turquoise stone price per gram

turquoise stone price

Turquoise is a precious and exists in turquoise stone price colors with different tones of light blue, dark blue, light green and dark green. The surface of the earth is found.
The of turquoise stone price per gram varies according to its rating.

The deep turquoise rocks soften due to the production of groundwater acid, so they are of lesser quality and value than jewelry. The best turquoise type is near the surface. The turquoise stone price of comes in many different types in this section and we explain the principle of turquoise detection from another example

 How many types of turquoise do we have

How many types of turquoise do we have?

This stone known in Iran as Turquoise called Turquoise in English and Turquoise stone pric is different.

  1. In the past, when Turquoise mines had not yet been discovered in Europe and the United States, all Europeans traded with Iran for precious stones through Turkey, and Turkish merchant bought and sold to the Europeans precious stones from Iran. For this reason, Turquoise, an unknown stone imported from Turkey, called Turkish stone.
  2. Others believe that the root of the name derived from the French name of the stone used to describe the stone. In France, the name Pierre Turquin means a pale blue rock that has gradually changed to Turquoise in the English dialect.

Price per gram turquoise Neyshabur Grade 3 and 2

Price per gram turquoise Neyshabur Grade 3 and 2

The reason why this type of turquoise called Neyshabur 6 is because the turquoise is not of good color and quality. The turquoise stone price of Neyshabur Grade 3 is between 2 and 5 thousand tomans and also called turquoise, weak turquoise or trail turquoise.
Neyshabur Grade 3 turquoise usually has a price of between 1 and 2 thousand tomans, and the color and quality of this turquoise is higher than that of grade 3 turquoise sheds, which you will find below

 Price per gram turquoise stone of Neyshabur Grade 1

Price per gram turquoise stone of Neyshabur Grade 1

turquoise stone price of Neyshabur Original is Versatile We have divided Neyshabur turquoise stone into 1, 2, 3, and 2 grade, which are classy turquoise, very beautiful color and very good quality. These greenhouses are often in the blue color spectrum. These bathrooms usually sold in the market at a price of 6000 grams up to 6000 grams.
Note that the prices are for bulk sales and the base purchase is at least 5kg.

turquoise stone price Iranian

turquoise stone price Iranian

American turquoise is scarce in Iran. Turquoise Tibet is also lighter in color and smoother than Iranian turquoise. The veins on the Tibetan turquoise thin and hairy, and this type of turquoise extracted into small pieces that used to crush several stones for use on the ring pedestal.

Iranian turquoise is more crude than Tibetan turquoise and its veins are coarse and dark cracks. Iranian turquoise coarse extracted, and fine enamel used in enamel and the of Iranian turquoise stone price differs from that of non-Iranian ones

How to make sure the turquoise is original?

How to make sure the turquoise is original?

turquoise stone price and Color Turquoise stone is mainly due to its copper in blue, chromium or vanadium in green and iron in yellow, in the range of light blue to light blue as well as light green. It turns yellow. The original turquoise color is usually slightly opaque.

Neyshabur turquoise has no matrix and their color is uniform blue. High quality turquoise has a blue sky. Turquoise stone is the principal source of black spots and veins on the back of the neck.
To identify the genuine Firooze of the original type, place the purchased stone in the sun for a short time. If its color changes slightly, it indicates the color of the turquoise stone is fake.


mineral Persian turquoise stone price in 2019 | supplier Persian turquoise

Mineral Persian turquoise stone, which is called the “Diamond” in the market for semi-precious stones. Which also sale in the market for a wide variety of colors, sizes and types.
Neyshabour turquoise also is a noble and famous jeweler among the enthusiasts of ornamental stones. That buy and sale in precious and semi-precious stones. Neyshabour turquoise, who is seen on jewelry, has gone through a lot of steps to reach jewelers and put on jewelry. And sold and sold inside the market.
Each amount of Turquoise Neyshabur is darker blue and any more colourful. Turquoise also Neyshabur prices are higher.
The blue jewelled Turquoise Neyshabur makes it at some point. And this aristocratic jeweler also has a high and unique price than other semi-precious stones.

Mineral persian turquoise stone

The effect of mineral Persian turquoise stone on its price

One of the most important parameters in the pricing of Turquoise Neyshabur stone is the turquoise colour. As we discussed in the previous section about the popular turquoise color spectra. We will tell you that any amount of Turquoise Neyshabur color is blue. And also the water is any more solid, the price of turquoise Neyshabur has higher prices.

