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The turquoise, stone of the month of December. Find out why to sell turquoise stone is very common in China and also find out why turquoise can be easily altered and how it should be cleaned and stored.

It is the stone that, according to tradition, accompanies the month of December. But turquoise has an even older history than the (recent) custom of combining a stone for each month of the year. In fact, turquoise has been used since antiquity as a precious and ornamental stone.

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All about sell turquoise stone

The oldest turquoise is the one used for a bracelet that dates back to about 8000 years ago, discovered in Egypt. And another jewel with turquoise was found in the sarcophagus of a mummy of 7,500 years ago.
The blue stone was also used by the Aztecs, the Maya and the Incas, as well as among the Native Americans. It was also known to the ancient Romans: it was used for a bust of Emperor Tiberio, preserved at the Silver Museum of Florence. Other turquoise stones are found in the Treasure of San Marco, in Venice.

Why is turquoise called this? Simple: the word comes from the French term to indicate Turkey. In fact, the mineral was introduced to Europe via Turkey, from mines in the province of Khorasan, in Persia. The first use of the word turquoise to indicate the stone is from 1573.

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Where is it? Turquoise is usually found in arid regions, in filler cavities, often with associated limonite and other iron oxides. The largest production is located in Iran, Egypt (Sinai), United States.

Turquoise is a blue-green mineral. It is opaque, with a uniform blue colour or some brown or black dendritic veins of limonite. It is very rare in the form of transparent crystals. Its porosity often causes alterations to the original colour. The turquoise reaches a maximum hardness of 6 on the Moh scale (the diamond is at 10). In practice, it is slightly harder than a window pane. The colour is variable: from white to sky blue, up to the yellowish green.

The most used cut is cabochon, ie with a curved surface without facets.

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Turquoise care

Since it is a medium hard stone, turquoise is usually treated to improve colour and strength. Attention, therefore, because it is difficult to provide all the information to those who buy a jewel with turquoise. For example, turquoise is often subjected to waxing and oiling, to improve colour and shine. This is a traditional and generally accepted treatment. However, oiled and waxed stones tend to “sweat” if they are exposed to the sun or to a source of heat. In this case, they can develop a film or a white patina.

In that case, it is better to bring the jewel back to an expert who can make the stone bright again. But there are also turquoises treated with plastic or glass. This process consists of impregnating under pressure the chalky material, an epoxy and plastic resin (such as polystyrene) and glass powder (sodium silicate). Plastic and glass water treatments are much more durable and stable than wax and lubrication. But it is a non-natural method, which is rejected by many. Most of the turquoises in the United States are treated with this method. There is still an even stronger method: using Prussian blue or other dyes. Obviously in this way the stone is even more altered than its natural state.


Best quality Persian turquoise stone market in Indonesia

The best quality Persian turquoise stone you can find in the Indonesian market is undoubtedly the Persian turquoise, especially turquoise Neyshabur.
For many years, the turquoise Neishabur is known as the finest turquoise stone in the international market for turquoise.
Turquoise Neyshabur has unique advantages that make this rock amongst turquoise stone types. In fact, in order to determine which type of turquoise is best, it should have the same standards as Neyshabur Turquoise stone.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

The unique benefits of the best quality Persian turquoise stone

  •  Stones with a degree of hardness of 5 to 6
  •  Very beautiful colour variation
  •  Smooth surface
  •  In the presence of a matrix, there are matrices with beautiful and regular designs

You need to have a lot of knowledge about this stunning rock to buy the best types of Persian turquoise rock. Because it’s not easy to find out whet But you can buy different types of rock from trusted agencies. And even the variety of the type and design and colour will be so wide that you can order in any volume and amount you want her it’s original or not.
As mentioned above, turquoise Neyshabur can be named as best quality Persian turquoise stone. And what is noteworthy is the variety of this kind of rock which itself consists of 3 different categories.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

The variety of the finest turquoise stone

  •  Ajami
  •  Shajari
  •  ring

what is certain is the grading of this rock from the best to the bottom.
For example, Ajami Stone is the most quality Persian turquoise. The stone is a blue sky, with no matrix on it. And also quite shiny and polished. It also has a very high polishability.
Secondly, the gems of the best quality are shajari turquoise, with its greenish-blue colour. In addition, there are thin and well-matched matrices based on the location of the stone extraction.
The other thing about the best quality Persian turquoise stone can be said is the way to store this type of rock. In fact, this stone needs special storage conditions.

Best quality Persian turquoise stone

Negative Condition of Turquoise Stone

  • Be away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics and oily
  • No contact with dust
  • Reduced monthly.

In order to have the best stone quality in Neyshabur, you need to have this stone of the very best. In fact, you need to trust the Ajdas and companies that have a high class of business

Buy Persian turquoise stone with the best quality and best price

Buy Persian turquoise stone with high quality and reasonable price is one of the concerns of turquoise business owners. Turquoise has not been immune to the fraud market today. It has also been noted that Chinese or American is sold as Persian turquoise at very high prices.
And this has somewhat discouraged the turquoise market. That makes it hard to find the original Persian turquoise supplier.
By purchasing from our company, you will be sure that you have made a purchase from a secured store and also with the highest quality along with the best price.

Our company, offering consultancy services and sales in the Persian turquoise, has actually solved the problem of buy turquoise for both a minor and a major customer.

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Variety of buy Persian Turquoise stone

  • Neyshabour first class cabochon
  • Neyshabour turquoise bead
  • Chips and nuggets

Our company is able to fulfil your demands either in wholesale or partial.
What you can say about turquoise is that turquoise is a stone universe. This type of stone is popular amongst every group and group. And perhaps it can be called a solidarity interface among the people of the world. It is not unreasonable that the name “peace stone” is given to turquoise.

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Persian colour turquoise

  • The turquoise colour spectrum starts in the sky. Indeed, it makes you imagine the depths of the sky and smooth. And with itself, the heavenly calm penetrates into you.
  • Passing through the blue sky and the horizon, we are approaching the greenish blue of the ocean, which brings peace to us with passion.
  • Whatever the blue sea goes through and into the depths of it. We will see the dark green turquoise, which will bring us a Spiritual mode, with the power of the heart and the strength.
  • Slightly to the coastal level of this mysterious Pacific Ocean, we will find a white blue jewelled on the ring surface that will fill your heart with spirituality and tranquillity.
  • At the End of our passing in coloured turquoise stone, we come to Greenish-gray of turquoise beach, which is a desirable landmark.

In our company’s products, considering the value and meaning of any kind of stone, we have been trying to cover a vast collection of turquoise Neyshabur stones. A collection with a variety of cut and size, which offers a wider range of choices when you buy Persian turquoise stone.
Turquoise also works in a variety of arts. And in different industries, you can see the beautiful and beautiful stone.

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Turquoise art

  • Mosaics
  • Sculptures
  • Functional Art