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The turquoise, stone of the month of December. Find out why to sell turquoise stone is very common in China and also find out why turquoise can be easily altered and how it should be cleaned and stored.

It is the stone that, according to tradition, accompanies the month of December. But turquoise has an even older history than the (recent) custom of combining a stone for each month of the year. In fact, turquoise has been used since antiquity as a precious and ornamental stone.

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All about sell turquoise stone

The oldest turquoise is the one used for a bracelet that dates back to about 8000 years ago, discovered in Egypt. And another jewel with turquoise was found in the sarcophagus of a mummy of 7,500 years ago.
The blue stone was also used by the Aztecs, the Maya and the Incas, as well as among the Native Americans. It was also known to the ancient Romans: it was used for a bust of Emperor Tiberio, preserved at the Silver Museum of Florence. Other turquoise stones are found in the Treasure of San Marco, in Venice.

Why is turquoise called this? Simple: the word comes from the French term to indicate Turkey. In fact, the mineral was introduced to Europe via Turkey, from mines in the province of Khorasan, in Persia. The first use of the word turquoise to indicate the stone is from 1573.

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Where is it? Turquoise is usually found in arid regions, in filler cavities, often with associated limonite and other iron oxides. The largest production is located in Iran, Egypt (Sinai), United States.

Turquoise is a blue-green mineral. It is opaque, with a uniform blue colour or some brown or black dendritic veins of limonite. It is very rare in the form of transparent crystals. Its porosity often causes alterations to the original colour. The turquoise reaches a maximum hardness of 6 on the Moh scale (the diamond is at 10). In practice, it is slightly harder than a window pane. The colour is variable: from white to sky blue, up to the yellowish green.

The most used cut is cabochon, ie with a curved surface without facets.

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Turquoise care

Since it is a medium hard stone, turquoise is usually treated to improve colour and strength. Attention, therefore, because it is difficult to provide all the information to those who buy a jewel with turquoise. For example, turquoise is often subjected to waxing and oiling, to improve colour and shine. This is a traditional and generally accepted treatment. However, oiled and waxed stones tend to “sweat” if they are exposed to the sun or to a source of heat. In this case, they can develop a film or a white patina.

In that case, it is better to bring the jewel back to an expert who can make the stone bright again. But there are also turquoises treated with plastic or glass. This process consists of impregnating under pressure the chalky material, an epoxy and plastic resin (such as polystyrene) and glass powder (sodium silicate). Plastic and glass water treatments are much more durable and stable than wax and lubrication. But it is a non-natural method, which is rejected by many. Most of the turquoises in the United States are treated with this method. There is still an even stronger method: using Prussian blue or other dyes. Obviously in this way the stone is even more altered than its natural state.


Persian blue turquoise price | per gram 1$ to 100$

To know Persian blue turquoise price, read this article Its sky blue color has dreamed more than an adventurer. But do not think for a moment of discovering the magnificent turquoise of Iran in the mineral shops.

“The final sales prices would be too high,” justify specialist traders. That of Mexico, China, Arizona, or Kazakhstan replaces it more or less advantageously. Because it will always have less brilliance than its Persian kind.

Persian blue turquoise price

Persian blue turquoise price for different types of turquoise

Persian blue turquoise price Depending on its color and quality. And this gemstone is divided into two broad categories: simple and shajari. But there are other types of turquoise, which we draw here a quick inventory:


  • Ajami: it is a round and quite large turquoise of a unique and harmonic blue color which one finds particularly in Neyshabur in Iran. This variety is the most sought after in the world, because of its particular turquoise color and quality. This variety is also more resistant compared to others. This kind of turquoise which is said to be “simple” has no vein, so it is more expensive.
  • Semi-color Ajami: lighter in color than Ajami, it is made artificially in laboratories in some countries.
  • Arab turquoise: it is a turquoise board, of a dark blue color, which rather appeals to the Arab nations. Hence its name.
  • Tufal or literally “turquoise latte”: it is a variety that looks like turquoise arabic but has lost the base stone.

Persian blue turquoise price

Persian blue turquoise price

There are hundreds of myths and legends about the appearance of this gem known to mankind for millennia. According to a legend of the American Indians, the collision of a meteor with the planet earth, millions of years ago, would have caused the formation of turquoise. That’s why they mostly dedicated it to their gods.

