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These days, the use of selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise such as opal and Turquoise has been retaken in making jewellery. And has been abundant in making women’s rings, women’s necklaces, bracelets and men’s watches. Firoozeh (Turquoise) is one of the precious gems known in ancient times in Iran. Turquoise is the dream of all the kings of the kingdom of nations since the time of Cyrus and Darius the Great.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise stone and properties

In Italy, Blue and selling Semi-Precious persian Turquoise. Which is known as the Blue Gem, is used as the most expensive jewellery. The use of turquoise stone in the making of gold and jewellery has prevalent since 5,500 BC. Turquoise jewellery is of special interest. And this charm may be due to their different blue shades or patterns and patterns in turquoise jewellery. Or because of an undisclosed attraction in them.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise stone and properties

The use of turquoise stone in the making of gold and jewellery has prevalent since 5,500 BC. Turquoise jewellery is of special interest, and this charm may be due to their different blue shades or patterns. And also patterns in turquoise jewellery. Or because of an undisclosed attraction in them.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

The cause of the blue and green in turquoise

Turquoise is an aluminium phosphate with a hardness of about 6. It is, however, considerably softer than quartz. It is naturally found in a wide range of colours, from heavenly blue to greyish blue. The turquoise blue has the best quality and is very rare. Some of the turquoise stones have certain veins. Turquoise well-formed, with fewer pores, are usually more durable and have a higher sparkle.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

High-quality Semi-Precious persian Turquoise profile

High-quality turquoise has blue, garlic, and high hardness. Increasing the colour of the green, the redness of colour. And the presence of impurities are factors that reduce the quality of turquoise.

Turquoise health benefits

In addition to relaxing, the magnetic forces in the turquoise also cause the internal forces of the individuals to awaken. These forces, with their awake powers, reinforce some of the inner forces of the individual. Turquoise is a rock capable and supportive. He also supports the person while travelling. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have turquoise jewellery on a trip.
Turquoise stone helps complications of liver and gland malformations. It strengthens the eyes and acts against eye diseases and improves blood circulation. Throat pain, lung inflammation and respiratory disease. It is useful in depression and strengthens the heart.

How to make turquoise

Turquoise is found most often in copper deposits in relatively poorly watered environments. Turquoise occurs in places where the amount of copper in the area is high. And sometimes due to the effect of surface solutions of bony fossils of animals.

Semi-Precious persian Turquoise

Turquoise worth in different cultures

Various forms of turquoise include fine fins, turquoise, cramp, porous, Claire, cluster, dendrites and sometimes shells. And scattered grains inside the mother rock, often crystalline. The amount of turquoise crystals in nature is very low, due to the plenty of colours and interesting colours. However, in many cultures, turquoise jewellery is mostly used for their beauty. But in some cultures, there are also beliefs about turquoise jewellery that they believe turquoise jewellery. They have a variety of magic properties. That Jewelers can uses it to prevent diseases or treat some diseases.


spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads for sell

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads is one of the most popular turquoise types in the world, especially for the Arabs. As billions are paid for it.
Offers protection to those who use it; called ‘sponge of negativity as it absorbs both physical and psychological negativity. As tradition protects the “evil eye” and curses. For this reason a thorough and frequent purification of the “stone” is recommended. When wearing a Turquoise, it is good to be positive. Because it can cause stagnation of negative thoughts within the aura.

It protects the aura, aligns all the chakras creating a free channel to provide nourishment and creative energy. Excellent in moments of exhaustion, depression and exhaustion, from strength.

It is very sensitive to changes in temperature. And also humidity damaging itself in contact with sweat, detergents, petrolatum and in sunlight. Gentle stone, fresh and soothing to other copper content. It harmonizes the 5th chakra, can wear at chest, throat, solar plexus or little finger.

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

Daily care and maintenance

Very fragile, sensitive to household products, greases, detergents, cosmetics, heat, dehydration. The porous turquoises of low hardness are the most fragile. It is also one of the reasons why the Iranian turquoise is among the most sought after. The gemologist must refrain from measuring the refractive index due to the optical liquid.

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

Historical and cultural lithotherapy

Since prehistoric times, it would have to protect warriors and hunters, making them invincible, being the emblem of courage, hope, self-confidence, elevating the spirit to heaven and regulating bodily fluids. Its sweet and intense color, which combines the blue of the sky and the green of the earth, would link our inspiration and our ideals to the primordial force of the planet, offering wisdom.

