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Natural Persian turquoise cabochons is an ornamental stone known since farther than Antiquity. The Persians used turquoise in the craft of beautiful ethnic jewellery. As did the Amerindians and Aztecs who made amulets, necklaces or pendants.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Types of existing natural Persian turquoise cabochons

The turquoise “imitation”. They are fake turquoises so without turquoise like. The Howlite or agate tinted turquoise that has nothing to do with turquoise. Also include plastics, porcelain or other tinted lenses.

Turquoise reconstituted. These are normally fragments and turquoise powder re-agglomerated in a neutral synthetic resin to form a stable and resistant stone.

Turquoise oiled. It’s a real natural turquoise that has been impregnated with a paraffin bath to increase its hardness. And also reduce the natural porosity of the turquoise.

Stabilized turquoise. It is a real natural turquoise with impregnation of a colourless resin to increase the hardness of the gem without modifying neither the structure nor the colour.

Finally natural turquoise: very rare because porous and fragile. Turquoise is a porous stone so difficult to work in jewellery.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise: stone of protection and prosperity

Although known and yet so discreet about its origins and its virtues. The natural turquoise stone has bewitched us for thousands of years. It does not have the brilliance of precious stones. But its opaque aspect of a deep blue is sublime. We often wear it on us in jewels. Because we love its beauty but also its fascinating legendary history and its many healing properties.


If you are thirsty for discovery, read this article, take you to the discovery of turquoise. Its origins, its history and its beneficial effects on our body and our health.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Natural Persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise is a gem of a characteristic blue shade and often traversed by matrix (black veins). Turquoise was rammed from Persia by the Turks who sold them to the Europeans. Westerners loved this gem of a unique and pure blue, and mistakenly called “turquoise” that is to say “turkey stone”. Persia (present-day Iran) still produces the most beautiful turquoises, thanks to its deposits in the Nishapur region. The Iranian turquoises are absolutely immaculate, without any matrix.

Natural persian turquoise cabochons

Turquoise, the blue queen of jewels

If the natural Persian turquoise cabochons stone is now very popular with artisans and goldsmiths, note that this was already the case there are thousands of years. Very pretty inlays of turquoises were used to decorate mortuary masks, ornaments or objects of worship. Turquoise was the symbol of power, prestige and protection.


In the 21st century, we remain very fond of this virtuous and beautiful stone. We wear it in round form beads or cabochons, necklace, pendant, bracelet or ring. It goes particularly well with silver frames. Let’s take advantage of this beauty of nature to adorn itself with this stone with a deep and unique blue colour!

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Buy Neyshabur turquoise in Iran | Persian Turquoise Stone Sales Center

Buy Neyshabur turquoise in iran is one of the best business . It is simply the “stone of Turkey” because when this gem came to Europe, it had passed through this country, but it came from Persia. The Greeks called it “callait”.

It was a sacred stone for the Egyptians, Persians, Tibetans, Indians, Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.
Color blue sky, blue green, green apple when it is altered, the shade “turquoise blue” proving rare. When the stone is furrowed with veinlets or clouds of brown, gray or black, it is called “matrix”.
Heated around 250 ° C, its sky blue color turns green. It can also change color under the influence of light, perspiration, oils, cosmetics, fatty products by loss of its natural water content: it is said that it dies: it turns pale or green.
Its hardness depends on its origin: it begins at 4 (those of America), 5 (those of Sinai) or 6 (those of Persia). Turquoises from Iran are the most sought after.

Buy neyshabur turquoise in iran

Persian Turquoise

Extraction locations for Buy neyshabur turquoise

The region of Neyshapur (Iran) provides the most beautiful stones. But it also find in Afghanistan, Argentina, Tibet, the United States (New Mexico, Arizona: Sleeping Beauty Mine), Russia, Chile, Australia, in Brazil, Indochina, South West Africa, China, Mexico, Tanzania, Israel (in Sinai where the deposit was exploited in 4000 BC) and was even noted in France, Montebras (Creuse) although it is probably only variscite.

Buy neyshabur turquoise in iran

Neyshabur Turquoise

Purification and reloading of Turquoise stone

Whether in the form of a pendant, bracelet, rolled stone or raw stone, the Turquoise stone must be purified and reloaded. So that it can bring you its benefits again.
Indeed, after a while, the stone will have exhausted all the energy it contained and will need to find natural energies.
For this, choose the moonlight, less aggressive than the sun’s rays that could damage it.
Remember to always purify and reload a stone when you have just appropriated it to eliminate previous vibrations.

