Neyshabur turquoise price per gram in france

Neyshabur turquoise price is dependent on many factors. Turquoise is a fascinating blue stone that has traveled the Silk Road to finally arrive in Europe. Today, this road and its merchants belong to the past history. This stone has not only lost its place, but it has also benefited from a renewed interest on which we will return.
Iran has a long history of producing turquoise of the highest quality, Persian turquoise, which according to some experts is the best in the world. The turquoise of America, which comes in second position, is also of quality and widely commercialized, but because of its slightly greenish color and its veinlets, it is regarded as less beautiful than the turquoise of Persia.

Neyshabur turquoise price

The effect of turquoise color on its price

Turquoise exists in shades ranging from deep azure to intense green. It depends on the coloring elements it contains. Thus, the more copper there is, the turquoise is blue; chromium and vanadium bring a green shade; and iron gives a yellow note. Turquoise can tarnish or change color if it dries (it contains about 18% water) or if it is exposed to high temperatures. Avoid contact with household products. Turquoises often include dark veins that reflect the presence of other minerals in the cracks. This is part of the charm of turquoise!

Neyshabur turquoise price

Main deposits of turquoise

Turquoise is often found in desert areas. It is present around the Red Sea, in Mexico, in the United States, in Afghanistan, in China, in Israel, in Brazil ans ect. But the most beautiful turquoises come currently from Iran, in mines located near Nishapur, in the Northeast of the country. Their quality has been recognized since the time of the Persians and their intense color is much sought after.

Neyshabur turquoise price

how to choose your turquoise?

This rather tender stone can be cut in very varied forms, most often in cabochon. It has even been engraved or carved. The choice of color is primarily a matter of taste, as is the presence or absence of darker veins. Purple stones are very rare. The intensity of the blue color contributes to the value of the gem.
Neyshabur, in Iran, has the reputation, historically and still today, of being one of the sites where we find the most beautiful turquoises. However, deposits are also currently being exploited in the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, as well as in China and Turkey.


Persian turquoise stone price per gram in Iran

If you intend to buy turquoise, it is very important to know the price per gram of Persian turquoise stone. So come along for information.

Coarse turquoise with a carat unit are buy and sold. But when the size of the box is lower than it is, it trades with a hot unit in the trading market. Of course, the price of turquoise Neishabur is more expensive in Ajami and Shajari than other Iranian turquoise ones and they enter into different markets.

Persian turquoise stone

Price increase per gram of Persian turquoise stone

The high demand for Persian turquoise and the scarcity of this jeweled in the precious and semi-precious gem market has led to an increase in the price of this jeweled jewelry. Another reason for rising prices for Persian turquoise can be:

  •  Increased prices for raw rock
  •  Increase turquoise wages
  •  Increasing the cost of making cutlery (razor-saw blade – polished polish – leather and …)
  •  And …

Persian turquoise stone

Indices of an expensive abrasive turquoise

If you observe the following features in a turquoise Ajami, this Neyshabur turquoise is a precious stone:

  •  Coarse
  •  Have a very tight blue color
  •  Clean and free of impurities
  •  Well cut
  •  Well polished and very shiny
  •  And

Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of turquoise in the world, which is at the first level of the country’s ranking in terms of its production. Iran’s turquoise is extracted from different minerals, these rocks are in various qualitative grades, usually of a qualitative grade based on their color.

persian turquoise stone

Where to buy rare and big turquoise?

Persian big and pretty color turquoise is very rare in the market. So this turquoise can be found in the big and old companies specializing in the sphere of turquoise Neyshabour. This company is the most important supplier that can be purchased mainly from Iranian and first-grade turquoise stones at reasonable prices. Which information is listed below this text.

persian turquoise stone

Maintenance of persian turquoise

Persian turquoise, considering that its maintenance is very sensitive, we talk about this topic in this section.

  •  Avoid creating scratches
  •  don’t clean it with detergents
  •  Avoid chemicals

Turquoise is a stony and expensive stone that is produced in our country. This beautiful stone also with a lot of work has become popular in jewelry making and making various kinds of rings. These stones are in different colors in the markets.