It also would help us to express our ideas and strengthen the scope of our words. He also would be able to improve stuttering.

In Persia, it was carried to protect oneself from misery and to obtain the friendship of others. It would have a regenerating action for the whole body, it would remove the nightmares, protect the sailors from the shipwrecks from poisoners and murderers.

spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

Imitations and treatment of spiderweb neyshabur turquoise beads

The porous stones impregnate with plastic material to consolidate and strengthen their color. The Egyptians already imitated this stone with terracotta covered with porcelain enamel. It revives its color with oil or paraffin, Prussian blue, aniline blue …

The most common imitations are magnesite, howlite, chalcedony and limestone powders, turquoise, various phosphates, colored. Of glassware, porcelain … they can imitate it. The neolite (trade name) sale as a synthetic turquoise matrix.


where to sell turquoise stone in china with best prices

The turquoise, stone of the month of December. Find out why to sell turquoise stone is very common in China and also find out why turquoise can be easily altered and how it should be cleaned and stored.

It is the stone that, according to tradition, accompanies the month of December. But turquoise has an even older history than the (recent) custom of combining a stone for each month of the year. In fact, turquoise has been used since antiquity as a precious and ornamental stone.

sell turquoise stone

All about sell turquoise stone

The oldest turquoise is the one used for a bracelet that dates back to about 8000 years ago, discovered in Egypt. And another jewel with turquoise was found in the sarcophagus of a mummy of 7,500 years ago.
The blue stone was also used by the Aztecs, the Maya and the Incas, as well as among the Native Americans. It was also known to the ancient Romans: it was used for a bust of Emperor Tiberio, preserved at the Silver Museum of Florence. Other turquoise stones are found in the Treasure of San Marco, in Venice.

Why is turquoise called this? Simple: the word comes from the French term to indicate Turkey. In fact, the mineral was introduced to Europe via Turkey, from mines in the province of Khorasan, in Persia. The first use of the word turquoise to indicate the stone is from 1573.

sell turquoise stone

Where is it? Turquoise is usually found in arid regions, in filler cavities, often with associated limonite and other iron oxides. The largest production is located in Iran, Egypt (Sinai), United States.

Turquoise is a blue-green mineral. It is opaque, with a uniform blue colour or some brown or black dendritic veins of limonite. It is very rare in the form of transparent crystals. Its porosity often causes alterations to the original colour. The turquoise reaches a maximum hardness of 6 on the Moh scale (the diamond is at 10). In practice, it is slightly harder than a window pane. The colour is variable: from white to sky blue, up to the yellowish green.

The most used cut is cabochon, ie with a curved surface without facets.

sell turquoise stone

Turquoise care

Since it is a medium hard stone, turquoise is usually treated to improve colour and strength. Attention, therefore, because it is difficult to provide all the information to those who buy a jewel with turquoise. For example, turquoise is often subjected to waxing and oiling, to improve colour and shine. This is a traditional and generally accepted treatment. However, oiled and waxed stones tend to “sweat” if they are exposed to the sun or to a source of heat. In this case, they can develop a film or a white patina.

In that case, it is better to bring the jewel back to an expert who can make the stone bright again. But there are also turquoises treated with plastic or glass. This process consists of impregnating under pressure the chalky material, an epoxy and plastic resin (such as polystyrene) and glass powder (sodium silicate). Plastic and glass water treatments are much more durable and stable than wax and lubrication. But it is a non-natural method, which is rejected by many. Most of the turquoises in the United States are treated with this method. There is still an even stronger method: using Prussian blue or other dyes. Obviously in this way the stone is even more altered than its natural state.


neyshabur turquoise for sale in Surabaya + pictures

Neyshabur turquoise handmade 100% silver and 100% high-quality turquoise jewelry from Iran. totally artisan, with turquoise stone from the turquoise mine of Neyshabur, in northeastern Iran.

High quality and best price and directly from your craftsman’s workshop. There are different measures and prices for men and women. Man’s ring with turquoise from Iran – Woman’s ring with turquoise from Iran 100% Handcrafted silver. There are also handmade silver hoops for you to raise a turquoise ball or a natural pearl for you to assemble it Now there’s an offer, ask for the offer price.

