wholesale flat Iranian turquoise stone beads

If you are looking for the wholesale flat Iranian turquoise, just follow this article. This company is the largest supplier of Iranian Turquoise Flat. If the stone changed color, there was an imminent danger for the wearer. In the meantime, however, it discovere that turquoise can really change color. But this reaction is not necessarily an indication of a looming danger. The reason for the change in color is rather the influence of light, cosmetics, dust or even the skin’s pH that can trigger a chemical response.

wholesale flat Iranian turquoise

Turquoise protects and makes life enjoy

In the past it was thought that turquoise was responsible for the material wealth of those who carried it. For example, the Persian philosopher Al Kazwini wrote. “The hand that wears a turquoise and uses it as a seal will never be poor”.

The turquoise arrived in Europe only at the time of the crusades. And from this period comes the name “turquoise” which simply means “Turkish stone”.

Even in South, Central and Northern America, turquoise has always enjoyed a special position among the gems. The Indians of northern America, who still produce some pieces of traditional silverware now set with turquoise. They believe that the gem from the color of the sky would establish direct contact between the sky and the lakes.

wholesale flat Iranian turquoise

wholesale flat Iranian turquoise for make jewellery

In all times the turquoise buy as protection against the influences of darkness and the forces of evil. Considered in ancient times a protection for riders and horses against accidental falls. Today it considere the lucky stone ideal for aviators. Flight personnel and other professionals who need special assistance against accidents.

In contemporary teachings on the powers of stones, wearing a turquoise recommende to solve the problems caused by a depressed vision of life. The bright and lively color suppose to give self-confidence to submissive personalities.

wholesale flat Iranian turquoise

Blue from copper, green from iron

Turquoise is a copper and aluminum phosphate that reaches hardness six so it is much less harsh than quartz. It occurs naturally in all shades from blue to gray green in general where copper is hidden in the ground in high concentrations. However only the turquoise of the best quality has the true turquoise color that, in ordinary stones, is usually a blue green or a rather pale greenish.

The blue color cause by copper while the green is iron or chrome. Often the material is veined or has brown, light gray or even black spots. These vivid designs, more or less regular, are called spider’s web. The microcrystals are very small and almost not distinguishable to the naked eye. In general, turquoise appears as encrustation in veins, nodules or peanuts. The most famous presences are in the USA, Mexico, Israel, Iran, Afghanistan and China.

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