Origin and composition of mineral Persian turquoise stone

The mineral Persian turquoise stone has its etymological origin of the French “turquoise”, meaning originally speaking: “stone of Turkey”. Blue turquoise belongs to the group of alumina phosphates. It is often semi-opaque and compose of copper, aluminum, iron, oxygen, hydrogen and phosphorus. This stone often find in desert and arid environments. It is possible to find it in different forms of blue. If it mixed with acid, this stone is transformed into a copper color.
The main deposits of turquoise stone are in Afghanistan, Australia, China, the United States, France, Iran, Israel, Mexico and Tanzania. Since this ston exploit for a long time. Almost all old deposits exhaust with the exception of Iran, which still knows many of them today.

Mineral persian turquoise stone

Type shape of Neyshabour turquoise stone

Shaper of Turquoise Neyshapur stone cut this stone in a variety of ways. That the best and most popular of these types of milling are:

  •  Oval
  •  The circle
  •  Quadrangle
  •  Tears
  •  Dome

It is interesting to know that turquoise stone also is one of the most effective parameters on the price of turquoise. Which we mentioned in previous articles.
If you need to bulk to Turquoise Neyshabur stone. It is enough to contact us to get whatever you need in this area with the right qualities and prices.


Original Neyshabur turquoise stone price

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone is very consumer and economic, unlike the previous value of this spiritual stone. But be sure to find and purchase the original Neyshabur Turquoise in The market with thousand colors turquoise variety.
original Neyshabur turquoise stone is one of the best and most expensive types of the gemstone. Turquoise stone has been used as an ornamental stone for thousands of years. Perhaps it is trusty to say that the turquoise Neishabur is the world’s first known turquoise, which for many years has featured a ring of golden sultans and many kings.
The value of Turquoise Neishabur is spiritual rather than material.

Although turquoise is also extracted in other countries such as America and Mexico, the color spectrum is not the same as turquoise Neyshabur.
The Neyshabur turquoise color spectrum begins with a light blue without matrix. And through a linear process, it passes through colorless blue borders and enters the greenish Range, too often turns white or light gray.
As you know, Turquoise has some water inside its structure, which If stored in a dry place. It will diminish. The Persians believed that turquoise has died in such circumstances.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Turquoise maintenance methods

  •  Reconstitution phase includes waxing
  •  No rinse with detergent and alcohol
  •  No contact with oily skin and cosmetics
  •  Do not expose to light and dust.
  •  Cleaning the turquoise as often as possible

What that is the characteristic of the original Neyshabur turquoise stone are stacks or matrices that greatly enhance the beauty of this stone.

Indeed, the existence of this kind of matrix on the stone not only does not diminish its value, but it also manifests itself as a double beauty.
In Iran, there are other mines that are also used to make turquoise extraction process. But what is the turquoise Neishabur index? The brilliance and clarity of this type of turquoise are more than other types.
It should be noted that original Neishabur turquoise retains less water than other types.  So this will result in no change in color or death of turquoise.
From the east to the west this earth has always spoken about the benefits and profits of turquoise gemstone for their carrier.
Of course, it should be noted that the originality and mineral content of turquoise is very important in this regard.

And it would not be a blessing if we count a number of world-wide shared beliefs about turquoise.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Advantages of original Neyshabur turquoise stone for human

  •  Involvement of forces
  • Strengthening human chakras
  • Make calm
  • Balance in internal emotions
  • Helping to treat a variety of diseases
  • Treating types of a headache
  • Turquoise strengthens the heart and heats up.
  • Creating the power of love and friendship
  • The manifestation of reason and wisdom

Undoubtedly, it also is difficult for professionals to detect the turquoise principle of Neishabur. So try to ask it from the reputable sellers and suppliers of this type of gem.

Our production collection has the honor to offer the turquoise gemstone inside and outside the country.

And our goal is just to introduce Turquoise Neyshabur again to the world to restore the status and worth of the Persian turquoise.

Of course, we have also responded to your trust. Using the most modern science and technology in the world, we extract the stone of Neishabur and cut it in a variety of shapes. And we have polished them in a special Iranian way that no longer available turquoise can compete in its shine.

Turquoise Neishabur can be put in different shapes and sizes with a variety of different jewelry, due to its various sizes and shapes.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

What you can do with turquoise Neyshabur

  •  Variety of men’s and women’s rings
  •  A complete set of turquoise badges.
  •  Brooch and turquoise brushes.