This loose beads is handmade in Jaipur (Pink City of India), please contact us for Bulk order inquiry.
Micro Faceted Rondells are created in Gem Mart EU Inc.’s facilities. Loose mined natural natural gems in the wholesale photo quantity of many are supplied with all photo documentation. Please contact us for order Bulk inquiries.

neyshabur turquoise

Neyshabur Turquoise Black Stone

You’ve probably heard this term from the people who know the turquoise Neyshabur and you are asked what kind of turquoise Neyshabur is called black stone.Black turquoise is a Turquoise Neyshabur whose has black colour, and usually these turquoise jeweled have a higher price than their other types (provided that the rest of the turquoise properties are fixed). Because the experience It has proven that amongst turquoise, black stone turquoise is more durable and more durable if it is placed in an unfavorable condition that causes it to disappear.

neyshabur turquoise

Neyshabur turquoise for sale

Also the sales unit of Neyshabur’s turquoise as bulk is gram. Which means that when buying and selling turquoise, they will be priced per g of this jeweler. And after pricing on the wareroom. You dear customer, for example, will say that this The wareroom is 5 kg and the main price is 3 thousand tomans. Which also means that the price per kilo of the storehouse is 3 million USD.

Some suppliers of Turquoise Neyshabur stone have a lot of big stores. And they are mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of turquoise Neyshabur. And you are the customer of the kind wishing to purchase turquoise Neyshabur. Please give us the exact information about your desired turquoise wareroom. Such as: weight, type, quality and price and Please inform the supplier about what you are considering. So as not to waste time and the seller will bring the turquoise that you want. And in the end, you dear customer for your purpose, You are welcome.

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Original Persian turquoise gemstones for sale with best price + picture

Original Persian turquoise gemstones. Iran, and especially the city of Neyshabur, is the largest source of Iranian turquoise gemstone. Unique stones have always been extracted in unique designs and colors.The original Persian turquoise gemstones, after passing through many stages, turns into Ornamental Beam. If we want to name the main sources and sources of turquoise stone in Iran, we can first refer to the city of Neyshabur. And of course, there are many years to come.
Turquoise gemstone is a precious jewel that has long been an ornament for jewelry of kings and nobles. It goes without saying that this precious stone needs much care.

Original Persian turquoise gemstones

Original Turquoise

Original Persian Turquoise gemstones Principles

  • Cleaning with cotton thread regularly. And do not expose it to water and pollution.
  •  Jewelry and especially turquoise are very sensitive, and it’s important to regularly learn how to clean and wax them.
  •  Never expose the turquoise to oil, cosmetic creams, fragrances and cosmetics, as well as cosmetics.
Original Persian turquoise gemstones

Persian Turquoise

Persian Gem original Properties

If you are interested in turquoise and use its jewelery for a ring, you need to know that turquoise stone has its own healing properties with its unique features and always gives the owner a certain calm and at the same time can be fearful Avoid horror from humans and help the person to stand firm in the face of anything that has frightened her and keep pace with her pace.

On the mental level in lithotherapy, the turquoise stone allows to calm down and calm any form of anger. It also helps to increase empathy. Turquoise will develop personal fulfillment and can be used at the level of the throat chakra to get letting go, and thus promote the expression with others through communication and listening. Lithotherapists use turquoise at the level of the 3rd eye chakra to develop insights or reinforce each meditation. On the heart chakra, turquoise strengthens friendship, soothes anger and generally stimulates love and friendship.

Original Persian turquoise gemstones

Neyshabur Turquoise

Buy Iranian jewelry turquoise gem

In order to be able to have a beautiful ring with a turquoise gem, and each time looking at it immerses pleasure and relaxation, you can contact our colleagues at the turquoise sales department and choose your favorite stones and jewelery for your order.

It should be noted that the turquoise gem has a very beautiful color spectrum. Most of the Iranian turquoise color spectrum is between blue and green. Of course, there are also turquoise with a bright or dark spectrum. But in general, the turquoise’s quality is dependent on a lot of factors. Factors such as extraction minerals, turquoise paints, which are in fact the main feature of turquoise, as well as the shape of trimming and streaks on turquoise. Also, Iranian turquoise sale is not only in Iran alone, but also in other countries.


Natural Persian turquoise for sale | wholesale turquoise

One of the most beautiful and brightest rocks that has been found today among promising jewelery is the natural Persian turquoise. If you are looking for wholesale turquoise price, just finish the text with us.
Precious stones and jewels have a varied and beautiful world. And this variety makes it difficult to distinguish between these rocks and how to use them. Even the kings and aristocrats sometimes struggled with these problems to the point that some people were struggling to prove their accuracy and honesty in identifying a stone. Turquoise is one of the most expensive stones that jewelry researchers. And even sometimes collectors have always faced with many problems to recognize.

natural persian turquoise

Natural Persian turquoise Properties

This stone alone also is a manifestation of purity and is effective in relieving pain in the head, bone and muscles. And acts as a booster engine for better circulation and absorption of food and respiratory tract. Also this handmade jewelry with modern and contemporary designs that are in keeping with the taste of young women and combining silver, gold.

