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The turquoise, stone of the month of December. Find out why to sell turquoise stone is very common in China and also find out why turquoise can be easily altered and how it should be cleaned and stored.

It is the stone that, according to tradition, accompanies the month of December. But turquoise has an even older history than the (recent) custom of combining a stone for each month of the year. In fact, turquoise has been used since antiquity as a precious and ornamental stone.

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All about sell turquoise stone

The oldest turquoise is the one used for a bracelet that dates back to about 8000 years ago, discovered in Egypt. And another jewel with turquoise was found in the sarcophagus of a mummy of 7,500 years ago.
The blue stone was also used by the Aztecs, the Maya and the Incas, as well as among the Native Americans. It was also known to the ancient Romans: it was used for a bust of Emperor Tiberio, preserved at the Silver Museum of Florence. Other turquoise stones are found in the Treasure of San Marco, in Venice.

Why is turquoise called this? Simple: the word comes from the French term to indicate Turkey. In fact, the mineral was introduced to Europe via Turkey, from mines in the province of Khorasan, in Persia. The first use of the word turquoise to indicate the stone is from 1573.

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Where is it? Turquoise is usually found in arid regions, in filler cavities, often with associated limonite and other iron oxides. The largest production is located in Iran, Egypt (Sinai), United States.

Turquoise is a blue-green mineral. It is opaque, with a uniform blue colour or some brown or black dendritic veins of limonite. It is very rare in the form of transparent crystals. Its porosity often causes alterations to the original colour. The turquoise reaches a maximum hardness of 6 on the Moh scale (the diamond is at 10). In practice, it is slightly harder than a window pane. The colour is variable: from white to sky blue, up to the yellowish green.

The most used cut is cabochon, ie with a curved surface without facets.

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Turquoise care

Since it is a medium hard stone, turquoise is usually treated to improve colour and strength. Attention, therefore, because it is difficult to provide all the information to those who buy a jewel with turquoise. For example, turquoise is often subjected to waxing and oiling, to improve colour and shine. This is a traditional and generally accepted treatment. However, oiled and waxed stones tend to “sweat” if they are exposed to the sun or to a source of heat. In this case, they can develop a film or a white patina.

In that case, it is better to bring the jewel back to an expert who can make the stone bright again. But there are also turquoises treated with plastic or glass. This process consists of impregnating under pressure the chalky material, an epoxy and plastic resin (such as polystyrene) and glass powder (sodium silicate). Plastic and glass water treatments are much more durable and stable than wax and lubrication. But it is a non-natural method, which is rejected by many. Most of the turquoises in the United States are treated with this method. There is still an even stronger method: using Prussian blue or other dyes. Obviously in this way the stone is even more altered than its natural state.


Persian turquoise for sale in china

Persian turquoise for sale in China can be one of the attractions of this country. Due to its beauty, this mineral is very much appreciated by people around the world.
As you know, one of the most valuable and beautiful types of minerals is turquoise stone. Of course, what’s to be said is Turquoise Persian is the best type of turquoise in the world.
Today, Persian turquoise exports to other countries, especially China, have expanded vastly. And because China is a country that produces a variety of industries.
So it buys and imports Persian turquoise and then processes the necessary materials for the production of various jewellery and accessories on it. And then exports it worldwide.
One can not deny that Persian turquoise has been able to produce many arts and industries in the world.


Persian turquoise for sale

What can be produced with Persian turquoise for sale

• Architecture and design of buildings such as mosques
• Turquoise dishes
• Production of all kinds of jewels and ornaments
• And today it is very much used in fashion design and fashion.
It should be said that the story of turquoise dates back to centuries. And turquoise is not only a decorative stone but also a soul. As in most cultures, turquoise is a stone-thirsty and should be careful of its spirit.
Iran is one of the largest suppliers of turquoise stone in the world. The turquoise stone is often extracted in Iran by the explosion. And that’s why it sometimes creates small cracks on the rock.

Persian turquoise for sale

View the best turquoise stone for export

Usually, the finest and finest turquoise rocks have the following features.
• Its colour has a celestial blue and is very clear.
• The best Persian turquoise type, turquoise Neyshabur, which has a lot of gloss.
• Neyshabour Turquoise stone is very suitable for the production of a variety of jewels and extras, due to its high hardness.
Due to its large population, Pin country can be a good market for turquoise rock. Especially China has a lot of industries and the potential for turquoise products.