Buy neyshabur turquoise in iran

Persian Turquoise

The belief of physical Level of Neyshabur turquoise in iran

there is many belief about Neyshabur Turquoise in Iran. such as it is able to strengthen and revitalize the immune system. It heals infectious diseases of the eye. And also is very effective in combating the effects of poisoning and headaches.
Also it purifies and controls the body’s fluids and mucous membranes. And can reduce excess cholesterol.Turquoise facilitates digestion, activates blood circulation and removes toxins. It is effective for treating eye diseases, for clearing nasal congestion, and for cleaning the lungs. It calms migraine, fights against nervousness, and promotes swallowing.


Where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur?

Where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur?This is the first question that can come first to you. But really, where should turquoise Neyshabur rock buy?
In fact, finding the turquoise original of Neishabur, while there is a variety of fake on the market, is not so easy. And in fact, when buying it, you have to specialize in purchasing or buying a trusted the place.

Of course, to know about turquoise, you need to know a lot about the types of stones, types of mines, types of degrees of quality, and even types of matrices and their sources. Undoubtedly, getting this information is very time-consuming.
But by working with a reputable company, you will be able to download all of this information. And you will easily find what is good for you.

Where to buy turquoise stone

Brief information about the turquoise Mine of Neyshabur

  •  The history of turquoise mines in Iran is about a thousand years ago. Which dates back to the Neyshabur Turquoise Stone.
  •  They know the turquoise in the world in the name of Iran, and in the jewellery exhibitions, this stone is considered as the symbol of our country.
  •  Persian turquoise Neyshabur is the best and most expensive type

Turquoise has been used in Iran for centuries to decorate many places like mosques. This Iranian architectural style was also considered by the Taj Mahal makers. So you can see Iranian turquoise in Taj Mahal Architecture.
In fact, according to the Persians and Orientals, this stone is a symbol of God’s paradise on earth.

where to buy turquoise stone

How and where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur?

If you do not have a lot of information about turquoise rock, it’s best to go Where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur that is safe and conscious people to buy this stone. Companies that are active in turquoise, especially turquoise Neyshabur, are the best choice to buy Neyshabur rock.


Turquoise is a rock that forms on the rocky cliffs of rich in mineral content. The presence of some minerals in the structure of this stone gives it a special value. From where to buy turquoise stone Neyshabur, the following factors affect the value of turquoise and ultimately the cost of any kind that includes this gem.

where to buy turquoise stone

What factors affect the value of turquoise stone?

Turquoise is a rock that forms on the rocky cliffs of rich in mineral content. The presence of some minerals in the structure of this stone gives it a certain value. From wherever you buy turquoise, the following factors affect the value of turquoise and ultimately the cost of any kind that includes this gem.

  •  Color
  •  Degree
  •  Preparation Treatments
  •  degree of hardness
  •  Pricing

Persian turquoise stone market in Indonesia

Persian turquoise stone market has a small share in the world, it is always accompanied by turquoise. And the criterion for determining the value of turquoise stone in the market is Persian turquoise stone.
Indonesia may be called the largest importer of Iranian turquoise stone. Undoubtedly, on trips to the Balinese islands in Malaysia (which is known as turquoise islands), you can see handmade many handicrafts that have turquoise jewellery in gemstone markets.

Persian turquoise stone market

Factors Affecting the Persian turquoise stone market

Many factors affect the market and determine the value of Iranian turquoise. If you want to explain a few things briefly, we will:

  •  Turquoise stone history
  •  Works and applications of turquoise stone in places and mosques, especially Iranian architecture
  •  Specifications and Turquoise Stone Ingredients
  •  mines extracted
  •  The type and design of the turquoise matrix
  •  Patchiness and degree of hardness
  •  Astronomical or Turquoise Stone Type

The presence of fake turquoise or stones in other countries has not been able to affect the Persian turquoise market in various regions, especially Indonesia.
In other words, it is only the Iranian turquoise that has the ability to determine the Persian turquoise stone market.

As the Persian turquoise as the blue rock in the world determines the value and price of turquoise.
The gemstone market in Indonesia on Saturdays and Thursdays is like a festival that is able to bring Iran’s impressive turquoise.
Bali Islands in Malaysia are always the centre of attention of many tourists who often travel there for rest and relaxation.

The turquoise colour of the coastal waters of the island provides a peaceful, relaxing, deep breath in the soul and soul of the human being. This has also led to the belief in the calming and therapeutic properties of the turquoise rock.

Persian turquoise stone market

Turquoise colour properties in colour therapy

  • The turquoise shows the colour of the world at the beginning of the spring, when the blue and cold winter give way to the Greenery and summer heat, an indescribable calm arises in our existence. Real relaxation and new salinity to start again.

Meanwhile, the turquoise blue gems are gently rolling after the storm. It actually reduces stress and negative emotions within the human body. And the colour of the stone becomes brighter, it brings peace and tranquillity, and in its vegetation brings a spiritual and mystical relaxation.