Although the degree of toughness of turquoise is 6. And it has a three-slope crystalline structure. One of the earliest gems is extracted and always priced, due to its specific color. Which includes a range of celestial blue to green depending on the amount of iron and copper in the background. Mainly in the form of a hidden crystalline mass, massive and most of the crust in the form of veins or nodes and in a matte or semi-transparent state. A light and crispy stone with a shed. Some of its types are porous, discoloured and cracked.

Natural Persian turquoise

Turquoise stone meta Properties

Turquoise is a power stone, as a meditation tool, to help clear your mind and embrace everything in the universe. Native Americans believed that this rock protects the rider and generally protects from the evil eyes. They called it “the rock of heaven,” or “the rock of paradise”. And they believed that this spiritual stone was made between material and immaterial worlds and gave it a powerful psychic power to its holder. The day is a symbol of generosity, purity and affection. It keeps friendship and over time transforms the enemy into a friend.

natural persian turquoise

how is Persian turquoise cabochons stone?

  • The turquoise stone that cut with a highly polished.
  • Turquoise carbons are cut with a highly polished, rounded or convex top and also there is no shape and a flat or slightly domed base on it.
  • generally oval is as yet the most common.



Wholesale Persian turquoise for sale+best price+free shopping

Wholesale Persian turquoise is for the most lucrative and most profitable turquoise rock. Do you plan to buy Turquoise Persian in bulk and you do not know how this jewel is being sold? Are you looking for a reliable sales centre for precious and semi-precious stones?Persian turquoise is for the most lucrative and most profitable turquoise rock. Do you plan to Wholesale Turquoise Persian in bulk and you do not know how this jewel is being sold? Are you looking for a reliable sales centre for precious and semi-precious stones?
Turquoise a stone that find only by the fewest information about precious and semi-precious stones, but Turquoise Neyshabur does not know this aristocratic royal jewellery.
This stone, which has a long history in its use in the jewellery industry, has attracted many enthusiasts in the market for many years and has many buyers in the world.

Wholesale Persian turquoise

 Wholesale Persian turquoise after shaping

Wholesale Persian turquoise separate by colour and type and quality after it has machine, so that

  •  Blue and green turquoise separate
  •  Ajami and Shagari turquoise separate
  •  High-quality turquoise and grade one turquoise separate by lower qualities

After the jeans are separated and graded, they are priced by experts and market experience and sold on the market.
One of the most important ways to ensure the originality of Jewel Persian Turquoise is its purchase, the purchase of this stone from the stores and companies specializing in the processing and sale of turquoise Neyshabur because these companies have been trying for years to come. Collect for himself credit and reputation (the credit of a company in the market is all about him), and never to give the customer any kind of fake identity to preserve this reputation. So, make sure you have a big and reputable company to buy your turquoise needs.

Wholesale Persian turquoise

How to store Persian turquoise?

As you know, turquoise is the only living stone in the world and it considere a sensitive stone, and it is necessary to care more about it.
Try to ensure that your turquoise Neyshabur does not meet the following requirements

  •  Keep turquoise stone from any greasy material, such as edible oils, oil, etc…
  •  Be careful not to come in contact with materials such as cosmetics, colognes, etc.
  •  From time to time, rub the turquoise with water and clean it.
  •  Avoid placing turquoise against flames and severe heat.
  •  And …

wholesale persian turquoise

Requirements for increasing profits in the Persian turquoise trade

  •  Check carefully the exact tastes of the customers you intend to enter into negotiations with.
    • Make turquoise a reliable and powerful turquoise Neyshabur sales company.
    • Make turquoise exports your priorities.
    • Do not go too far to market research and take the first step in turquoise business

wholesale persian turquoise

Major profits in the sale of Turquoise stone

The reasons that have caused a lot of profits in the export of wholesale persian turquoise:

  • You are facing the largest market and the volume of your trading is increasing, and this certainly leads to big profits.
  • Because the price of Persian Turquoise is unclear if you can properly know the taste of your foreign customers, you can sell turquoise with higher profits.
  • Countries that are present for Persian Turquoise to identify good money for the Persian Turquoise (like the Arab countries) and try to export turquoise to those countries.