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The special sale of Iranian turquoise stone in stores around the world is a wonderful event for the unique turquoise of Persia. It is a stone of the centuries that has been the jewellery and monument of the world.

Turquoise is so important to people around the world that They give it a special respect. In all cultures, from the east to the west of the planet, a turquoise stone is considered a spiritual and living stone.

Iranian Turquoise stone

Iranian Stone

Special Sale of Iranian Turquoise stone

Iranian turquoise is not only popular among the people of Iran which is popular in the world due to its quality. As turquoise Ajami also is sold as the most valuable and expensive turquoise type in the world. Of course, it is always the best type of turquoise, it is a smooth type without the streak. But what about Iranian turquoise can be said is that turquoise vein has not been able to significantly reduce the value of Iranian turquoise. And Turquoise Shajari, despite having veins on itself, does not have a lower value than turquoise Ajami.

Iranian turquoise stone

Iranian turquoise

Turquoise Iranian Style Variation

  • Turquoise beads. Often used to make necklaces or rosary.
  •  Cabochon This type of cutter is cut without any angle and is dome-shaped.
  •  Chips and Nuggets. This type of set of gemstones is formed together.

From the past, Turquoise has always also been the link between cultures. For centuries, turquoise is prevalent among people, and this is not affiliated with the world of communications today.
The turquoise matrix also has its own meanings or reasons. And in fact, the color variation between them is not unreasonable.

Iranian turquoise stone

Iranian turquoise

The concept of matrices on Iranian turquoise stone

  •  Black matrix. This matrix has a very high contrast, which has been greatly appreciated. This matrix is a combination of Turquoise Ruby with Sulfide Iron.
  •  Yellow Matrix. This causes the rhyolite matrix, igneous rock and volcanic rock.
  •  Brown matrix. This matrix is the result of the reaction of iron oxide with turquoise stone. Of course, this kind of matrix itself includes 16 types. Ans that is the best kind of hematite.

The use of turquoise in other industries is undeniable. And as a large supplier of turquoise stone in Iran, we have been working to provide you with whatever you need and desire. Turquoise gems are available in sizes and sizes, as well as various colors available and customizable.


Sale of turquoise Neyshabur at a great price + send to worldwide

Sale of turquoise Neyshabur at a great price، today on global markets is very Profit. Although Turquoise Neyshabur is the best type of turquoise.
Turquoise Neyshabur is selling at the equilibrium rate with medium turquoise from other countries in the trading market. Although turquoise Neyshabur is an expert on the quality of turquoise types, it has not yet been able to locate its material market in the world.
But maybe that’s also worth considering the turquoise Neyshabur. Because despite having high quality, it has a great price to make it easier and easier to buy and sell it on the world market.

Sale of turquoise Neyshabur

Turquoise Neyshabur Features

  •  Neyshabur turquoise has more hardness than another turquoise, which makes it better. In other words, you can give it any shape.
  •  Raw stone It’s a very high finish, and sometimes it does not need to polish and gloss for this turquoise.
  •  The colour spectrum and the spectrum of the matrix is very large, which makes the rock more diverse.

Turquoise stone will be a fruitful investment for the good marketplace in the world.
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Sale of turquoise Neyshabur

Requirements for increasing profits in the turquoise Neyshabur trade

  •  Check carefully the exact tastes of the customers you intend to enter into negotiations with.
  •  Make turquoise a reliable and powerful sale of turquoise Neyshabur company.
  •  Make turquoise exports your priorities.
  •  Do not go too far to market research and take the first step in turquoise business

Sale of turquoise Neyshabur

Major profits in the Sale of turquoise Neyshabur stone

The reasons that have caused a lot of profits in the sale of turquoise Neyshabur:

  •  You are facing the largest market and the volume of your trading is increasing, and this certainly leads to big profits.
  •  Because the price of Turquoise Neyshabur is unclear if you can properly know the taste of your foreign customers, you can sell turquoise with higher profits.
  •  Countries that are present for Turquoise Neyshabur to identify good money for the Turquoise Neyshabur (like the Arab countries) and try to export turquoise to those countries.

Sale of turquoise Neyshabur


Where to buy turquoise stone?

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