Persian turquoise for sale

Exports of raw turquoise to China

Most turquoise Neishabur customers in China are willing to buy the raw turquoise rock. Because they prefer to cut the stone themselves and work on jewellery and sell it.
But as you know, the export of raw turquoise is prohibited outside the country, So what can be done is to promote the turquoise stone turning techniques in the country which will expand the turquoise stone market and focus on turquoise stones overseas.


Wholesale Persian turquoise in china| Persian turquoise suppliers

Wholesale Persian turquoise in China is one of the main columns of Persian turquoise exports. They export Persian turquoise to China and send it around the worldwide after cover it with a variety of jewellery.
It is noteworthy to say the Persian turquoise has a lot of potentials to be number one in the world of gemstones. but it still couldn’t find its place in the world of turquoise global buying.

Wholesale Persian turquoise

Considerations for wholesale Persian turquoise

  •  Buy Turquoise from a reliable and trusted supplier in the turquoise market
  •  Get familiar with Persian turquoise stone or get advice from Persian turquoise specialists
  •  Understand target markets for the sale of turquoise gems

Turquoise stone cannot consider as a specific culture or nationality. In other words, the buying market cannot attribute to a particular period. This will create a guaranteed and lucrative business for the market participants.
Turquoise stone cannot be considered to be a specific culture or nationality. For centuries, the people of the planet used this stone without being aware of the rest of the world.
Turquoise stone has its own special storage conditions. Particularly when purchasing a major Iranian turquoise stone, it should be very much considered. Because Iranian turquoise stone is more sensitive than other types.

Wholesale Persian turquoise

Terms of storage and transportation of Iranian turquoise

  •  Turquoise should be kept in a dry place without any moisture.
  •  It is more comfortable to move bags with cotton film when transporting turquoise.
  •  Persian turquoise is heavily sensitive to sunlight, so keep it away from sunlight when you store or transporting it.

Buying and selling Persian turquoise is a very valuable and risk-free business. You can safely enter it.

wholesale persian turquoise

Distinctive features of Iranian turquoise

  • The unique colour of this turquoise distinguish it from its other types.
  •  Persian turquoise has a lot of difficulty. So it can be cut in different shapes.
  • • The colour variation of Persian turquoise course distinguishes it from all the world’s turquoise. As the Persian turquoise colour range starts from pure blue and ends with a greenish-gre.

Turquoise business is undoubtedly the most reliable type of export. You can start selling major turquoise Iranian products with confidence in the professional suppliers and turquoise specialist in Iran.

What is the price of turquoise Neyshabur in china?

To find out the Price of turquoise Neyshabur stone can be partly determined by the value of this gem. Because turquoise rock is more quality, it has a higher price.
To find out the price of Turquoise Ruby, in China or any other country, you will need to visit turquoise shopping online. However, if you want to buy from suppliers like our company, you have direct access. Just connect through the site and ask for the price of this precious gem to send to China.
There are many factors to determine the price of turquoise. Each of which increases or decreases the price by a percentage. Some of these factors include:

The price of turquoise

The factors determinants the price of turquoise

  •  Mine or turquoise mining site
  •  A combination of materials in turquoise rock that determines its color.
  •  The amount of smoothness and purity of Turquoise Stone (Turquoise Blue Neyshabur is one of the most expensive types of it)
  •  Location and conditions of turquoise stone
  •  Hardness and type of turning

Although there are a variety of fake turquoise models available on the market with the price of the original. The price of this stone can not be based on its originality. Instead, it’s a must-have supplier and reputable company to buy turquoise.
In China, there is a very lucrative market for turquoise, because Chinese manufacturers have the ability to use this stone in various jewels and extras. And it can be argued that there is a good trade in turquoise products for China, which will make them a solid buyer for your turquoise shopping.

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Turquoise joins cultures

  • From the East Asian Native to the Native Americans, they have always had a special respect for turquoise stone. Turquoise stone was used not only as an ornament but also for treatment.

In East Asia, and especially the Chinese, this rock is called the spirit of nature. Who is capable of penetrating all the forces of evil through influence in the human soul. Turquoise is a gemstone with its own special meaning. Of course, in civilized and advanced countries, there is also a certain kind of turquoise stone. For example, the British people see this stone as the ambassador of love and affection. And according to the magnitude of this stone, which symbolizes the stone of peace. This belief is still common among people.
Turquoise gems come in a variety of sizes and cutaways. Each of which has its own category. And it’s no wonder that the type of cutting and its size also affect the price of turquoise.

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Turquoise shapes

  •  Beads
  •  Cabochons
  •  Chips and Nuggets