Persian turquoise stone market

The Impact of Beliefs on Persian turquoise stone market

  •  Turquoise is the symbol of love and stone of truth and truth. And many people believe that this stone is about to rid them of the burden of sins and useless regrets.
  • Turquoise is the passion and excitement of life. Which creates a sense of courage and flexibility for a new beginning in its carrier.
  • This precious gem is also known as an aggressive controller.

These ideas are not only common in traditional countries, but also in modern countries. As in Russia, the Turquoise Ring constitutes a symbol of love and happiness in the celebration, or in England, it is a symbol of loyalty and commitment.
Therefore, Persian turquoise stone market in Malaysia or Iran is based on beliefs and beliefs.


Neyshabur turquoise shop in Malaysia | Beautiful turquoise stone

Neyshabur turquoise shop in Malaysia, with the combination of turquoise with Malaysian silver jewellery, produces a beautiful gem jewellery of turquoise stone that can reflect the culture and tradition of this Islamic country.
As you know, Malaysia is an Islamic country. And the turquoise stone is of special significance to Muslims. Also, the people of Malaysia have very different traditions with Iranian culture. This is even evident in their jewellery.
As it is said, turquoise is a living stone, and in fact, it is believed by some to breathe. So you have to be careful about keeping it.
For this reason, turquoise stone shop space, especially Neyshabur turquoise shop should have special Features for turquoise stone. That’s why the turquoise shop in Malaysia, which is actually providing us with turquoise rocks, has a great deal of sensitivity in supplying and supplying turquoise Neyshabur products.

Neyshabur turquoise shop

Neyshabur turquoise shop Services for Malaysian Customers

  •  Presents jewellery made with turquoise stone
  •  Supply of decorative artefacts with turquoise stone
  •  Offering uncovered a turquoise stone
  •  Polishing and restoration of has been pale turquoise and so-called Turquoise Dead.

The turquoise and properties of the years have passed since generation to generation. Despite the semi-preciousness of this rock, it is always an ornament of the royal jewellery and is considered an aristocratic stone.
People in the world, as well as Malaysia, believe that turquoise is a relaxing and stress reliever. If we disregard the scientific and medical aspects, the psychoanalysis of the turquoise Neyshabur’s colour spectrum alone can carry it calmly.

Neyshabur turquoise shop

Turquoise Neyshabur Turquoise Silver Spectrum Based on Value

  •  sky blue
  •  Green
  •  Blue-green
  •  Blue-white
  •  Green-gray
  •  light green

In the world, turquoise Neyshabur is famous for the blue stone, because the turquoise without the matrix of Neishabur is completely homogeneous and without any matrix.

And so the Neyshabur blue turquoise determines the price of turquoise.
At the same time, the kind of Turquoise Neyshabur Matrix, which can be found in a variety of shop in Malaysia, is also amazing. Types of Spider Matrix on the Turquoise Neyshabur create beautiful shapes that attract attention to this semi-precious stone.
At the stage of cutting turquoise stone cut it in different sizes and shapes. So you can watch our diverse products in different shapes and sizes in a Neyshabur turquoise shop in Malaysia.
What we do in the turquoise industry is the extraction and production of fine coloured stone from the mines of Neyshabur. And after the cutting and polishing, and actually preparing it as wholesale and sometimes cut into special jewellery, we will deliver it to the customer.

Neyshabur turquoise shop

Different shapes of turquoise Neyshabur

  • Cabochon
  • Angular
  • Heart Shaped
  • Regular turquoise

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone price

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone is very consumer and economic, unlike the previous value of this spiritual stone. But be sure to find and purchase the original Neyshabur Turquoise in The market with thousand colors turquoise variety.
original Neyshabur turquoise stone is one of the best and most expensive types of the gemstone. Turquoise stone has been used as an ornamental stone for thousands of years. Perhaps it is trusty to say that the turquoise Neishabur is the world’s first known turquoise, which for many years has featured a ring of golden sultans and many kings.
The value of Turquoise Neishabur is spiritual rather than material.

Although turquoise is also extracted in other countries such as America and Mexico, the color spectrum is not the same as turquoise Neyshabur.
The Neyshabur turquoise color spectrum begins with a light blue without matrix. And through a linear process, it passes through colorless blue borders and enters the greenish Range, too often turns white or light gray.
As you know, Turquoise has some water inside its structure, which If stored in a dry place. It will diminish. The Persians believed that turquoise has died in such circumstances.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Turquoise maintenance methods

  •  Reconstitution phase includes waxing
  •  No rinse with detergent and alcohol
  •  No contact with oily skin and cosmetics
  •  Do not expose to light and dust.
  •  Cleaning the turquoise as often as possible

What that is the characteristic of the original Neyshabur turquoise stone are stacks or matrices that greatly enhance the beauty of this stone.

