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One of the most beautiful and brightest rocks that has been found today among promising jewelery is the natural Persian turquoise. If you are looking for wholesale turquoise price, just finish the text with us.
Precious stones and jewels have a varied and beautiful world. And this variety makes it difficult to distinguish between these rocks and how to use them. Even the kings and aristocrats sometimes struggled with these problems to the point that some people were struggling to prove their accuracy and honesty in identifying a stone. Turquoise is one of the most expensive stones that jewelry researchers. And even sometimes collectors have always faced with many problems to recognize.

natural persian turquoise

Natural Persian turquoise Properties

This stone alone also is a manifestation of purity and is effective in relieving pain in the head, bone and muscles. And acts as a booster engine for better circulation and absorption of food and respiratory tract. Also this handmade jewelry with modern and contemporary designs that are in keeping with the taste of young women and combining silver, gold.

Although the degree of toughness of turquoise is 6. And it has a three-slope crystalline structure. One of the earliest gems is extracted and always priced, due to its specific color. Which includes a range of celestial blue to green depending on the amount of iron and copper in the background. Mainly in the form of a hidden crystalline mass, massive and most of the crust in the form of veins or nodes and in a matte or semi-transparent state. A light and crispy stone with a shed. Some of its types are porous, discoloured and cracked.

Natural Persian turquoise

Turquoise stone meta Properties

Turquoise is a power stone, as a meditation tool, to help clear your mind and embrace everything in the universe. Native Americans believed that this rock protects the rider and generally protects from the evil eyes. They called it “the rock of heaven,” or “the rock of paradise”. And they believed that this spiritual stone was made between material and immaterial worlds and gave it a powerful psychic power to its holder. The day is a symbol of generosity, purity and affection. It keeps friendship and over time transforms the enemy into a friend.

natural persian turquoise

how is Persian turquoise cabochons stone?

  • The turquoise stone that cut with a highly polished.
  • Turquoise carbons are cut with a highly polished, rounded or convex top and also there is no shape and a flat or slightly domed base on it.
  • generally oval is as yet the most common.



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Wholesale Persian turquoise is for the most lucrative and most profitable turquoise rock. Do you plan to buy Turquoise Persian in bulk and you do not know how this jewel is being sold? Are you looking for a reliable sales centre for precious and semi-precious stones?Persian turquoise is for the most lucrative and most profitable turquoise rock. Do you plan to Wholesale Turquoise Persian in bulk and you do not know how this jewel is being sold? Are you looking for a reliable sales centre for precious and semi-precious stones?
Turquoise a stone that find only by the fewest information about precious and semi-precious stones, but Turquoise Neyshabur does not know this aristocratic royal jewellery.
This stone, which has a long history in its use in the jewellery industry, has attracted many enthusiasts in the market for many years and has many buyers in the world.

Wholesale Persian turquoise

 Wholesale Persian turquoise after shaping

Wholesale Persian turquoise separate by colour and type and quality after it has machine, so that

  •  Blue and green turquoise separate
  •  Ajami and Shagari turquoise separate
  •  High-quality turquoise and grade one turquoise separate by lower qualities

After the jeans are separated and graded, they are priced by experts and market experience and sold on the market.
One of the most important ways to ensure the originality of Jewel Persian Turquoise is its purchase, the purchase of this stone from the stores and companies specializing in the processing and sale of turquoise Neyshabur because these companies have been trying for years to come. Collect for himself credit and reputation (the credit of a company in the market is all about him), and never to give the customer any kind of fake identity to preserve this reputation. So, make sure you have a big and reputable company to buy your turquoise needs.

Wholesale Persian turquoise

How to store Persian turquoise?

As you know, turquoise is the only living stone in the world and it considere a sensitive stone, and it is necessary to care more about it.
Try to ensure that your turquoise Neyshabur does not meet the following requirements

  •  Keep turquoise stone from any greasy material, such as edible oils, oil, etc…
  •  Be careful not to come in contact with materials such as cosmetics, colognes, etc.
  •  From time to time, rub the turquoise with water and clean it.
  •  Avoid placing turquoise against flames and severe heat.
  •  And …

wholesale persian turquoise

Requirements for increasing profits in the Persian turquoise trade

  •  Check carefully the exact tastes of the customers you intend to enter into negotiations with.
    • Make turquoise a reliable and powerful turquoise Neyshabur sales company.
    • Make turquoise exports your priorities.
    • Do not go too far to market research and take the first step in turquoise business

wholesale persian turquoise

Major profits in the sale of Turquoise stone

The reasons that have caused a lot of profits in the export of wholesale persian turquoise:

  • You are facing the largest market and the volume of your trading is increasing, and this certainly leads to big profits.
  • Because the price of Persian Turquoise is unclear if you can properly know the taste of your foreign customers, you can sell turquoise with higher profits.
  • Countries that are present for Persian Turquoise to identify good money for the Persian Turquoise (like the Arab countries) and try to export turquoise to those countries.