Persian turquoise for sale in china

Persian turquoise for sale in China can be one of the attractions of this country. Due to its beauty, this mineral is very much appreciated by people around the world.
As you know, one of the most valuable and beautiful types of minerals is turquoise stone. Of course, what’s to be said is Turquoise Persian is the best type of turquoise in the world.
Today, Persian turquoise exports to other countries, especially China, have expanded vastly. And because China is a country that produces a variety of industries.
So it buys and imports Persian turquoise and then processes the necessary materials for the production of various jewellery and accessories on it. And then exports it worldwide.
One can not deny that Persian turquoise has been able to produce many arts and industries in the world.


Persian turquoise for sale

What can be produced with Persian turquoise for sale

• Architecture and design of buildings such as mosques
• Turquoise dishes
• Production of all kinds of jewels and ornaments
• And today it is very much used in fashion design and fashion.
It should be said that the story of turquoise dates back to centuries. And turquoise is not only a decorative stone but also a soul. As in most cultures, turquoise is a stone-thirsty and should be careful of its spirit.
Iran is one of the largest suppliers of turquoise stone in the world. The turquoise stone is often extracted in Iran by the explosion. And that’s why it sometimes creates small cracks on the rock.

Persian turquoise for sale

View the best turquoise stone for export

Usually, the finest and finest turquoise rocks have the following features.
• Its colour has a celestial blue and is very clear.
• The best Persian turquoise type, turquoise Neyshabur, which has a lot of gloss.
• Neyshabour Turquoise stone is very suitable for the production of a variety of jewels and extras, due to its high hardness.
Due to its large population, Pin country can be a good market for turquoise rock. Especially China has a lot of industries and the potential for turquoise products.

Persian turquoise for sale

Exports of raw turquoise to China

Most turquoise Neishabur customers in China are willing to buy the raw turquoise rock. Because they prefer to cut the stone themselves and work on jewellery and sell it.
But as you know, the export of raw turquoise is prohibited outside the country, So what can be done is to promote the turquoise stone turning techniques in the country which will expand the turquoise stone market and focus on turquoise stones overseas.

Major turquoise neyshabur sale in Jakarta.

Major turquoise neyshabur sale around the world have been turquoise businessmen for years. Jakarta (Indonesia), China, and even India are major importers of Neyshabur, where more than half of the world’s jewellery productions were made.
Turquoise, with its stunning beauty, has been extracted from Iran’s mines for more than 500 years. Although the turquoise has a small portion of the market for the export of this rock, the turquoise quality gauge of the world is Turquoise rock Neyshabur.
And it can be argued that world-famous jewellers prefer the use of turquoise Neyshabur in their products. Turquoise stone in Iran is a national stone. The best type of Persian turquoise is the turquoise Neyshabur, which has the title of the best type of turquoise due to its unique features.

turquoise neyshabur

Properties of Turquoise Neyshabur

  • Blue or Celestial Color
  • Lack of a very small matrix or matrix, which itself is a symbol of its origin
  • Despite the fact that turquoise is not a hard rock, turquoise Neyshabur is harder than another turquoise.
  • The colour spectrum is the very wide range of Turquoise Neyshabur. Because turquoise has a wide spectrum. Jewellers pay special attention to it

Turquoise stone, although known as a rock, is very sensitive and fragile and needs special care.

turquoise neyshabur

Care for Turquoise Neyshabur

  •  Turquoise covered with a polymer is less susceptible to scratch and shaky. But avoid touching turquoise with other metals as they can damage it.
  •  Turquoise reacts easily with solvents. Because it is very sensitive. so, avoid contact with perfume, skin lotion, hairspray, sunscreen and other cosmetics.
  •  Do not touch the skin with fat or sweat.
  •  Over time, exposure to sunlight can cause a rust. Therefore Turquoise gem needs a dark place to stay alive. And try to use it at night.

After extraction of turquoise stone by miners, it is prepared for cutting and shaping in various forms. And used for different purposes.

Major turquoise neyshabur sale

Type of Major turquoise Neyshabur sale

  •  Beaded jewellery is very common today. also, Turquoise beads are of different sizes. Countries like Indonesia, using turquoise beads, produce very valuable jewellery.
  •  Cabochon. the cabochon is one of the most common types for turquoise Neishabur.
  •  Nuggets and chip. It consists of high-polish polyester stones. They are irregular and form through natural erosion.

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