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Provider Neyshabur Persian turquoise | turquoise stone market

Provider Neyshabur Persian turquoise a good platform for turquoise buyers and other precious stones. The turquoise Neyshabour Online Store has a symbol of confidence and you will give access to this site.
Turquoise is a precious stone that always uses for decorating jewellery for a long time. you can find the turquoise colour in a range of blue and green colours
It is simply the “stone of Turkey” because when this gem came to Europe, it had passed through this country, but it came from Persia. The Greeks called it “callait”.
It was a sacred stone for the Egyptians, Persians, Tibetans, Indians, Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.

Provider Neyshabur Persian turquoise

Buy stone from Provider Neyshabur Persian turquoise as jwelery

The most beautiful come from Iran and Egypt (Sinai). They present the best polish and the most beautiful color as well as the greatest hardness. It is also cut in cabochons for rings, pendants, necklaces and small display cases, in squares for mosaics (Central America), to adorn weapons, clothes, vases, or even make coffee or hookahs.
Turquoise is the birthday stone of the

Provider Neyshabur Persian turquoise

Extraction locations of Provider Neyshabur Persian turquoise

It is found in the form of strands only 20 to 25 mm thick, in compact mass filling cracks. The region of Neyshabur (Iran) provides the most beautiful stones but it is also found in Afghanistan, Argentina, Tibet, the United States (New Mexico, Arizona: Sleeping Beauty Mine). and also in Russia, Chile, Australia, in Brazil, Indochina, South West Africa, China, Mexico, Tanzania, Israel and was even noted in France, Montebras (Creuse) although it is probably only variscite.

Provider Neyshabur Persian turquoise

Iranian beliefs around turquoise

For the Iranians, turquoise is a near-holy stone and pre-Islamic beliefs have mingled with Islamic beliefs about it. For example, the Iranians believe that wearing a ring set with turquoise at the time of prayer is beneficial. They also believe that this stone allows wishes to fulfil. The majority of Iranians believe that watching a turquoise stone in the morning is a source of happiness. Others think that it strengthens the view. These last beliefs are to put in relation with the soothing color of this stone which recalls the sky. Among other beliefs: keeping turquoise at home has a positive influence on the nervous system and the flow of blood. The turquoise brings the victory, removes the evil eye, increases the good fortune and fortune of its owner, and finally facilitates the birth.

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Persian turquoise market in Iran | Major Turquoise Neyshabur Sales

Persian turquoise market, this blue jewelled, beautiful and eye-catching, is an ancient relic of ancient Iran. This company also has been active in the turquoise market for many years and is working hard to provide the best turquoise.
Also turquoise is a very beautiful stone that, if we want to scrutinize it, we will find that its compounds are made of aluminium phosphate and naturally found in nature. And today it also use as a precious stone and very beautiful in making jewelery.

Persian turquoise market

Persian turquoise market Features

Also in the original turquoise, there are black or brown veins, most of which are arranged regularly and sometimes irregularly. Also if you see a strange order in these designs, the value of Turquoise will be higher. And also if you see the irregularity, its value will be reduced.

The damage that may reduce the quality of Neyshabur Turquoise Stone is such:

  •  Scratch it
  •  hot water
  •  chemicals
  •  makeup material

Persian turquoise market

Sale of turquoise neyshabur in various forms

  •  Fine purple turquoise
  •  Compassionate
  •  Porous Khiri
  •  clustered
  •  Dendrite
  •  Coverage

Turquoise rock also is in the colors “celestial blue, greenish-blue, greenish-greenish-blue, indigo blue, and blue-white-blue”. Celestial blue is the best color turquoise and yellowish in the most inferior turquoise color on the market. The turquoise original is mined from turquoise minerals, but today artificial turquoise is taken from other minerals.

Persian turquoise market

Specifications Turquoise Neyshabur Principle

Turquoise is a gourmet, blue-garlic, glossy and delicate. more ever, any green and turquoise reflects the impurities of the rock and the turquoise has a lower quality. And in the end, we’ll give some tips on turquoise.

  •  Turquoise shapes are different. (Grains, crates, and cases)
  •  Also turquoise appearance is not crystallized, streaky, scattered seeds.
  •  Blue is the most colorful turquoise color.
  •  The change in turquoise color from blue to green has many causes the terms are: heat, light, etc., which reduces the mineral’s value.

Persian turquoise market

Turquoise Industry in Iran

Turquoise Neyshabour has its own problems. On the one hand, the harshness and stages of the process for extracting turquoise in Iran and, on the other hand, foreign markets that produce turquoise.
Turquoise neyshabur is the world’s best-known turquoise, although foreign turquoise also find on the market.


Persian turquoise stone market in Indonesia

Persian turquoise stone market has a small share in the world, it is always accompanied by turquoise. And the criterion for determining the value of turquoise stone in the market is Persian turquoise stone.
Indonesia may be called the largest importer of Iranian turquoise stone. Undoubtedly, on trips to the Balinese islands in Malaysia (which is known as turquoise islands), you can see handmade many handicrafts that have turquoise jewellery in gemstone markets.

Persian turquoise stone market

Factors Affecting the Persian turquoise stone market

Many factors affect the market and determine the value of Iranian turquoise. If you want to explain a few things briefly, we will:

  •  Turquoise stone history
  •  Works and applications of turquoise stone in places and mosques, especially Iranian architecture
  •  Specifications and Turquoise Stone Ingredients
  •  mines extracted
  •  The type and design of the turquoise matrix
  •  Patchiness and degree of hardness
  •  Astronomical or Turquoise Stone Type

The presence of fake turquoise or stones in other countries has not been able to affect the Persian turquoise market in various regions, especially Indonesia.
In other words, it is only the Iranian turquoise that has the ability to determine the Persian turquoise stone market.

As the Persian turquoise as the blue rock in the world determines the value and price of turquoise.
The gemstone market in Indonesia on Saturdays and Thursdays is like a festival that is able to bring Iran’s impressive turquoise.
Bali Islands in Malaysia are always the centre of attention of many tourists who often travel there for rest and relaxation.

The turquoise colour of the coastal waters of the island provides a peaceful, relaxing, deep breath in the soul and soul of the human being. This has also led to the belief in the calming and therapeutic properties of the turquoise rock.

Persian turquoise stone market

Turquoise colour properties in colour therapy

  • The turquoise shows the colour of the world at the beginning of the spring, when the blue and cold winter give way to the Greenery and summer heat, an indescribable calm arises in our existence. Real relaxation and new salinity to start again.

Meanwhile, the turquoise blue gems are gently rolling after the storm. It actually reduces stress and negative emotions within the human body. And the colour of the stone becomes brighter, it brings peace and tranquillity, and in its vegetation brings a spiritual and mystical relaxation.

Persian turquoise stone market

The Impact of Beliefs on Persian turquoise stone market

  •  Turquoise is the symbol of love and stone of truth and truth. And many people believe that this stone is about to rid them of the burden of sins and useless regrets.
  • Turquoise is the passion and excitement of life. Which creates a sense of courage and flexibility for a new beginning in its carrier.
  • This precious gem is also known as an aggressive controller.

These ideas are not only common in traditional countries, but also in modern countries. As in Russia, the Turquoise Ring constitutes a symbol of love and happiness in the celebration, or in England, it is a symbol of loyalty and commitment.
Therefore, Persian turquoise stone market in Malaysia or Iran is based on beliefs and beliefs.