For the Iranians too, Persian turquoise is a sacred stone. Among the beliefs related to it, one tells that a Natural turquoise which pales announces the disease of its owner. It also considere a lucky stone and the warriors used it during Antiquity as a protective amulet. Thus, turquoises embed in the shields and helmets of the Persian soldiers to protect them against the enemy arrows and bring them victory. The shield of the Sassanid king Ardeshir III was famous for its Persian turquoise decorations.

Before Islam, the prestige of turquoise also pushed kings and the Iranian nobility to use it in their coat of arms and their personal or public accessories. Lastly, the exploitation of turquoise was exclusively royal until the end of the Safavid period (18th century).


Neyshabur turquoise price per gram in france

Neyshabur turquoise price is dependent on many factors. Turquoise is a fascinating blue stone that has traveled the Silk Road to finally arrive in Europe. Today, this road and its merchants belong to the past history. This stone has not only lost its place, but it has also benefited from a renewed interest on which we will return.
Iran has a long history of producing turquoise of the highest quality, Persian turquoise, which according to some experts is the best in the world. The turquoise of America, which comes in second position, is also of quality and widely commercialized, but because of its slightly greenish color and its veinlets, it is regarded as less beautiful than the turquoise of Persia.

Neyshabur turquoise price

The effect of turquoise color on its price

Turquoise exists in shades ranging from deep azure to intense green. It depends on the coloring elements it contains. Thus, the more copper there is, the turquoise is blue; chromium and vanadium bring a green shade; and iron gives a yellow note. Turquoise can tarnish or change color if it dries (it contains about 18% water) or if it is exposed to high temperatures. Avoid contact with household products. Turquoises often include dark veins that reflect the presence of other minerals in the cracks. This is part of the charm of turquoise!

Neyshabur turquoise price

Main deposits of turquoise

Turquoise is often found in desert areas. It is present around the Red Sea, in Mexico, in the United States, in Afghanistan, in China, in Israel, in Brazil ans ect. But the most beautiful turquoises come currently from Iran, in mines located near Nishapur, in the Northeast of the country. Their quality has been recognized since the time of the Persians and their intense color is much sought after.

Neyshabur turquoise price

how to choose your turquoise?

This rather tender stone can be cut in very varied forms, most often in cabochon. It has even been engraved or carved. The choice of color is primarily a matter of taste, as is the presence or absence of darker veins. Purple stones are very rare. The intensity of the blue color contributes to the value of the gem.
Neyshabur, in Iran, has the reputation, historically and still today, of being one of the sites where we find the most beautiful turquoises. However, deposits are also currently being exploited in the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, as well as in China and Turkey.


Persian turquoise price per carat in the world

Persian turquoise price is considered as its size, weight, and its type. In fact, large, and, especially Ajami turquoise is dealing with the carat in the global market.
Because they believe that turquoise will divert negative energy from the environment. And even some artists believe that turquoise can inspire them to work.
Today, as the therapeutic stone market is hot, the types of precious stones, particularly the turquoise stone have found many fans in the world.

Although today the people of the world use the turquoise world not only for jewellery but also in other cases. Sometimes they just use it in your home or place.
When we extract the turquoise rock from the mines. It’s definitely bulky and bulky. We turn these chunks into smaller fragments and cut them into arbitrary shapes. among the different sizes of sizes.
The small sizes are made in bulk and large sizes based on the carat, which will vary depending on the weight of the Persian turquoise price.

Persian turquoise price

Indices of an expensive Ajami turquoise

If you see the following features in a turquoise Ajami, this Neyshabur turquoise is a precious stone:

  •  Coarse
  •  Have a very light blue colour
  •  Clean and free of impurities
  •  Well-cut
  •  Well polished and very shiny
  •  And …

Persian turquoise price

Where to buy rare and coarse turquoise?

The big and colourful turquoise Ajami are very rare in the market, and this turquoise finds and buy in large and well-known companies specializing in the sphere of turquoise Neyshabur.

persian turquoise price

How can we accurately know the Persian turquoise price?

In order to know the main price of turquoise Neishabur, it is necessary that:

  •  Check out the turquoise area to be priced on
  •  After checking, according to the parameters affecting the price of turquoise, the exact price of the same bar is determined.

Note that each turquoise has its own price, so we see a lot of price variation in the turquoise market.

persian turquoise price

The most specialized turquoise brand Neyshabur

It is important to buy turquoise Neishabur from specialized stores and companies because:

  •  You can easily find the turquoise stone you need.
  •  With more comfort and relaxation, you can buy the turquoise you need.
  •  You are more confident about the Persian turquoise price and the price of the jewellery.
  •  Next time, you can buy something similar to the jewellery you bought before.
  •  And …