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Persian turquoise is a rock that has many enthusiasts around the world. So, before buying it, it’s natural to know how much Persian turquoise?!. Without a doubt, you will be able to find the price by visiting the Turquoise stone speciality sale Center, but always that it is not necessary to be present.
Today, you can access any sale centre through technology. Because every store has become a site. Even grocery stores and shopping centres.
But what pleases is the sense of being in that colourful world that awakens strong emotions within the human.
Being present at the Turquoise stone Shopping Center can inspire a lot of thoughts and ideas for you.

Because the turquoise is like a deep sea that will carry a person to the depths.
To a world that you will not be the same person after returning from it.
We can refer to turquoise stone as a linking of cultures. Although the Persian turquoise stone is best described. Before that, the Chinese and the native Americans and South America have always referred to turquoises as a piece of land of goddesses.
By attending a turquoise rocket sale centre, you can see various types of rock in different sizes and colours and get informed about their price.
The Persian turquoise are divided into 3 different categories.

Persian turquoise

Type of Persian Turquoise Stone

  •  Angoshtari: This type has the best quality ever used to make jewellery. This type of rock is dark blue and there are very mild matrices on it.
  • Barkhande: This model is the second of a series of turquoise stone that is of equal quality with an Angoshtari, but many matrixes surround its surface.
  •  Arabic: This type of rock is in the third category due to being very light blue with green shades or unwanted spots.

Although the Iranian turquoise division is divided into three categories, this does not mean that their quality is different. In fact, the reason for the worthiness of some gems is only one kind of taste for the enthusiasts.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

The perspective of Persian Turquoise Fans

  •  Exceptional turquoise
  •  Bright blue turquoise from the vast territory of Iran
  •  And more recently, Iranian turquoise as a measure of quality and value.

Sometimes you’ve come to realize that most of the turquoise colour is as the decoration of relaxing spaces.
Even without exaggeration, we can say that when we enter the turquoise store sites, we can feel the turquoise effect even from our own morale. turquoise stone, meaning the secret and secret inside it. To determine which Iranian turquoise is, the type and colour of the matrix are very influential in it. Of course, the colour of the turquoise matrix reflects its origin, which can be one of the hallmarks of the essence of turquoise stone.

Major turquoise Neyshabur sales

Iranian turquoise matrix colour

  •  Black matrix. The most popular matrix is iron or iron sulfide.
  •  Yellow Matrix. Rhyolite is often igneous and volcanic rock.
  •  Brown matrix. Which is the source of iron oxide? Of course, this kind of matrix itself has 16 different types, the best known for hematite.

Turquoise Neyshabur sale center in Turkey

Turquoise Neyshabur sale center, is source of all kind of Persian turquoise, especially Turquoise Neyshabur. business of the Turquoise Neyshabur stone (as known Firuze in Iran) of Iran has been from many years ago in Turkey, and has since got the name of “turquoise” in the world.Despite the fact that Iran is one of the most important turquoise explores, but now, the Iranian turquoise has been famous by the name of Turkey. The Persians divided turquoise into three classes.

turquoise neyshabur sale center


Type of turquoise in the Turquoise Neyshabur sale center

  • shajari is perspective stone with intermediate quality.
  • The beautiful stone that use for ring, its name is Angoshtari
  • Arabic turquoise is the other kind of this pale stone with pale greenish or satin in the matrix.

Traditionally,the Middle East’s people prefer bright blue stone without matrix. I can say this is the original dormant beauty of Turquoise.
Various shade and matrices can be found in Persian turquoise jewelry. The turquoise is among the stone most used by women.
Jewelers in the Turquoise Neyshabur sale center center usually process turquoise by dyeing, waxing, and lubrication. they also impregnate it with paraffin, shellac, varnish, lacquer or water glass(sodium silicate)
there was a Belief between people that the turquoise protects own carrier against evil. also It is especially useful for the digestive system when used as a belt Buckle. It increases the balance when use with silver. It also symbolizes peace.

turquoise neyshabur sale center


Benefits of Turquoise stone

  • this gem stone useful in recovering the grief of the grieving people, or liberating the shockers of an event from that situation. It gives them the sense of peas they need.
  • It increase the healing power of people who carry it and help them to improve their knowledge.
  • turquoise also is effective against fores of evil.
  • there is some belief that the turquoise bring you luck and chance.
  • It reduces stress
  • turquoise is a gem stone that you can use everyday, especially when buried in silver, its effect increase and stabilizes
  • For digestive problem; you can use it as belt buckle, wristband or ring.
  • It regulates blood pressure and is good for heart disease
  • At the Turquoise Sales Center in Turkey, you can find a variety of Turquoise Neyshabur stones in a variety of colors and designs.  and Turkish jewelry due to thy are dressed by mine stones, are very adorable and popular and You can see these turquoise stones and jewelry at the Turquoise Neyshabur Sales Center in Turkey.

Turquoise Neyshabur sale center


How to identify the turquoise original of Neyshabur

  • The turquoise stone color
  • Hardship level

It’s very difficult to detect Turquoise authenticity. it’s very difficult to detective turquoise Neyshabur for professionals,too.unfortunately, in the market, in some case, counterfeit turquoise or downscale turquoise sold out at a high price instead of turquoise Neyshabur.

so if you are going to bu turquoise at a high price, you should be sure to purchase from the turquoise Neyshabur sale center