Indeed, the existence of this kind of matrix on the stone not only does not diminish its value, but it also manifests itself as a double beauty.
In Iran, there are other mines that are also used to make turquoise extraction process. But what is the turquoise Neishabur index? The brilliance and clarity of this type of turquoise are more than other types.
It should be noted that original Neishabur turquoise retains less water than other types.  So this will result in no change in color or death of turquoise.
From the east to the west this earth has always spoken about the benefits and profits of turquoise gemstone for their carrier.
Of course, it should be noted that the originality and mineral content of turquoise is very important in this regard.

And it would not be a blessing if we count a number of world-wide shared beliefs about turquoise.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

Advantages of original Neyshabur turquoise stone for human

  •  Involvement of forces
  • Strengthening human chakras
  • Make calm
  • Balance in internal emotions
  • Helping to treat a variety of diseases
  • Treating types of a headache
  • Turquoise strengthens the heart and heats up.
  • Creating the power of love and friendship
  • The manifestation of reason and wisdom

Undoubtedly, it also is difficult for professionals to detect the turquoise principle of Neishabur. So try to ask it from the reputable sellers and suppliers of this type of gem.

Our production collection has the honor to offer the turquoise gemstone inside and outside the country.

And our goal is just to introduce Turquoise Neyshabur again to the world to restore the status and worth of the Persian turquoise.

Of course, we have also responded to your trust. Using the most modern science and technology in the world, we extract the stone of Neishabur and cut it in a variety of shapes. And we have polished them in a special Iranian way that no longer available turquoise can compete in its shine.

Turquoise Neishabur can be put in different shapes and sizes with a variety of different jewelry, due to its various sizes and shapes.

Original Neyshabur turquoise stone

What you can do with turquoise Neyshabur

  •  Variety of men’s and women’s rings
  •  A complete set of turquoise badges.
  •  Brooch and turquoise brushes.

Major selling of Persian turquoise stone + picture

Major selling of Persian turquoise stone often is in charge by specialist and high level provider. Unit of wholesale turquoise shaped has been determined gram.
Traits such as blue, beautiful, magnificent, noble and aristocrat all over the world are used for Persian turquoise. Iranians are exporting it after shaping to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other European countries.

This gem has different values Because no two turquoise stones have the same size and quality.

Major selling of Persian turquoise

Turquoise stone properties

  • Its color varies from light cyan to green depending on the amount of iron and copper present in the composition.
  • The Egyptians called turquoise “life stone”.
  • The degree of turquoise is 6. And it has the three-slope crystalline structure.
  • Turquoise is a power stone, As a meditation tool, helps you clear your mind, And it make you embracing everything in the universe.

The major selling price of turquoise is much more convenient and economical. it’s better, the Traders or jewelers buys the turquoise without refurbishing and completely minerals from professional providers.
Turquoise divides into two types by appearance.

Major selling of Persian turquoise



types of the major selling of Persian turquoise

  • Shajari
  • Ajami
  • Arabi

Turquoise Ajami has no impurities and is completely homogeneous, which due to this, Providers sale this kind of turquoise as the most expensive type of it. Likewise turquoise has beautiful greenish blue color because of  its Ingredient. hence, jewelers often use this beautiful stone to make a ring.

Although Turquoise Ajami is more expensive than the shajari stone, But sometimes handmade artists and jewelry craftsmen use turquoise shajari beautifully on jewelry and dishes.when you use the major selling of Persian turquoise, you can see kinds of Persian turquoise shapes.

Major selling of Persian turquoise

Persian Turquoise Shapes

  • Fine grains
  • Turquoise Thin
  • Compact
  • Porous
  • Cholera turquoise
  • clustered

What is more significant is that Most of the Persian turquoise is mainly sold to the countries of East Asia, Turkey and the Gulf. They buy and process these precious stones and convert them to valuable jewels.
Persian turquoise has a variety of colors. When you attend a major selling of Persian turquoise, you can see all of its color schemes closely. Italian also know the blue and smooth turquoise as blue gem and it is the most favorite gem for them, so they use it for creating expensive jewelry.

Persian turquoise coloring

  •  Light Cyan
  • Greenish blue
  •  greenish yellow
  •  Dodger blue
  •  ash-coloure

Among them, the light cyan as the best-quality turquoise and greenish-yellow as a turquoise poor quality, have been identified. therefore time of major selling of Persian turquoise, these items have an impact on price determination. so you can find a variety of turquoise at the right price at a wholesale.