special storage conditions.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

Negative Condition of Turquoise Stone

  • Be away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics and oily
  • No contact with dust
  • Reduced monthly.

In order to have the best stone quality in Neyshabur, you need to have this stone of the very best. In fact, you need to trust the Ajdas and companies that have a high class of business


Persian turquoise cabochons for sale in India

Persian turquoise Cabochons is the brightest type of turquoise that makes by our professional cutters. And due to its glossy and polished appearance, it often uses extensively in many types of jewelry from the past to this day.

As you know, India was one of the first jewelry producers in the world, using gemstones. Many of the royal jewelry and royal crowns were made by these artisan craftsmen. In fact, it can be said that turquoise Persian cabochon from the past has been a precious stone and royal.

Using a new technology and using experts, we have polished the high-quality Persian turquoise, that we shaped it via the Cabochon method. If you are looking for a turquoise with a star or tiger eyes shine. the Persian turquoise Cabo is what’s up to you.
Maybe you ask, despite technology and skills is available to facet gemstone, Why do we still produce Cabochon?
As you know, the Cabochon method is the first method of making gemstones. In fact, there are various gems, cutting as cabs for several reasons. In many instances, because of the turquoise specific attributes, you can display its properties when it cut as a cabochon.

Persian turquoise cabochon

How is Persian turquoise cabochons stone?

  •  The turquoise stone that cut with a highly polished.
  •  Turquoise carbons are cut with a highly polished, rounded or convex top and also there is no shape and a flat or slightly domed base on it.
  •  generally oval is as yet the most common.

Although turquoise is actually one of the popular classic gemstone types which mostly cover by the ring, jewelers use turquoise for other types of gemstone jewelry, too. For instance earrings, pin, and brooches, as well as in necklace and fashionable pendants.
Indian jewelry market with $13 billion, is one of the largest jewelry markets in the word.

Persian turquoise cabochons

Advantages of Persian turquoise Cabochon to foreign

  •  Depending on the type, the percentage of compounds and the formation area is come from. It has colors that range from pale blue to dark blue and green, and in some case dark green.
  •  The hardness in 5 to 6 that whatever the higher the amount of water in its structure, it will reduce its hardness.
  •  The Persian Turquoise Cabochon has the ability to be beautifully placed in any shape and in fact be the base of other designs.
  •  In fact, what distinguishes this type of turquoise is the brilliance and clarity of the turquoise type. Which along with the cabochon cut-outs by our professionals in our collection, has brought the beauty and quality along with the most suitable price.

Gemstone and jewelry play a major and influential role in India’s social and economic. Jewels and precious stone are part of India’s tradition and customs.

Persian turquoise cabochons


The Persians divide turquoise into three quality groups

  •  Angushtari. This is the best quality for the most expensive jewelry. These stones have a rich blue color with little dot or matrix.
  •  Barkhaneh. The second quality of Persian turquoise is a Barkhaneh. That is similar in color to a Angushtari but has more matrices.
  •  Arabi. This type of turquoise known as the third-grade turquoise. Because there is a shade of light between the pale blue and green, as well as the presence of invalid spots.
    Based on this, Persian turquoise cabochons can promote the value and beauty of Indian jewelry.