Persian turquoise shop in Indonesia.

Persian turquoise shop, one of the most popular destinations for tourists, is travelling from Indonesia and the turquoise islands of Bali.
Indonesia is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. A large number of people spend their summer vacation on the peaceful beaches of the country ‘s islands every year.

And no doubt these tourist countries are the best places for the stone market decorative and traditional.
Those who travel to this country often seek peace and peace within themselves. And the turquoise beaches of Bali for the peace that they can get.
Traditional gemstone and accessories handicrafts market are some of the most Traffic parts of these tourist cities.
Indonesia does not own turquoise mines but, based on its tradition, produces beautiful accessories using turquoise stone, which has many fans around the world.
Persian turquoise has also been able to capture the turquoise gemstone market in recent years.

Persian Turquoise Shop

variety of turquoise stone in the Persian turquoise shop

  •  Turquoise Ajami. Celestial blue without a matrix. This type of turquoise is always used to make the most valuable jewellery in the world. This rock is as smooth as the depths of the waters off the coast of the islands of Bali.
  •  Turquoise Shajari. This type of turquoise consists of turquoise stone and its added ingredients. This impurity results in the presence of matrices on this rock, which often adds to its beauty.

Persian turquoise shop

The belief of people in turquoise stone

there is a belief among people of the world that they believed in the gemstone of the birthday. That turquoise is also one of them. Some believe that having a stone on their birthday will increase their energy, which will have a positive effect on their lives. Although there is no scientific reason to believe this. What is worth noting is the effect of Turquoise stone on human spirits and tranquillity.

In the east, and in particular Malaysia, stone turquoise is considered a stone therapist. And according to the tradition, they use this stone in various industries.

And sometimes they use a turquoise piece at their workplace or business to eliminate the negative energy of the environment.

The Persian Turquoise Shop, like the beaches of the Bali Islands, has a wide range of colours. Because there is a wide range of turquoise colours in the Persian turquoise shop.

Persian Turquoise Shop

Colour scheme of turquoise stone

  •  Blue Shadow. Due to this, the composition of the element of copper with particles of stone creates a pure and heavenly blue.
  •  Green shadow. Its metal composition, with a high concentration in turquoise particles, turns green into green. This is due to the replacement of iron-aluminium with mines.
  •  Green-yellow Shadow. From the presence of the element on the turquoise stone, a yellow-greenish shadow is formed on the rock. Which is very rare and found only in some mines.
  •  Yellow turquoise. That it is the result of the presence of the quartz element in the rock. This turquoise is very rare which there are many similarities in the market.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone market in Indonesia

The best quality Persian turquoise stone you can find in the Indonesian market is undoubtedly the Persian turquoise, especially turquoise Neyshabur.
For many years, the turquoise Neishabur is known as the finest turquoise stone in the international market for turquoise.
Turquoise Neyshabur has unique advantages that make this rock amongst turquoise stone types. In fact, in order to determine which type of turquoise is best, it should have the same standards as Neyshabur Turquoise stone.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

The unique benefits of the best quality Persian turquoise stone

  •  Stones with a degree of hardness of 5 to 6
  •  Very beautiful colour variation
  •  Smooth surface
  •  In the presence of a matrix, there are matrices with beautiful and regular designs

You need to have a lot of knowledge about this stunning rock to buy the best types of Persian turquoise rock. Because it’s not easy to find out whet But you can buy different types of rock from trusted agencies. And even the variety of the type and design and colour will be so wide that you can order in any volume and amount you want her it’s original or not.
As mentioned above, turquoise Neyshabur can be named as best quality Persian turquoise stone. And what is noteworthy is the variety of this kind of rock which itself consists of 3 different categories.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

The variety of the finest turquoise stone

  •  Ajami
  •  Shajari
  •  ring

what is certain is the grading of this rock from the best to the bottom.
For example, Ajami Stone is the most quality Persian turquoise. The stone is a blue sky, with no matrix on it. And also quite shiny and polished. It also has a very high polishability.
Secondly, the gems of the best quality are shajari turquoise, with its greenish-blue colour. In addition, there are thin and well-matched matrices based on the location of the stone extraction.
The other thing about the best quality Persian turquoise stone can be said is the way to store this type of rock. In fact, this stone needs special storage conditions.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

Negative Condition of Turquoise Stone

  • Be away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics and oily
  • No contact with dust
  • Reduced monthly.

In order to have the best stone quality in Neyshabur, you need to have this stone of the very best. In fact, you need to trust the Ajdas and companies that have a high class of business


Major turquoise Neyshabur sales in Indonesia

Major turquoise Neyshabur sales and the export of this rock has led to its entry to Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, as well as the Persian Gulf countries. In addition, turquoise rubble exports to the country every year.
Indonesia is another destination for Iranian turquoise, which can be said because of the culture and beliefs of its people, the use of turquoise stone is very common among them. In addition, Indonesians use turquoise stone in several industries.

Balinese Turquoise Island in Indonesia can be a turquoise symbol on its own. The turquoise beach of the island displays all the colours of turquoise rock.
In addition, Indonesian handicrafts, often made of semi-precious stones such as turquoise, can be a recipe for a memorable trip to Bali Island.
Therefore, we publish worldwide with the export and major turquoise Neyshabur sales in Indonesia, the original Iranian turquoise.
Indonesia has a long history of gemstones. The city of Martapura is named as the “Diamond City” and is the centre for trade and processing of gems. There are also gemstones market in the city on Saturday and Wednesday. It is also a good place to buy and sell Neyshabur Turquoise stone.

The feature of Indonesia Made with Turquoise Stone

  •  A versatile mix of materials and colours that give a fresh feel to the product.
  •  Turquoise stone stained with other colourful stones creates a beautiful blend.
  •  The variety of quality and price of Turquoise stone in this country makes it possible to look carefully at the purchase.

The market of major turquoise Neyshabur sale has always been remarkable. Today, in the turquoise blue range to the green turquoise, it is, in fact, the most sought-after rock of the jewellers, especially Indonesians.

major turquoise neyshabur sales

Things you need to know about Major turquoise Neyshabur sales

  •  Turquoise is in different types and grades. Chinese and American turquoise is less hardness than turquoise Neyshabur, so try to get from the valued firms Turquoise Neishabur.
  •  Crushed turquoise gems often have a 6-inch (6-inch) size, which is used to make the rosary and turquoise sets.
  •  Rectangular turquoise rocks are usually green, blue and green-yellow. In addition, there are always small, black or brown mattresses on them.

Matrix on turquoise can have different colours based on rock.

Major turquoise Neyshabur sales

Matrix colour of the turquoise stone

  •  The black matrix is very much taken into account because of the great contrast it produces. Which is usually caused by iron sulfide
  •  Yellow matrix is usually due to rhyolite, igneous rock and volcanic rock. This is quite natural due to the rock formation in volcanic areas.
  • Iron oxide produces brown matrix on turquoise stone, which consists of it is6 types. The best type of iron oxide is hematite